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This web site has been designed to describe the UCLA Peer Relations Project, a longitudinal study directed by Sandra Graham, Ph.D. in the Education Department and Jaana Juvonen, Ph.D in the Psychology Department of the University of California, Los Angeles.

The project started during the 2000-2001 school year.  The goal of the project is to study peer relationships among middle school students, 6th through 8th graders.  Twice a year, we survey students about their experiences with bullying or peer victimization, the perceived causes of such harassment, and indicators of psychological, social, and school adjustment. We are following approximately 2000 students in 11 public middle schools within the greater Los Angeles area.

During the 2003-2004 school year, we will be expanding our research to the 9th and 10th grades as the students in the study start high school.  This new study will focus on the high school transition process. 

We welcome you to browse through our menu and explore the contents of our website that consists of listing of project staff, newsletters that families of study participants have received, and website links on bullying.

Please check back periodically, as the information will be updated.


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