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     General Overview
  ETHNIC GROUPS: Amerindian 45%; mestizo (mixed Amerindian and white) 37%; white 15%; black, Japanese, Chinese, and other 3%
RELIGIONS: Roman Catholic 90%
LANGUAGES: Spanish (official), Quechua (official), Aymara
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     Brief Description
Arrival of Asian Peoples:

The first Chinese immigrants arrived in Peru in 1849. [1]

The first Japanese came in 1899. [2]

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Geographic and Labor Concentration:

Chinese Coolies were brought to Peru to work for the sugar and cotton plantations located mostly in the coastal areas such as Palto, Cayaltí, San Jacinto and Pomalco. Other areas where Chinese have lived or live right now are: Huáuco, Zaña, Humay and Lima. [3]

The first Japanese came as contract laborers to Peru for the sugar and cotton plantations located mostly in the coastal areas. Currently, Japanese can be found in the following departments in Perú: Lima, La Libertad, Junin, Madre de Dios, Lambayeque, Ancash, Ica, San Martín, Loreto, Arequipa, Pima, Ucayuli, Cuzco y Huánuco. [4]

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Demographic and Historical Information:  Demographic information not available. Historical information: see the above sections.

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     Demographic Resources
Official Census:

Statistical agency and contact:

Instituto Nacional de Estadística e Informática (INEI)
Censo 2000:
Contact Info: Econ. Felíx Murillo Alfaro, Chief
Av. General Garzón No 658, Lima 11; Apartado Postal 936, Lima
Phone: (Directos de Jefatura) +51 1 433 82 84/31 04; (Centrales) +51 1 433 42 23/38 65
Fax: +51 1 433 31 59
Email: postmast@INEI.GOB.PE

Census categories and definitions relevant to Race and/or Ethnicity: [5]

Census Taken in Perú (1940-1972)

  1940 Race, Language, Religion, Nationality, Place of Birth
  1961 Place of Birth: country of birth for foreign born persons; Nationality: Peruvian, Naturalized Peruvian, and Foreign; Religion: Name of Religion affiliation; Language: Language or dialect of parents (lengua materna). The Race category was dropped.
  1970 20% sample census. Place of Birth, Place of Residence and Language.
  1972 Place of Birth (same as 1961); Place of Residence: actual and previous residence; Language: language of parents (lengua materna), regardless of ability or lack of ability to speak it by people. Examples of languages: Quechua, Aymara, Spanish, and other foreign languages.

National repository and contact:

Archivo General de la Nacion
Address: Jr. Manuel Cuadros s/n. El Cercado - Palacio de Justicia, Lima, Peru
Phone #: 427-5930, Fax : 428-2829

Archivo de Fuero Agrario
Jr. Paita 429, Rimac
25 Lima, Peru

Archivo Historico Militar del Peru
P. Colon, 150, Apartado 1785
Lima 1, Peru

Archivo Historico Riva-Aguero
Camana, 459
Lima 1, Peru

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Foreign Affairs/Immigration: Direccion General de Migraciones y Naturalización del Peru
Address: Prolongación. Ave. España, BREÑA - LIMA
Phone #: 330-4111, 330-4114, 330-4020, 330-4074, 332-1268, 332-1266, 433-0739, 332-2300
Email for Website:

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Municipal Registries: Registro Nacional de Identificación y Estado Civil
Address: Av. Camino Real N° 355, San Isidro, Lima, Peru
Phone #: 441-9040, Fax #: 221-1586

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Parochial Records:

Arzobispado de Lima
Address: Arzobispado de Lima, Plaza Mayor s/n. Apartado 1512.
Phone #: (51 1) 427-5980, (51 1) 427-5986, (51 1) 427-5987, Fax #: (51 1) 427-1967.

Catholic Dioceses of Peru
A list of all 7 Archdioceses, 18 Dioceses, 11 Prelatures, with physical address, phone numbers and web links.

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Information/Research Resources, Dissertations and Scholars: Information not available.

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Societies and Associations: Information not available.

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Embassy of the Republic of Korea
Address: Av. Principal Nro. 190, 7mo. piso, Santa Catalina, Lima 13
Telephone #: 476-0815 / 476-0861 / 476-0874, Fax #: 476-0950
Mail Address: Apartado Nro. 18-0375, Lima 18

Embassy of the Popular Democratic Republic of Korea
Address: Los Nogales Nro. 227 - Lima 27
Phone #: 441-1120, Fax #: 440-9877

Embassy of the Popular Republic of China
Address: Jr. José Granda Nro. 150 - Lima 27
Telephone #: 442-9458 / 422-8251, Fax #: 442-9467

Embassy of Japan
Address: Av. San Felipe Nro. 356 - Lima 11
Phone #: 218-1130(central) / 218-1462 (visas) /
218-1465 (pasaporte, registro civil, matrimonio), Fax #: 463-0302
Mail Address: 3708 LIMA 100

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Official site for the Peruvian Government "Portal del Estado Peruano"

Official site of the "Presidencia del Consejo de Ministros"
The site is a portal for the Peruvian government to access the different departments and agencies in Peru.

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  [1] Rodríguez Pastor, Humberto. Hijos del Celeste Imperio en el Peru (1850-1900): Migración, Agricultura, Mentalidad y Explotación. Lima: Perú, Instituto de Apoyo Agrarion, 1989.
[2] Morimoto, Amelia. Los Japoneses y sus Descendientes en el Perú. Lima: Perú, Congreso del Perú, 1999.
[3] Rodríguez Pastor, Humberto. Herederos del Dragon: Historia de la Comunidad China en el Perú. Lima: Perú, Congreso del Perú, 2000.
[4] Morimoto, Amelia. Los Japoneses y sus Descendientes en el Perú. Lima: Perú, Congreso del Perú, 1999.
[5] Ed. Doreen S. Goyer and Elaine Domschke. The Handbook of National Population Censuses. Westpost: Conn, Greenwood Press, 1983.

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