Information Studies Seminar
UCLA Department of Information Studies
2002-2003 School Year

The UCLA Information Studies Seminar is a seminar series, held on occasional Thursdays from 3pm to 5pm, that draws speakers from every discipline relating to information and its place in society. The seminars are held in the GSE&IS Building (just west of the Research Library), room 111. All events are free and everyone is welcome to attend.

Further events and details will be posted as they become definite.


October 31.
Rich Gazan, UCLA Information Studies.
Creating Connections in Multidisciplinary Problem-Focused Research:
A Role for Information Studies?

November 14.
Peter Jacso, University of Hawaii.
The Strongest Link

December 5.
Doug Oard, University of Maryland.
Searching Spoken Word Collections

December 11 at 3:30pm. NOTE CHANGED DAY AND TIME.
Sidney E. Berger, UCLA Information Studies
Fine Printing in Southern California

January 9.     POSTPONED
Dan Greenstein, California Digital Library
One University, One Library:
Achievements, Challenges, and Opportunities

January 16.
Bonnie Biggs, Cal State San Marcos
Michael McLaughlin, American Indian Resource Center
Ruth Bayhylle, UCLA Department of Information Studies
Information Services to Native Americans

February 13.     CANCELLED
Michael Heim

February 20.
Erkki Huhtamo, UCLA Design
Perspectives on Media, Art, and Interactivity

February 27.
John Cho, UCLA Computer Science
Managing Information on the Web

March 13.
Sandra Hirsh, Hewlett Packard
Information Seeking Behaviors of Research Practitioners in an R&D Setting

April 3.
UCLA student panel.
Strength in Diversity, the Diversity Within:
Voices of Twice Minorities

April 10.
Anders Hektor.
Swedish IT-User Centre:
Promoting User-Centered Approaches for Useful and Usable IT and Services

April 17.
Kathy Christensen, CNN
The CNN Library: 24x7 Archiving and Research

April 24.
Marc Davis, Berkeley.
Garage Cinema and the Future of Media Technology

May 1.
Peggy Bulger, American Folklife Center
The American Folklife Center: Preserving Voices and Visions

May 8.
Larry Lessig, Stanford University
Lazerow Lecture -- time and location TBA

May 15.
Jane Margolis, UCLA Education
Unlocking the Clubhouse: Women and Students of Color in Computing

May 22.
Boyd Rayward, Illinois

Parking information. For those who are driving to UCLA, the best parking structure is lot 5, at the Royce entrance to UCLA along Sunset Blvd (along the north edge of campus). Parking permits ($6) are available from the kiosks along Hilgard Ave (along the east edge of campus), or at the entrance to lot 4, at the Westwood Blvd entrance along Sunset Blvd. You can also get a campus map from the kiosk. Note that the parking permits often don't work on the top level of lot 5. If you can't get a permit for lot 5, the second best choice is lot 4.

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