Notes and recommendations.

Ever since I ceased publication of The Network Observer in the summer of 1996, I have been using the Red Rock Eater News Service to send out occasional batches of informal "notes and recommendations". Here I've gathered links to these messages in the Web-based RRE archives that are kindly maintained by Kee Hinckley <> at Somewhere.Com. I've also tried to summarize the topics they cover. Most of them end with lists of useful URL's that RRE subscribers have sent me.

27 January 2002

distributed objects
technology-driven change
the diversity of knowledge
29 December 2001
transaction costs
digital libraries
peer-to-peer computing
organized irrationality
13 December 2001
the true nature of computer science
the history of institutional analysis of computing
the relation between network culture and public culture
7 October 2001
wireless design
the post-Napster universe
the concept of an institution
30 January 2001
mostly follow-ups
14 January 2001
the democratic Internet
the new culture of design
premature dot-com business plans
things that piss me off
30 December 2000
new computer users
artificial intelligence
memes and attentional economics
26 December 2000
site-specific information services
the year 2000
21 December 2000
content-filtered e-mail
the mind/body divide in computing
the art of public design
the hazards of organizational learning
the amplification model
industrial design
computer security
cheap pens
29 October 2000
presidential politics
hacker jargon
reality TV
17 October 2000
new conservative rhetoric
the wired university
the limits of automation
10 October 2000
the year 2000
Internet stock bubble
liberals and conservatives
the always-on world
cheap pens
3 September 2000
16 August 2000
overlapping knowledge
the Internet and democracy
B2B hype
teaching and research
8 August 2000
public reason
the fate of place in a wireless culture
cyber skepticism
31 July 2000
the history of unreason
Internet predictions
27 July 2000
opaque institutions
hatred of college professors
12 July 2000
critical thinking
Microsoft's trust issues
14th century philosophy
12 June 2000
the Microsoft decision
educational technology
13 May 2000
Microsoft's irresponsibility
design spaces
systems analysis courses
the new jargon
5 May 2000
Microsoft viruses
economic history
30 April 2000
software patents
the culture of deference
the growing irrationality of American politics
7 April 2000
mind control
privacy regulation
Internet privacy panics
cheap pens
Moore's Law
the glorious future of communism
27 February 2000
the Microsoft trial
Web standards
digital convergence
public relations
online newspapers
the academic job market
22 February 2000
software licenses
books about public relations
books about information technology in higher education
7 February 2000
John McCain
computer science
online publishing
state and market
26 January 2000
books about the Internet and democracy
millennial enthusiasms
the economics of broadband
the Internet and career preparation
Hayek's history of scientism
the fate of diversity
26 December 1999
scholarly publishing
community networks
interactive design
transaction costs
Privacy Chernobyl
21 December 1999
academic jargon
Internet (de)centralization
professionally twisted language
8 November 1999
distance education
cheap pens
industrial design
23 October 1999
the wired university
Internet jargon
19 October 1999
educational technology
cheap pens
collective cognition
public relations
organizational computing
modern European history
13 August 1999
cultural learning about the Internet
liars and thieves
the economics of bad software
some varieties of nonsense
4 July 1999
social science and computer science
the return of absolutism
16 June 1999
social theory
industrial design
online protests
Al Gore
cheap pens
21 April 1999 26 March 1999
Microsoft remedies
conservative rhetoric
14 March 1999
cheap pens
industrial design
open-source software
online abuse and boundaries
25 February 1999
the far right
Microsoft's monopoly
15 February 1999
justifying IT investments
Computerization and Controversy
Painting and Experience in Fifteenth Century Italy
18 January 1999
running the list
cyber hype
the impeachment mess
personal computers
Harvey Sacks
overrated movies
9 January 1999
Internet writing
the impeachment mess
16 December 1998
information warfare
eating bugs
15 December 1998
distance education
trust in e-commerce
economics of Y2K
new technologies and the cultural learning curve
cheap pens
24 November 1998
legal threats
information design
new media business plans
technical language
teaching people how to write
intellectual property
what we notice
15 November 1998
the semiotics of geometry
things that are good
this that piss me off
fear of computers
millennialist technology
virtual reality
conservative polemics
cheap pens
culture and morality
4 November 1998
the 12th century
history of philosophy
institutional change
12 August 1998
UCLA Department of Information Studies
the new racism
6 August 1998
running the list
law and economics
8 March 1998
network architecture
spam wars
standards course
open-source software
NY Times Circuits section
cheap pens
9 February 1998
cheap pens
27 January 1998
cheap pens
Brazilian Internet
books on religious conservatism
24 November 1997
cheap pens
Internet public goods
Bruno Latour
information law
20 November 1997
cheap pens
William Blake
1 November 1997
privacy book
Nihilism Before Nietzsche
The Religion of Technology
path-dependent contracting
17 June 1997
privacy and the client-server model
reinventing graduate school
information and organization
the economics of Internet congestion
the problem with the personal computer
sociology of AI
Deep Blue's victory over Garry Kasparov
software bloat and technological lock-in
21 May 1997
Internet regulation
celebrity e-mail addresses
Internet reporting
high-technology business plans
recommended books and records
the economics of Internet congestion
26 March 1997
"push" technology
child abuse
the publishing industry
video games and the military
surveillance of online political activity
the media and reality
morbid humor
Senate Intelligence report
8 February 1997
technology and jobs
path dependence
technology versus language
copyright permissions
the San Jose Mercury-News' CIA/crack articles again
religion and authoritarian culture
28 January 1997
Eudora's "redirect" command
command-and-control computing
Descartes scholarship
information technology and globalization
Christian rock
Internet industry fads
lessons of the civil rights movement
conservative and liberal propaganda
beating up on Microsoft
African-American English
3 December 1996
comments on my students' projects
global capital markets
control of the net through standards
book advertisements on RRE
Wired magazine
rebuttals to RRE messages
the marketplace of ideas and PR
explaining changes in academic fashion
the fallacy of revealed preferences
8 November 1996
network computers
authoritarian culture
the Internet as an engine of monopoly
why so few lists like RRE exist
23 October 1996
(in)accurate information on the net
the San Jose Mercury-News' CIA/crack articles
why RRE isn't commercial
information as a public good