RRE links relating to the September 11th attacks, roughly in reverse chronological order

"Intended" US Target Mystifies Villagers
Report Linking Anthrax and Hijackers Is Investigated
(recall that the anthrax in Florida was not as refined as in Washington)
The ABC's of Jihad -- From the US
"alleged Israeli spy activity in the United States"
A Rush to Fix Ground Zero's Damaged Dike
Rumsfeld Today Outlined the Structure of Wartime Military Commissions
Lessons From The Nuremberg Trials for Al Qaeda Members' War Crimes Proceedings
Holocaust Was Aided By Swiss, Study Says
Minor Atrocities of the Twentieth Century
Denver Police Spied on Activists, ACLU Says
Identity Card Delusions
US, Mexico Set Plan For a "Smart Border"
How Codebreakers Cracked the Secrets of the Smart Card
investigations of what suspected terrorists have been reading
(and, you'll recall, new laws define terrorism very broadly)

clear explanation of the problems with the new tribunal rules
US Faces High Hurdles in Seeking Death for Moussaoui
investigation of alleged international money laundering
US Arms Illegally Go to "Axis of Evil"
$3.2 Million Stolen From Heathrow
(once again, airport security at its best)
Biometrics to Get an XML Standard
more on legal problems with fingerprints
the PR firm behind the strategy of associating environmentalists with terrorism
reaction to the Saudi anti-Semitic article
history of the article's claim
jargon watch: the phrase "no moral equivalence" is dangerous
(it means "their guys kill so they're bad; our guys are good so they can kill")
International Campaign for Justice for the Victims of Sabra and Shatila
Sucking the Oxygen Out of a Cave

Afghan Camps Turn Out Holy War Guerillas and Terrorists
(lengthy survey of their curriculum -- not good)
Old-Fashioned Hide-Outs Fuel High-Tech Weaponry
Europe Takes War on Al Qaeda to Courtrooms
Nature of Threat in Georgia Gorge a Matter of Dispute
Stability, America's Enemy
Pipeline Politics Taint US War
"... American troops, indefinitely, around both Afghanistan and Israel"
What Price Oslo? by Edward Said
UN Information System on the Question of Palestine
FBI Agents Blamed for Delayed Files on McVeigh
Epidemic of Terror Beatings in Ulster
cluster-bombing of civilians in Colombia
tourist and dining guide to Ground Zero
Can Free Speech Undermine Freedom?
How the War on Terrorism Affects the Public's Right to Know
Bush-Senate Fight Brews Over Extent of US Secrecy
Internal Security Is Attracting a Crowd of Arms Contractors
("network-centric warfare" means pervasive surveillance woven into daily life)

Al Qaeda's Grocery Lists and Manuals of Killing
Al-Qaeda Dead Have Vanished
Official: Al-Qaida Moving Money Again
(I'm curious how they could know all this and not know enough to nab them)
"secret CIA project to investigate sending anthrax through the mail"
US Official: Missile Test "Still Not Realistic"
(they call it "success-oriented testing")
Declare War Before Going to War
In Last Piles of Rubble, Fresh Pangs of Loss
("I don't like it down here one bit")
comment on museums' documentation of the September 11th attacks
Saudi Government Daily: Jews Use Teenagers' Blood for "Purim" Pastries
(among other things -- scroll down)
US Using New Law on Secret Evidence
Bush Finally Sees Combat
(why choose an exercise to break up a demonstration? the symbolism is ominous)
Speeding Up the Checkout Line With Biometrics
(I can't stand this use of "about": "It's about customer convenience and security")
Human Rights Bulletin System
Experts Question "Trade-Offs" in US Security
"alternatives to unsightly hunks of concrete to deter attacks on buildings"

Nuclear Posture Review Excerpts
Congress Investigates Missile Defense Cover-Up Controversy
What One Prominent Pakistani Thinks His Country Should Do With Its Nukes
anniversary of the US firebombing of Tokyo
Shareholders in the Bank of Terror?
the terrorists' visas
(at least *someone* can get their paperwork through the INS)
Iran Contra Alumni in Bush Government
Judge's Ruling Challenges Terrorism Roadblocks
USA: Post 11 September Detainees Deprived of Their Basic Rights
US Sends Suspects to Face Torture
Planning for Martial Law?
(subscription required)
Bill Bennett announces plans to denounce war dissenters as anti-American
(e.g., using the dishonest phrase "blame America first")
jargon watch: study the dismissal of privacy issues in the final quote
(reframing the issue in a narrow-sounding way, whether it makes sense or not)
At Airport Gate, a Cyborg Unplugged
article that uncritically repeats vendors' hype about face recognition

Remains of 11 Firefighters Are Found at Trade Center
("the collapse compressed 30 floors into no more than 20 feet")
radio story about New York firefighters
The World Trade Center: Before, During, and After
more conspiracy theory about flight 77
(fascinating in its own cracked way -- as if you could hide a whole airplane)
and there were lots of eyewitnesses
Bin Laden's Men Wait to Take Bloody Revenge
Sheikh Gilani's American Disciples
America as Sparta
To Keep a Population in Line, Wage Perpetual War Against a Vague Enemy
National Review's Editor Suggests Nuking Mecca
(it's the death of conscience)
Human Rights Not a Foreign Policy Concern
(conscience is back in fashion, except when it's not)
The Killing of Mohammed Salah by Israeli Police on 8 March 2002
(includes graphic images)
During Gaza Raid, Some Civilians Slain Without Apparent Provocation
Terrorist Pilots' Student Visas Arrive
("the INS is the Mickey Mouse Club of federal agencies")
DC Favors Flat Fee For Traffic Cameras
Air Force Seeks Better Security From Microsoft
ACLU: Police Illegally Monitor Protest Groups

US Works Up Plan for Using Nuclear Arms
US Expands Its Presence Across the Globe
"Bush may pursue Al Qaeda even in countries that do not ask for a US presence"
planning a war against Iraq
US Military in Georgia Will Increase Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Pipeline Security
The Big Guys Work For the Carlyle Group
long article on the supposed "revolution in military affairs"
DNA-matching of World Trade Center victims
"children attempted to build a barricade from stones and a burning tire"
("an Israeli jeep burst easily through the rubble")
Civil Liberties Take Back Seat to Safety
conservative comment on the surveillance state we're building

New War Building Up in Central Mindanao
Military Officers Criticize Rush to Use Ground Troops
jargon watch: study the quick, hazy caricature of media reports in 1st para.
(notice the word "various", the hyperbole, the lack of specifics, etc)
photos of the plane hitting the Pentagon
Government Gone Underground
the military plans to have soldiers calling in airstrikes using Windows CE!
(hopefully the coordinates for Redmond won't be the defaults)
Postol vs. the Pentagon
Bush Policy Endangers American and Allied Troops
Airline Allegedly Hindered Marshals
EDS, Oracle Launch Airport Security Wares
(they're called "Known Traveler" and "Secure Employee")
OASIS Members Form Technical Committee to Define XML Standard for Biometrics
Department of Defense Biometrics Management Office

US Tells How Rescue Turned Into Fatal Firefight
How Bin Laden Got Away
Intercepted Al Qaeda E-Mail Is Said to Hint at Regrouping
background on the "thermobaric" bomb
Worldwide Equipment Guide
review of a documentary based on film from the World Trade Center attack
conspiracy theory that the Pentagon was hit by something other than an airplane
MIT Team Tied to Questionable Missile Studies
Why Missile Defense Won't Work
Doubts Are Cast on the Viability of Saudi Monarchy for Long Term
India: A Madness of Politics, Not Religion
jargon watch: study how he avoids mentioning Palestinian civilian deaths
(attacks on civilians by everyone are wrong)
Thoughts About America by Edward Said
Ashcroft Asks Telcos to Help Track Terrorists
Ridge Says Arming Pilots "Doesn't Make a Lot of Sense"
United States Military Commissions: A Quick Guide to Available Resources
Marines develop slime for crowd control
anti-Arab ugliness in New Hampshire Senate primary
Tranquil Winter Olympics Serving as Blueprint for Security Operations

US Planes Pound Enemy as Troops Face Tough Fight
(does anyone have URL's from specialized publications with technical detail?)
Does Bin Laden Matter to the Defense Department Any More?
Why Bin Laden Plot Relied on Saudi Hijackers
Southeast Asian Terror Exhibits Al Qaeda Traits
lawsuit against anti-narcotics fumigation in Ecuador
Noam Chomsky on the Drug-Terror Link
Terrorism as Pretext
"the militia's leader ... has a long history of being annoying"
background on domestic terrorism in the West
extreme repression in Zimbabwe
US Seeks DNA of All Captives in Afghan War
The Patriot Act: Last Refuge of a Scoundrel

Shadow Government Is at Work in Secret
(they're right, which is why they shouldn't abandon nonproliferation programs)
Right-Wing Montana Militia Plotted Killings, Sheriff Charges
(does anyone have URL's with background on terrorism in the West?)
Official Count of September 11th Victims
Airports Screened Nine of September 11th Hijackers, Officials Say
this is very dangerous: permanent war, permanent delegitimation of dissent
another argument for letting the CIA spy domestically
(the goal, however, is to be a free country)
Bag Scanning System Called Easily Foiled
automated face recognition "for a state that has requested anonymity"
(okay, if the state's citizens can do the same)

A Critical Appraisal of Operation Enduring Freedom and the Afghanistan War
A Selection of Daniel Pearl's Work
US Begins Anti-Terror Assistance in Georgia
Retired Generals Call for Sharon to Rethink Strategy
(does anyone have documents from this campaign?)
Alternatives to Illicit Crops in Colombia Have Made Little Progress
White House Angered at Plan for Pentagon Disinformation
A False News Story About False News Stories?
(their history of falsehood is vast, but I'm not sure the NYT story was right)
more on the very symptomatic rehabilitation of John Poindexter
The File Room Censorship Archive
The Disappeared
Jerry Falwell's comments on Islam
conservative denunciation of Pat Robertson
New Front on Ecoterror?
(vandalism is bad, but inflating the word "terrorism" is extremely dangerous)
London Mayor Approves London Congestion Charges
("a toll area policed by 230 video cameras")
In the Name of Safety: Video Surveillance
Colleges Fear Anti-Terrorism Law Could Turn Them Into Big Brother
read the fourth paragraph of Bush's speech to the Japanese Diet
(I suppose he meant to say "half a century")
yet somehow it's not included in this list of stumbles from the trip
(which ignores the big picture: the consequences of his extremist rhetoric)

Musharraf Takes on Spy Agency
"US retracting a pledge not to use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear states"
Bush's War in Afghanistan: A Case of Big Mission Creep?
Europe Seethes as the US Flies Solo in World Affairs
How the Left Undermined America's Security by David Horowitz
(it's like a visit to another planet)
"National Guard units across the country fake troop level reports"
The Video Surveillance Debate
Risks Prompt US to Limit Access to Data
Whose History Is It, Anyway? The Public's or the Officials'?

US Spy Planes Seek Out Filipino Guerrillas
full-blown war in Colombia
Al-Qaeda: After Afghanistan
article about the Debkafile online news site
(you too can be famous by running a shoddy, irresponsible Web site)
"Reality" TV Eagerly Marches Off to War
(making war cool again)
Anthrax Expert Stands By Her Claim
Behind the Brentwood Anthrax Attack
The Story Behind the Towers
Imagine New York
(public input to the redevelopment of the World Trade Center site)
US Will Not Lie to Public, Defense Chief Says
(unlikely -- they're rebuilding the Reagan administration in every other way)
Two PAC Missiles Fail to Hit Target in US Land-Based Missile Defense Test
Using 21st Century Technology to Defend the Homeland
FAA, Air Traffic Controllers at Odds Over Security
Airport Security Test Exposes Flaws
Government Security, Washington, 23-25 July 2002
Guantanamo Bay lawsuit involving Australian detainee and others
More Online Security Woes for FBI's Data Firm
(this is the same company that supplied bad "felon" lists to Florida)
"Smart" Biometric Passport Plans Mooted
(a wise man said, "a little bit of smartness has a special name: stupidity")
Robertson Calls Islam a Religion of Violence, Mayhem

US Backing Helps Warlord Solidify Power
Bin Laden's No 2 "Captured in Iran"
(who knows)
conservatives gung-ho for war with Iraq
the seriously creepy return of John Poindexter
Pentagon Readies Efforts to Sway Sentiment Abroad
leading politician gives major war speech -- press writes about his beard
refugees dying in Afghanistan
New York Debates Competing Visions for Rebuilding Devastated Downtown
extensive censorship of biology research
The USA PATRIOT Act and Patron Privacy on Library Internet Terminals
Justice Department Hiding Secret Weekly Reports to the Attorney General
"smart" biometric ID cards in Hong Kong
Center for Identification Technology Research
Larry Smarr's talks on future Internet architecture and applications
(some of which involve pervasive sensor networks with privacy implications)
Scientists Recount US Biodefense Labs' Security Lapses
Airlines Fended Off Security Upgrades

Al Qaeda Tunnels, Arms Cache Totaled
The Philippine Wars
What Islamist Conspiracy?
FBI Says Arson Killed Woman Accused in License Scheme
jargon watch: "Daschle has chosen to align himself with the axis of evil"
(we are numb to the most extreme calumnies against even slight dissent)
US: Military Aid After 9/11 Threatens Human Rights
Bush Should Reject China's Misuse of "Anti-Terror" Campaign
Fighting Terror With Databases
mysterious disappearing evidence in the case against Lotfi Raissi
airports buying surveillance technology with no coherent plan
Canada Customs Set to Use Iris Scans at Airports
Uganda spent money on face recognition to find thirty doubly registered voters
(and for some reason the face recognition company seems proud of this)

US troops under Philippine command
Officials Say Not All Detainees at Camp X-Ray Are Muslim
Review: Afghan Civilian Deaths Lower
John Poindexter Takes Over New Agency to Thwart Attacks on US
Khatami Urges Immature US Leaders to Wake Up, Change Policy Toward Iran
what does it say that conservatives are organizing to promote Steve Emerson?
(plenty of people warned of terrorism without getting major things wrong)
Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025 (August 1996)
public interest groups' letter against driver's license as a national ID card
Your Papers, Please: From the State Drivers License to a National ID System
CIA, FBI Developing Intelligence Supercomputer
Why Your Digital Data Could One Day Disappear
Big Brother Is Watching You Read
Watchdog Might Urge DNA Theft Be Made an Offence
Does the White House Have a Press Blacklist?
Senate Debates Election Overhaul
Road Named for a Confederate Stirs Uncivil Debate
(it doesn't even occur to us to label the threats as terrorism)
US Lets Airlines Continue Dealings With Argenbright

How Briton Hid Deadly Boot Bomb on Jet
Military Fuses Old, New to Create a Lethal Force
"a weapons smorgasbord"
Unknown Toll in the Fog of War: Civilian Deaths in Afghanistan
Civil Affairs Troops Aim to Win Afghan Hearts, Minds
Taliban's Enemies Emerge From the Shadows
Philippine Army Attacks Guerrilla Positions
(somehow it seems like a global war should be a bigger deal than this)
September 11th Has Scrambled Our Concept of War
September 11th Story: The Silence of the Birds
what happened to all the stuff people donated on September 11th
(answer: nobody knows)
Grim Scavenger Hunt for DNA Drags on for September 11th Families
(brave new world)
E-mail Transformed Personal Communication After September 11th Attacks
The Koran as a Classroom Lesson? At the Right Time, Yes
Arab Americans Insist Ashcroft Clarify Offensive Remarks
Can Missile Defense Work?
MIT Professor Alleges Fraud in Missile Defense Research
Public Entity Risk Institute Symposium Papers
jargon watch: classic PR approach to promoting a national ID
(delimit "concerns", then offer "points" that sound good but lack substance)
Robbers Flee With $6.5m in Heathrow Airport Heist
(insert caustic comment on airport security)
test of iris scanning at Heathrow
Digital Dog Tags: Would You Wear One?
TiVo's Data Collection and Privacy Practices
How to Fake a Passport

US Footprints in Steppes of Central Asia
Searching for Osama
more on Otto Reich, now ass't secretary of state for western hemisphere affairs
Patten Lays Into Bush's America
The Threat to Patriotism by Ronald Dworkin
peaceful protest defined as terrorism in a Utah bill
Modernizing the State Identification System
(but with dysfunctional DMV's, biometrics just mean better false identities)
Cyber Security Research and Development Act, HR 3394
Problems with the Technology Export Control Bill
(danger to international communication about cryptography)

"reasons why Mr. Bush may prefer to whip up irrational war hysteria"
Bush's Comments Bolster Old Guard in Tehran
Is North Korean Threat Overstated?
(it's a bad place, no doubt about it, but extreme language doesn't help anyone)
the United States' not entirely admirable history in the Philippines
the war on terror lets us admit that military aid to Colombia is about oil
(next stop: Venezuela)
Is a US Bioweapons Scientist Behind Last Fall's Anthrax Attacks?
(requires subscription)
Computer Wins Afghan Battlefield Spurs
Robot Weapons Convince Sceptics
US Military Might Gains Greater Power From Anti-Terror Campaign
New Weapon Systems Are Budget Winners
indictment of John Walker Lindh
images purporting to show an Army attack on a Taliban tank
(they're interesting images whatever they are)
article about scrounging for old Russian hardware in the Kandahar airport
No Oases for Saudi Youths
Airport Security Revamp in the Works in Boston
Michael Moore on his book almost not getting published
(this is why media concentration is dangerous)

Bush is proposing to spend more on defense than the next 25 countries combined
radio program discussing the "axis of evil"
where suicide bombers come from
The Sonic Memorial Project
(search for audio artifacts from the World Trade Center towers)
jargon watch: "every multiculturalist is a recruiting officer for al-Qaeda"
(this kind of vast, hyperbolic, primitive thought-form is now utterly routine)
Angered by Snubbing, Libya, China, Syria Form Axis of Just as Evil
(I guess they all listen to Anthrax)
"Trusted" Air Travelers Would Minimize Wait
Air-Security Chief Doubts Value of ID Cards for "Trusted" Fliers
UK Move Towards Compulsory ID Cards
circuit court decision upholding a right to refuse to identify oneself
Data Show Shoddy Due Process for Post-September 11th Immigration Detainees
A Security Net of Sawhorses and Soldiers

report from the Afghan village that we attacked based on bad intelligence
Bush Keeps Terror Photo "Scorecard"
Bush's Speech Shuts Door on Tenuous Opening to Iran
(he'd rather have an enemy than engage with an emerging democracy)
yet he omitted Syria, whose government has no redeeming value at all
"Israeli peace group that supports soldiers who refuse repressive assignments"
Pearl Uncovered Jaish-Pak Govt Complicity: Paper
(I have no idea)
Al Qaida May Have Tried to Kill Clinton
(but it's UPI so who knows)
a bunch of photos to accompany the Post's series on the White House at war
civilian technology influencing the military
Muslims Feel September 11th Chill as Mecca Plays It Safe
thoughtful article on anti-terrorist legislation by Bruce Ackerman
Bush May Ax Police Technology Program
ABA Defies Bush on Tribunals
the government is still ignoring "brain fingerprinting"

Factional Fighting Erupts in Afghanistan, 40 Killed
(I'm struck how even a very short article from local media feels informative)
More US Troops Arrive in Philippines
Terror War Expansion Troubles Allies
"Shoe Bomber" Suspect Linked to Two Other Plots
Indonesian Cleric Had Role in Skyjackings, Officials Say
(the problem is that we mostly just have to believe the "officials")
Itinerant Malaysian Cleric Emerges as Terrorist Leader
Split Widens Over Israeli Reservists Refusing to Serve in Palestinian Areas
argument for returning to a law enforcement model against terrorism
(in other words, even if it was a war last month, it's not a war now)
1's and 0's Replacing Bullets in US Arsenal
"US is so much more advanced than its NATO allies that it doesn't need them"
("only one air force can operate in the dark using night-vision equipment")
eight-part series purporting to describe how the White House went to war
Bush Seeks Big Five-Year Buildup at Pentagon
(and with tax cuts, he knows there'll be no money for anything else)
Sorting Military Spending from Squandering
("some key things to watch for in the huge defense-budget boost")
Pro-Bin Laden Speech Leads to Disorderly Conduct Charge
(he was a jerk, but it was the crowd, not him, that was disorderly)
radio story on the proposal to create massive dossiers about air travelers
(they sound good in the abstract, but they're expensive and unreliable)
Canadian rules for collecting information on air passengers
(search for Aeronautics Act in each)
Mixed Reviews on Anti-Terror Interview Plan
The Pentagon's War Reporting Rules Are the Toughest Ever
declassified US documents on human rights in Peru
Mexico's Supreme Court Demanding Inquiry Into '68 Massacre
(does anyone have URL's for background and documents on this? Spanish is fine)
Screener Discusses His Role in San Francisco Airport Security Breach
(why on earth is Argenbright still in charge of airport security?)
About Citizen Corps
Terrorist Information and Prevention System
("truckers, letter carriers, train conductors, ship captains, ...")
E-Business Edgy After Hackers Shut UK Firm
(it could be anyone)

Warning to Three Nations Downplayed
(he was being "more rhetorical than historical")
US and Philippines Launch Joint Hunt for Islamic Gang
Bush Jab at Philippines as Terrorist Haven Piques Local Leaders
The Colder War
jargon watch: this attack on public opinion is the pure essence of conservatism
(and he evidently agrees with Burke that prejudice is a good thing)
Intricate Screening of Fliers in Works
(Robert O'Harrow Jr. has broken a lot of important privacy stories)
surgically implanted identification chip for potential kidnapping victims
(but they don't say how many people have actually had them installed)
Immigration Judges Call for Independent Court
FBI: Terrorists Use Internet
(the evidence is not real definite -- the news is that they're saying it)
claim that al-Qaida cased Salt Lake City
Nuclear Power Plants Targeted for Terror
(they represent the obsolete centralized approach to power generation)
Terrorists Noted Flaws in Security, Report Says

"Bush's startling speech justifying national missile defence"
Tragedy Does Not Give America a Free Hand
Candidate Calls NAACP "Terrorists"
(calling peaceful protests "terrorism" betrays an authoritarian mentality)
Malkin Erases Some/All Distinction in Attack on Protesters
Terror Link Seen in Identity Thefts
interesting details on the security alert at SFO
(with face recognition false alarms we'll be clearing terminals all the time)
FBI terrorist most wanted lists
(these appear to be the source for airport face recognition system databases)
Some States Track Parolees by Satellite
Geographic Gaffe Misguides Anthrax Inquiry
(it's fascinating to watch trivial things become important in retrospect)

Before the Towers Fell, Fire Department Fought Chaos
suit to gain media access to legal hearings of detainee
Biometrics: Facing Up to Terrorism
Biometric Consortium Conference, Arlington, VA, 13-15 February 2002
introduction to electromagnetic pulse weapons
ChoicePoint Public Sector: Helping Government to Serve the Citizens
("search over 10 billion records on individuals and businesses")

Afghans Blame US for Slaying Innocents During School Raid
After Green Beret Operation, Townspeople Have Questions About Bound Bodies
Seeking Safety, Manhattan Firms are Scattering
(replace all that office space with mixed-residential buildings)
Efforts to Track Foreign Students Are Said to Lag
(it's harder than it sounds)
Standardized Drivers' Licenses Could Be Boon, Burden to Business
Iceland Places Trust in Face-Scanning
"the great age of code breaking is over"
(unreliable -- there's little or no evidence that al Qaeda used strong crypto)

America's Chaotic Road to War
How Bin Laden Network Spread Its Tentacles
long article on Mohamed Atta
Pentagon Plans New Command For US
CIA's New Celebrity Exposes Its Failings
WTC Fresh Kills Investigative Site
Out of the Rubble, Artifacts of Anguish Saved for Posterity
Powell Asks Bush to Reverse Stand on War Captives

A Questionable US Strategy in Southeast Asia
Feuding Afghan Tribes Said Misleading US Forces
US: Phase II of Our War Will Satisfy India
Differences Surface Between India and US: Issues Concerning Pakistan
Warlord Death "Link With Sharon Case"
(but then everyone had a motive)
notice the weird writing style -- you can't quite tell who's being mocked
(this sort of diffuse, dissociated nastiness is common in the Washington Times)
Will Walker's Statements Be Admitted Against Him?
Captives and the Law
(the underlying problem is the confusion between war and crime)
Delegations Praise Detainees' Treatment
The Military Tribunals on Trial
(it's amazing how much has been written on this, compared to other things)
Bush Proposes Tracking System for Noncitizens
jargon watch: on profiling -- study the anti-logic in the first four paragraphs
(this sort of thing is normal on the Journal's opinion pages)

Operation Enduring Freedom: Why a Higher Rate of Civilian Bombing Casualties
Shoe-Bomb Flight: A Trial Run?
(informative article from a few weeks ago)
For the Sufis, Taliban's Fall Means a Revival
Analysis of the Source of the Anthrax Attacks
Irradiated Mail Sickens US Workers
(also from a few weeks ago)
Police in Chechnya Accuse Russia's Troops of Murder
new attempts to define peaceful demonstrations as felony "eco-terrorism"
(inflated uses of the word "terrorism" are incredibly dangerous)
Europeans See Americans "Making Up Rules" on Taliban in Cuba
What Is an "Unlawful Combatant", and Why It Matters
Strengthening Homeland Security
(what they're proposing)
"aggregators that sell info to the feds aren't liable for its accuracy"
The New National ID Card Is In Your Wallet

Qaeda Moving Into Indonesia, Officials Fear
(but let's not give Indonesia's military too much of an excuse)
Philippine Military Admits It Needs US Help
(good details about US military activities in the Philippines)
The al-Qaeda Getaway
Pashtun Ire Toward US Grows
conservatives again advocating that we ignore international law
(this problem is unfortunately bipartisan)
the distributed computing project that's working on the anthrax toxin
Why Bush Deserves His Share of the 9/11 Blame
The Oliver North and Osama Connection ... or Not
(I get so much junk that comes labeled "unbelievable!" -- like, duh)
Names of Post-September 11th Detainees Not Forthcoming: Justice
Treatment of Taliban Raises Concerns, Europeans Say

CIA Takes on Major New Military Role
St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport Deploys Face Recognition
(without mentioning terrorism)
National ID in Development
("but enthusiasm for the system appears to be fading, poll says")
remarkable age skew in a poll on wiretapping
more on the tract advocating a massive high-tech surveillance state
Uncovering Alleged Government Purchases of Electronic Personal Data
East Timor Truth Commission Will Look Into 1974-99 Atrocities
(which were much worse than anything in countries that receive more publicity)
Microsoft alleges that software pirates fund terrorists
(but the study allegedly proving it isn't online)

Conduct of War Is Redefined by Success of Special Forces
("we have more junior level access to important intelligence than ever before")
Oxfam response to Afghanistan
(plus interesting documents on reconstruction)
Somali views of "Black Hawk Down"
Libya "to Pay Damages for Lockerbie"
Anthrax Missing From Army Lab
Missing Army Microbes Called Non-Infectious
When the Cage Bursts
(Gaza after Arafat)
jargon watch: it's partly their fault so it's none of ours
(this tornado of jargon exemplifies a larger pattern, e.g., in debates on race)
more conservative opposition to the national ID card
huge number of fraudulent drivers' licenses issued by the California DMV
(September 2000)
further controversy about the prisoners in Cuba
UK Terror Detentions "Barbaric"

Anthrax Probe Centers on Labs
police rounding up alleged terrorists in Leicester, England
jargon watch: "Liberals love erasing the truth" -- it's the new hate
(and it's immediately followed by a stream of truth-obliterating fabrications)
Using Technology to Detect and Prevent Terrorism
(tract advocating a massive, invasive high-tech surveillance state)
Invading the Courts: We Don't Need Military "Tribunals" to Sort Out the Guilty
(a different precedent than the ones you've heard about)

US Troops Set Up Philippines Camp
Police Charge Suspected Al-Qaida Chief
indictment, US v. Reid
"in return for security in the region, the US will snap up central Asia's oil"
ALERT: National ID Cards from DMV? Protect Your Privacy!
Airport Chief Reconsiders Face Recognition Technology for Green
(after learning that the vendor's claims were overblown)
What To Do With Al-Qaeda Prisoners
The Chronic Insecurity of the US Nuclear Weapons Complex

Shoe Bomb Briton Named as Key Agent in Bin Laden's Network
Al Qaeda Trained Bombing Suspect, Indictment Says
Spy Trip Log Matches Reid's Travels
United States of America v. John Philip Walker Lindh
Outfit Banned, But Extremism Survives in Pak
Islam in the United States -- US Deptartment of State
Universal Military Training and Service Act of 2001
(search under "bill number" for HR 3598)
The US Is Determined to Dominate the World's Richest New Oil Source
Bush Fuels Oil Conspiracy Theory
America's Homegrown Terrorists
"what is really at stake in Mindanao, an island long coveted by Washington?"
What Awaits US "Military Advisers" in Basilan?
Unprecedented RP-US Exercise
Keep Out, MILF Warns US, RP Men
Jolo Folk Massacre 6 Rangers
Anti-Terror Campaign Cloaking Human Rights Abuse
US: Geneva Conventions Apply to Guantanamo Detainees
(we don't defend people's rights because we like them)
US Pressed on Detainees' Treatment
On Defensive, General Says Prisoners Get Mats, Even Bagels
(and Froot Loops)
California Wiretapping Bill Dealt Legal Setback
"standard for identification information on driver's license applications"
marvelously language-intensive briefing slides on Army PKI/smart card plans
manuals for hacking through "social engineering"
(why break cryptography when you can just ask people to give you the password?)
Bush, Citing Security, Bans Some Unions at Justice Department
(they will use terrorism as an excuse to pursue *any* agenda)
complete archive of presidential directives and executive orders
Chemical Plants Fail to Cut Hazards as Concerns of Terrorism Grow
Activists Document Apparent Chechen Killings
numerous administration claims about post-Sept. 11th social changes are false
(war is not good for you)
the smear campaign against Barbara Kingsolver
(they constantly spread lies about their opponents)

Special Forces Sent To Philippines Fight
CIA Looks to Los Angeles for Would-Be Iranian Spies
French conspiracy site about the Pentagon attack
(it's got some interesting pictures anyway)
interview with Noam Chomsky
(requires subscription)
Bush Faces Flak Over Family Links With Winner of US Defence Contract
"Special Case" INS Detainees Decline, But Not as Fast as Ashcroft Reckons
"BlackBerry as an electronic gateway to state and federal criminal databases"
ACLU Skewers DMV Proposal As "De Facto" National ID
All 50 States Agree to Upgrade Driver's Licenses
Taking "Freedom" Out of the Freedom of Information Act?

report from Bagram, Afghanistan
Manual for a "Raid"
Terror Suspects Face Credit Card Fraud Charges
Australian in a Cage, But Still No Answers
information on the US-Afghanistan Reconstruction Council
programs relating to Afghan Americans at the Museum of Natural History, NYC
UK callup of military intelligence reservists
Emerging Alternatives in Palestine by Edward Said
unpleasant call for war in India
"conservatives who obstructed Clinton's efforts to fight terrorism are now ..."
(requires subscription)
HHS Secretary Says Agencies Must Speak With One Voice
(part of a broad pattern of suppressing scientific opinion within the gov't)
How Politics Helped Redefine the Missile Threat
States Seek National ID Funds
State DMVs Plan to Combat License Fraud
("nationalizing driver's license databases raises fears")
American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators
(including information about biometrics and the de facto national ID)
video of an announcement about interlinking of drivers' licenses
You'll Love Those National ID Cards
recent court decision on fingerprint evidence
links to more fingerprint challenges
New Side to Face-Recognition Technology: Identifying Victims
more on the tribunals against Nazi saboteurs in 1942
(the problem with war is that strong feelings lead to dangerous precedents)
Flight Crews Will Get Training in Self-Defense
paper on the consequences of 9/11 for the concept of international security

Saudi-Backed Web Supports Terrorism, Book Asserts
story about a firefighter who was pulled alive from the World Trade Center
Afghanistan/USA: Prisoners Must Be Treated Humanely
(we don't defend people's rights because we like them)
Nuremberg Documents Online
more on the assassination of an American gun control activist
left-wing radio archives
the suicide pilot in Tampa was a Young Republican
(by jargon logic this means that all Republicans are moral degenerates)

Somalia Assails US Terror Allegations
India Puts Its No Nonsense Face Forward
In the Pit, Dark Relics and Last Obstacles
Video Captures September 11th Horror in Raw Replay
firefighters' call for a World Trade Center investigation
We Must Try to Find Out Why the Twin Towers Fell
ABC News Special Report: "Planes Crash Into World Trade Center" (transcript)
(from a conspiracy site, but I have no reason to believe it's wrong)
Escort of Hijacked Aircraft
Aircraft Piracy (Hijacking) and Destruction of Derelict Airborne Objects
Why Grammar Is the First Casualty of War
Reconstructing Afghanistan on Oil and Gas
indictment, US v. Rubin and Krugel (JDL people)
Pentagon Proposed Pretexts for Cuba Invasion in 1962
("may be the most corrupt plan ever created by the US government")
New Cockpit Door Standards Issued
US Selling Papers Showing How to Make Germ Weapons

Al Qaeda Feared To Be Lurking In Indonesia
Oil Negotiations with Taliban May Have Interfered With Efforts to Get Bin Laden
(I'm not persuaded yet about these particular accusations)
speech by FBI agent who later resigned because FBI wasn't fighting terrorism
(he died in the World Trade Center attack weeks later)
The Ghost of Terror Past
(more on Otto Reich and the double standard that everyone knows about but us)
German claims that the US translation of the bin Laden video was faked
(I have no opinion -- second URL is a rough English translation)
Saudi Arabia's Anti-American Fiction
The Rise of Complex Terrorism
US acknowledges that missile attacks are less likely than numerous others
The John Ashcroft Players Present: Our Bill of Rights
(the current arguments are precisely how authoritarian regimes get started)
A Wiretap In Every Home
(replicating the Patriot Act in the states, starting alas with California)
The Summit on Privacy, Security and Safety, New York, 5-6 March 2002
The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories
The Complex World of Iranian News

A War of Loose Ends
New US Envoy to Kabul Lobbied for Taliban Oil Rights
(he's of Afghan descent, but he's a conservative Republican first)
Taleban in Texas for Talks With Unocal on Gas Pipeline (1997)
Unocal Corporate Charter Revocation Action Center
(they were negotiating with the Taliban, deal with Burma, etc etc)
US Efforts to Make Peace Summed Up by "Oil"
Arms Buildup Is a Boon to Carlyle Group
Carlyle's Way
Ravaged Psyches in a Generation of Fighting
Wave of US Immigration Likely to Survive September 11th
(glad to hear it -- immigration now has strong support across the spectrum)
Security Poor at International Terminals
(does anybody have a URL for this report?)
The National ID Card That Isn't, Yet
The PR-Driven Heritage Foundation Homeland Security Task Force Report
New Attorney General FOIA Memorandum Issued
Media's Patriotism Provides a Shield for Bush
(Bush states goals and tells his people to do anything to achieve them)

Invisible War on Terror Accelerates Worldwide
"why militant Islamicists in Central Asia aren't going to go away"
Dubyaman cartoon
war news links
liberal war opinion
Media Education Foundation
(video of interviews about the war with liberal leaders)
large collection of left-wing war resources
FBI Reorganizes to Combat Terrorism and Cybercrime
Political Dissent Can Bring Federal Agents to Door
Airlines Test Out "Clean" Lists
National ID: Beware What You Wish For
resources on national ID cards
Sensor Networks, San Diego, 22 February 2002
Trade Organization Says Anthrax Treatment Kills Memory Cards
New Virus First to Infect Shockwave Flash
(we are living in the Stone Age)
"researcher claims hacker could steal funds from Citibank's c2it.com"
how to make an electromagnetic bomb
(though I don't know how credible the source is)
Homeland Security, Homeland Profits
US May Store, Not Destroy, Warheads Cut in Accord
(their word means nothing)
The Day Ashcroft Censored Freedom of Information
Bush's attempt to keep his gubernatorial records secret despite Texas Law
An Executive Order Richard Nixon Would Love

Remote Afghans Are Slowly Starving
Good And Bad Terrorism?
Our Own Terror Cells
(requires paid subscription)
The Necessity of Fear
(no comment)
excellent rant about the incompetent FBI and the malevolent Saudis
(Hitchens should stick to ranting at people who deserve it)
stuff that that West got from Islam
Still Digging for Lost Sons After a Million Tons of Pain
Tribunal Injustice
(shortcomings even of the leaked improvements to the tribunal plans)
Has John Walker's Religious Quest Convinced the Administration to Go Easy?
(he's a fool at best, but as far as I can tell they have no proof of a crime)
Saudis Freed From US Jails Claim Maltreatment
(but apparently give few details)
Upgraded Driver's Licenses Are Urged as National ID's
Nuclear Threat Initiative

US Military Reportedly in Somalia
(we're in another secret global war, just like the Cold War)
Hunt for Twenty Terror Ships
(hey, maybe we'll do something about the "flags of convenience" system)
Al-Jazeera Interview With Top Al-Qa'ida Leader Abu Hafs "The Mauritanian"
The Political Life of Pakistan's General Babar (May 2001)
(interview with Interior Minister who coordinated support of the Taliban)
Afghanistan Media Dossier 2002
(review of psychological warfare operations)
State Department Works to Create Brand of the Free
(Islamist anti-Westernism compared with the early 20th C Japanese far right)
The Trouble With the CIA
"the American embrace of terrorism was global"
Firefighter Mag Raps 9/11 Probe
Clipper to Carnivore: Balancing Privacy, Law Enforcement and Industry Interests
jargon watch: attacking due process by presupposing that the accused are guilty
(the whole point of a trial is to determine whether they're terrorists or not)
The Rule of Law: Indispensable to a Wider War
Drawing a Blank: The Failure of Facial Recognition Technology in Tampa, Florida
Report of the Commission on Protecting and Reducing Government Secrecy (1997)
"nuclear industry ignored warnings that reactors were vulnerable to terrorism"
Politics vs. Air Safety

War Command Center in US, Thanks to IT Advances
Gul Agha Gets His Province Back
A Body and Spirit Broken by the Taliban
Worries of al-Qaida in Somalia
Muslims and the West After September 11
report critical of the DoE's inspection of nuclear weapons
History of "Buffer Overflow" Security Problems -- especially in C
(maybe you have to be a computer person to realize what an outrage they are)
w00w00's Instant Message: Listen Up, AOL
ACLU Frowns on Face-Recognition Tool
Euro Bank Notes to Embed RFID Chips by 2005
(this makes it more likely that everything else will embed RFID chips)

Bin Laden's Special Complaint With the World Trade Center
13 More Bodies Recovered at World Trade Center Site
The War in Afghanistan by Noam Chomsky
Timeline of Competition between Unocal and Bridas for the Afghanistan Pipeline
Human Rights and Terrorism in the Central Asian OSCE Member States
Battling Islamic "Puritans"
Anti-Occupation Activists Question US Aid
hopelessness of the Middle East
al-Qaeda cell in the Philippines
Indian military's propaganda site about Kashmir
FBI May Use Keystroke-Recording Device Without Wiretap Order
Staffing at US-Canadian Border Cut Despite Concerns
Digital Images Will Verify Identity of Visitors to US

Computer in Kabul Holds Chilling Memos
Terror Cells Survived Hasty "Mopping Up"
Blame Is Hotly Disputed in Shoe-Bomb Case
For Yemen, a Risk and an Opportunity
large collection of war images and video
The Legacy of the Taliban Is a Sad and Broken Land
"aid workers say they are in awe of the fortitude of the Afghans"
For Muslims, Bin Laden's Star Is Fading as Quickly as It Rose
Two Worlds Paired by War
radio story about the Newfoundlanders who cared for passengers grounded on 9/11
Emerging From the Wreckage Not a Hero, but a Better Man
UN Fears Abuses of Terror Mandate
ACLU Exec Voices Concerns
The FBI's House Calls
(people being reported as criminals for expressing dissent)
Ashcroft's Hypocrisy
information commissioner quitting over UK's draconian anti-terrorist laws
IMTs: Support in Any Emergency
Louis Freeh's legacy of insularity and incompetence at the FBI
(Republicans protected him because he fed their scandal machine)

"New" US War: Commandos, Airstrikes and Allies on the Ground
Many Say US Planned for Terror but Failed to Take Action
How a Report on Terrorism Flew Under the Radar
MI5 Blunders Over Bomber
The Making of a Human Timebomb
Bush to Ignore Rule on Written Notices of Intelligence Actions
Seeking an Arab View of News
How Islam Lost Its Way
(a call for secularism)
Pak, India to Exchange List of Nuclear Facilities
"Plan Colombia" Leads the US Into the Heart of Darkness
Missile Defense: The Untold Story
Healing After Terror
right-wing claim that Israeli spies breached the feds' wiretapping system
(I have no idea whether it's true; the news is simply that they're claiming it)
Security Overhaul for Wireless Networks

Military Action Against Terror Begins
(it's official: we're engaged in secret war around the world)
Taliban's Victims Face Dire Winter
US Bombs Leave Wasteland
How We Could Still Lose in Afghanistan
the ugliness of blaming all liberals for John Walker
(and the vile Weekly Standard now says that al-Qaeda is just another NGO)
Terror Cells Slip Through Europe's Grasp
Holy War Lured Saudis as Rulers Looked Away
"news that doesn't make it into mainstream media"
(links mostly relating to the war, with summaries)
analyzing national ID card proposals
(e.g., "what problem are IDs trying to solve?")
Mubarak Says Military Trials Were Always "Right" Policy
(using US and UK abrogation of civil liberties to justify its own repression)
press unfreedom in the US as seen from Egypt
(not that they are claiming to be remotely free)
jargon watch: opposition to racial profiling is a "war on the police"
(dissolve the issue into blurry concepts and issue wild accusations)
"Backflow" Water-Line Attack Feared
(I had no idea)

The Iraq Hawks: Can Their War Plan Work?
Rights Activists Worry Over US-Indonesia Military Ties
Language of War Claims Its Own Victims by Umberto Eco
Laughable Campaign to Alter Muslims' Image of US Falls Short
Afghan Journalism's Postwar Mission
(someone should help the United States build an independent press too)
Tracking Bioterror's Tangled Course
Sanaa Seeks to Bring Home Up to 500 Yemeni Fighters From Afghanistan
President Ali Saleh: Yemen Supports Hamas Operations
Yemen news and resources
extensive Yemen links from the local phone company
Yemen Times Online
Critics' Attack on Tribunals Turns to Law Among Nations
secret arrests and military tribunals make us less safe, not more
that 1942 Court decision on tribunals wasn't supposed to be a precedent either
more on face recognition cameras

Al-Qaeda Were Among Convoy Dead: Afghan Minister
US Finds Bin Laden's Uranium
Former Minister Says Fugitive Taliban Leaders Living Life of Luxury in Pakistan
Would-Be Suicide Bomber Not Sri Lankan: Colombo
Shoe Bomb Graphic
(sports shoes are full of compartments and electronics, so it's evolution)
information on plastic explosive C-4
how to make C-4 (supposedly)
(don't try this at home)
Next Up: Saddam
(Saddam is a bad dude, but the bottom line is there's nothing much we can do)
a claim that even *Sudan* is now our ally
(say it's not so)
Why Not Spare Somalia the Ravages of War
Army Harvested Victims' Blood to Boost Anthrax
Terrorism and the Present Danger: A Perspective for the American Left
America the Unready
Threat of National ID
ECE Team Helps Build the Ultimate Surveillance System
(a small window on the world of research about sensor fusion for surveillance)
shouting down a speaker is freedom of speech!
(imagine how lost someone would have to be to write this letter)
jargon watch: accusing people of the views that they are arguing against
(they do this constantly: spreading lies through their media echo chamber)
Opportunism in the Face of Tragedy
(survey of repression in the name of anti-terrorism in a dozen countries)

Passenger Describes Helping Subdue Man Trying to Set Fire to Shoe on Jetliner
Flight Instructor Warned FBI of Use of Jet as a Weapon
Little Change in Security
the Red Cross as a study in organizational pathology
Muslims Must Not Leave Their Message to Oprah
Did Kohl Around Bin Laden's Eyes Poison His Brain?
(I have no idea)
A Nation's Children Forge a Shared Memory
Trade Center Site Becomes Evolving World of Its Own (read this)
("ironworkers are the unsung heroes, according to everyone else at the site")
issues in rebuilding the World Trade Center
Horn of Africa: al-Qaida Regroups?
UK Warships Raise Fears of Anti-Terror Campaign in Somalia
news from Somalia
(may crash Netscape)
Somalia news site based in Toronto

The Campaign Against Terrorism: Prospects After the Fall of the Taliban
Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq
International Federation of Iranian Refugees
Pashtuns Have Cornered Omar "And Will Lynch Him"
US Inquiry Tried, but Failed, to Link Iraq to Anthrax Attack
Compound 1080: Invisible Threat?
History in the News: Middle East History, Society, and Culture Resources
Yemen Pursues Hunt for Bin Laden Fighters After 17 Killed
Yemen: Map and CIA Fact Book
Somalia: Map and CIA Fact Book
Philippine War's New Front
Philippines: Map and CIA Fact Book
Flight School Warned FBI of Suspicions
Database Flaws Could Hamper Any National ID System, Experts Warn
"Voluntary" Police Interviews of Middle-Easterners Are Wrongful and Ineffective
White Paper on the Assassination of Union Leader Casimiro Huanca
Architects Ask, "What Did I Do to Cause This?"

Bin Laden Translation Omitted Sections That Would Embarrass Saudi Arabia
Broad Effort Launched After '98 Attacks
leftist rant against thoughtless leftist opposition to the war
(in the old days, the left couldn't wait to make war on fascists)
Voices From Behind the Veil
long two-part radio story about Arabs' views of the United States
Why Are They So Angry At Us?
entertaining rant about Osama bin Laden
FBI Investigates Possible Financial Motive in Anthrax Attacks
the United States harbors terrorists
(you will recall that George Bush even pardoned one of them)
very creepy interview with the guy who's implanting ID chips of people
(you must hear his list of potential scenarios for using them)
A Pitch for Smart Postal Stamps
(someone's law: everything in the world is growing a digital shadow)
Smarter Driver's Licenses
(someone else's law: say no to anything that's "smart")
"a look at the FBI's computer surveillance scheme"
jargonheads think in stereotypes so primitive that one fact can prove anything
(it's a wonder they can feed themselves)

Omar in the High Country Where Opium Flowers Grow
Graphic: Taliban in Prisons in Afghan
Chemical, Nuclear Plans Found in Training Camp
Yemen Said to Attack Suspected Bin Laden Supporters
claim that the bin Laden tape doesn't legally prove his guilt
Psyching Out the Taliban
(but then Americans have been subject to psychological warfare for years)
Kabul's Footballers Gear Up
Economic Impact of Terrorist Attack
signals surveillance technology in Afghanistan
German Firm Probes Final World Trade Center Deals
claim that investigations of Clinton kept the FBI from stopping terror
The John Walker Attack on Liberalism
Generosity, Harry Potter, and the Fight Against Evil
Official: CIA Uses Anthrax, But No Link to Letters
"what we still don't know about anthrax"
Anthrax's Dogged Detective
US Overstates Arrests in Terrorism
(once again, inflating the word terrorism to include almost everything)
Ghost of a Tribunal Should Haunt Ashcroft
"firm plans to sell implantable ID devices that can store data about you"
Coercive and Illegal Tactics Torpedo Scores of Cook County Murder Cases
claim that the FBI is trying to get data stolen by the BadTrans worm
Experts Say Decision Could Undermine Online Journalists
Graduation Speech Cut Short by Hecklers
Will Spyware Work?
The NRC: What, Me Worry?
"Above the Law": An Interview With Greg Palast
Asymmetrical Politics
The Struggle for the Soul of the 21st Century by Bill Clinton
community values showing up in focus groups
Media Research Center admits that it attacks anyone it disagrees with
Conservatives Quiet on Falwell Remarks
(not all quiet, but still)
Falwell Is Raising Money to Press Conservative Family Agenda
(I guess we'll see how many people agree with him about God and 9/11)

What Walker Knows -- And What He Faces
(if Walker represents all liberals then McVeigh represents all conservatives)
explanation of the war etc for children
(bottom half of this page)
"DO NOT USE wire stories which lead with civilian casualties"
Psychological Operations (PSYOP) in Time of Military Conflict
MEMRI "spreads calumny in an effort to stir up malice toward Muslims"
The Carlyle Group
more on government LSD experiments during the Cold War
Japan Broke US Code Before Pearl Harbor, Researcher Finds
Capitol Hill Anthrax Matches Army's Stocks
US Scientists Deplore Army's Silence on Anthrax Program
Wind May Explain Mystery Anthrax Cases
New Anti-Terror Law Brings Consternation
The Supreme Court Case Cited in Support of Military Tribunals
A Dangerous List to the Right
(finally, conservative -- albeit Democratic -- dissent from the ACTA list)
Ashcroft's Protection of the Rights of Possible Terrorists to Possess Firearms
State Backs Off Crackdown at DMV
Fraudulent Passports Key Weapon for Terrorists
National ID Card Gaining Support
derivative article endorsing a totalitarian society of ubiquitous surveillance
(with the usual bogus claim that the powerful will magically be surveilled too)
Chemical Plants Are Feared as Terrorist Targets
(community groups have been raised concerns about these plants for years)
Nuclear Sites Ill-Prepared For Attacks, Group Says
(would anything short of a police state be adequate to protect them?)
Ten Commandments Become Weapon in Church-State Battle
(you'd think that theocracy would be a little bit out of style right now)
In Case of Terrorist Attack
(guide for CEO's)
Republicans won't rebuild New York because it votes Democratic

Saudi Clans Working With US Oil Firms May Be Tied to Bin Laden
Bush Advisers Cashed In on Saudi Gravy Train
The White House Connection: Saudi "Agents" Close Bush Friends
How We Lost Afghanistan
US Aerial Bombing of Afghanistan: A Comprehensive Accounting
Transcript of Bin Laden Videotape
the videotape itself
Farewell Message from Azzam Publications
program about Israeli/Palestinian conflict through the lives of children
Army Working on Weapons-Grade Anthrax
FBI Queries Expert Who Sees Federal Lab Tie in Anthrax Cases
FBI Confirms "Magic Lantern" Project Exists

Wounded Army Captain Details Teamwork Against Taliban
How Many Dead? Major Networks Aren't Counting
US in Secret Move to Widen War on Terror
Fear of US Strikes Grips Somalia
Kabul Deal Promotes Regional Stability?
US Ties to Saudi Elite May Be Hurting War on Terrorism
try to follow the logic of these headache-inducing columns from the Wash. Times
(they're about John Walker, or about Judaism being a "grey area", or something)
John Walker Lindh's alleged Usenet postings
indictment, US v. Moussaoui
(everyone's wondering why this French citizen isn't getting a military tribunal)
Central Casting's "Terrorist" Studies, and Then Warns
Engineers Study WTC Destruction
Massport to Test High-Tech ID Check
review of new biometric products
Rumsfeld Wants Every Member of al Qaeda Imprisoned
(it's hard to be sympathetic to al Qaeda, but what precedent does this set?)
Antivirus Firms: FBI Is Out of Line
McCarthyism Watch
(everyone please grow up!)
Orders to Purge Records Have Librarians Worried
Conservatives Set Sights on Senator Leahy
(this is so vile)
here is one of the alerts
(you wouldn't know from it that they've already given him massive authority)
Pat Robertson's nasty treatment of Islam
Military Wary of Topographic Map's Release
Recent Safety Hazards at Aging Nuclear Plants
DOE Amends Rules on Nevada Nuclear Waste Site
Sociological Research on September 11th
Norah Vincent isn't just stupid -- she's evil
(watch her project her own indiscriminate hatred into the people she hates)

Kandahar on Brink of Chaos as Warlords Ready for Battle
Two Hundred Peacekeepers, Too Many Warlords
The Unseen Side of the Inter-Afghan Talks in Germany
In Baltimore, an Afghan Restaurateur Fights Against the Taliban
(two of Karzai's brothers run Helmand Afghan restaurants)
How My Friend Outwitted the Mullahs
Video Shows CIA Threatened to Let Prisoner Be Killed
Working With the CIA
translated excerpts from alleged al-Qaeda Training Manual
My Beating by Refugees Is a Symbol of the Hatred and Fury of This Filthy War
articles relating to Afghanistan humanitarian issues
Taliban Ex-Allies Air Few Regrets
How Omar Led Taliban to Power, Then Defeat
jargon watch: liberals in general are responsible for John Walker
(study the tricks they use to lump half the country into a stereotype)
"those who say relativism made Walker don't know what they're talking about"
(stereotypes come so easily to some people)
article about Tamim Ansary's widely circulated message of September 12th
(but no evidence for its speculation that the message had a material effect)
Terror Money Hard to Block, Officials Find
Battlefield Clues Key to Bush's Next Step
Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2002
The War of Words
(propaganda campaigns from previous wars)
A Compilation of Evidence and Comments on the Source of the Mailed Anthrax
Ex-Anthrax Makers Want FBI to Talk With Them
(they should change their name to Abdul)
anti-abortion terrorist feels that Ashcroft is on his side
Anthrax Pervades Florida Site, Experts See Likeness to That Sent to Senators
Lobbyists Seek Special Spin on Federal Bioterrorism Bill
Smallpox: What Every Clinician Should Know
(advertisement for a satellite and webcast training program)
Testimony of Attorney General John Ashcroft, December 6, 2001
widespread condemnation of Ashcroft likening dissent to treason
jargon watch: tendentiously vague language lets you deny everything
(jargonheads talk in a netherworld just beyond the reach of rational thought)
Closing Down Debate: Ashcroft's Attack on Dissent
(including analysis of Mindy Tucker's even more objectionable follow-up)
ACLU FOIA request for information on detainees
Bush's (former) stand against secret evidence
Ashcroft's (former) stand against secret evidence
Innocent Are Caught in Cross Hairs of the Hunt for Suspected Terrorists
National Identification Schemes and the Fight Against Terrorism
Students Who Speak Out Against War Find Themselves Battling to Be Heard
Franklin Graham says he doesn't blame Islam, then goes right ahead and does so
("the terrible deeds that are committed as a result of Islamic teaching")
jargon watch: check out this lie about what Michael Moore said
(this is the newspaper that constantly claims to speak in the name of truth)
Stimulus Bill May Mean Tax Breaks for Corporate America
(these tax breaks have almost nothing to do with economic stimulus)
FAA Put Security Testing on Hold
Airport Design in US Took a Big Hit on September 11th

interview with a Muslim legal scholar on the validity of bin Laden's claims
We Are the War Criminals Now
investigating the concrete used in the World Trade Center
article about the supposedly prescient Samuel Huntington
(the one who's trying to start a war between civilizations)
Beijing Produces Videos Glorifying Terrorist Attacks on "Arrogant" US
(imagine what Chinese propaganda would be like if they had US jargon tech)
conspiracy theory: not only is it about oil, but the communists have won
President's Statement on Caspian Pipeline Consortium
Perspectives on September 11th from the Social Sciences
In 1941, Americans Gamely Stumbled Off to War
Treat the Army of God as a Terrorist Organization
Anthrax Won't Halt Santa's Letters
Justice Kept in the Dark
Ashcroft Deconstructed
("the attorney general cast defenders of civil liberties as traitors")
The Ashcroft Smear
Blurring the Lines Between Tribunals and Military Justice System
(Ashcroft accusing critics of "fog" is pure projection)
Popularity Proves Poor Way to Measure Anti-Terror Laws
(and conservatives support them much more strongly than moderates and liberals)
The USA PATRIOT Act and the US Department of Justice: Losing Our Balances?
Criminal Enforcement Against Terrorists
military tribunal resources
Attacking the Academy in the Name of Saving It
(detailed analysis of the bizarre ACTA report)
Congressman Talks of Inquiry of Portland Police
more on the student who was suspended for trying to start an anarchy club
conservative hero Ann Coulter makes her living saying horrible things
(e.g., "Bush should expand the military tribunals to ... liberal lawyers")
Americans and Allies Are Getting Different Stories
dramatic increase in classification of government information during 2000
(the Republicans have long fought public accountability)
Security Concerns Drive Rise in Secrecy
resources on smart weapons
(this is one of the sites that had been taken down earlier)
Seven Good Reasons to Stand Up for Information Freedom on Bioweapons Research
Airbus pilot's response to "NTSB Birdbrains Sticking Heads in Rockaway Sand"
Do Disposable Cell Phones Pose a Security Threat?
special report on security

Allies Direct the Death Rites of Trapped Taliban Fighters
("going to their doom with a defiance verging on the flamboyant")
CIA Blunder Sparked Taleban Revolt That Became a Mass Suicide
Amnesty Calls for Prison Revolt Inquiry
My Lai in Afghanistan
(I'm not persuaded about this)
US Planes Rain Death on the Innocent
A Village Is Destroyed. And America Says Nothing Happened
Afghan "Highwaymen" Return
Minority Afghans Tell Taliban Atrocities
Differences Intensify Among Northern Alliance Commanders
weekly columns from a reporter now missing in Afghanistan
technical obstacles to cooperation among the military services
Central Asia-Caucasus Analyst
Russia, Oil, and Conspiracy Theories
Russia Checkmated Its New Best Friend
(it's about oil)
photographs from Afghanistan
Bush Appointee Linked to Terrorism
"in all but name, the United States is at war with Pakistan"
The Muslim Revolt That Never Came
Rebuilding Afghanistan?
(heck, Bush isn't even willing to rebuild New York)
The Laws of War
The War Powers Act of 1973
dangerous thought-pattern: we have been oppressed so we can do whatever we want
(the Israelis are hardly alone in this, but that doesn't make it right)
The Real Story of Flight 93
Clinton Maps Out Road to Peace
jargon watch: Washington Times Keeps the Clinton Spin Rolling
(the lie echoes through the media, to the point where *not* lying is "bias")
the quotes in this article on Fox Conservative News are a jackpot of jargon
jargon watch must-read: David Horowitz's demented response to our WTC courses
(scroll past the pundit raving nonsensically based only on the course *names*)
story about objectivity in coverage of Islamic and Arab World issues
US a Terrorist State: Chomsky
the strange history of the World Trade Center
Bush's first reaction to WTC: "There's one terrible pilot."
(I am not making this up)
article about watching ground zero on a live video camera
Afghanistan: Maps, News, Photos, More
A Failure of Intelligence?
"Terrorists Have Won" Declarations Make Us All Losers in the End
"Day of Reconciliation" Worship Service in Congress Mixes Church and State
(its purpose is to appease the God who supposedly attacked the WTC)
White House Sought to Soften Anti-Terrorism Legislation for Tobacco Companies
the bottommost depths of PR exploitation of the terrorist attacks
Kangaroo Courts
Careless With The Constitution? The Problem With Military Tribunals
Why Congress Must Curb Bush's Military Courts
Using Our Fears to Justify a Power Grab
Null and Void: Guarantees of Liberty
Tribunal Comparison Taints Courts-Martial, Military Lawyers Say
"Ashcroft has sought to conceal menacing facts of the Bush tribunal order"
A Realistic Look at Terrorism Trials by Military Commission
John Dean supports tribunals
Robert Bork argues for extending military tribunals to include US citizens
(I am not making this up)
Preserving Our Freedoms While Defending Against Terrorism
Bush Law Chief Tried to Drop Habeas Corpus
Ashcroft Seeking to Free FBI to Spy on Groups
FBI Agents Rebel Over New Powers
Amnesty letter to the US government about Mazan Al-Najjar
(held and deported on secret evidence)
list of the identified detainees charged by the US
defense lawyers refusing to defend people accused of ties to the attacks
(but without defense lawyers, innocent people go to jail)
Congressional Research Service: The Fifth Amendment
NYC Surveillance Camera Project
US Assumes Global Cyber-Police Authority
Antivirus Vendors Split Over FBI Trojan Snoops
FBI "Magic Lantern" Reality Check
Geeks and Spooks
A New Legal and Military Approach to Terrorism
Uniform Code of Military Justice
EU plans "suspected protester" database
jargon watch: quotes from Lynne Cheney's odd speech at Princeton
(her opposition to teaching about Islam in response to 9/11 is bizarre)
Many People Saying Bad Things
(best response to Cheney's list of alleged enemies of civilization)
Photographer at Yankee Nuclear Power Plant Threatened With Treason Charge
(it's a good thing the Constitition defines treason so carefully)
Who EU Calling a Terrorist?
(no civil rights for terrorists! but the term's been defined very broadly)
Bush Freezes Suspected Terror Assets
Somalis Said to Feel Impact of US Freeze of al-Barakaat
conflict at the NRC over nuclear power plant security (February 1999)
Emergency Preparedness and the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain
NTSB Birdbrains Sticking Heads in Rockaway Sand
Flight 587 Probe Turns to Pilots' Rudder Training
investigation of flight 990
Loose Nukes
Bioterror: What Can Be Done?
bioweapon horrors
Ames Strain of Anthrax Limited to Few Labs
Republican thugs are trying to paint environmental groups as terrorists
(and equating minor property destruction with mass murder)
Cybersecurity Chief Pushes Early-Warning System
(another bureaucracy to protect society from Microsoft's products)
The Bush Administration and Secrecy
Hiding Presidential Papers
Suit Filed to Reverse Presidential Papers Order
The Web Never Forgets
(that sensitive information you're supposed to delete is still out there)
more on "brain fingerprinting"
ID Mouse Has Finger on Security Concerns
Terrorism Bill "Biggest Threat to Competition Since RIP"
Translations From New York's Ethnic Press

Hundreds of Troops Dozed in the Sun. These Were the Taliban Elite
Victorious Warlords Set to Open the Opium Floodgates
Hidden Letters Reveal Dark Secrets of School for Terror
Twisted Laws Fueled Reign of Terror by Talib Police
Probe Reconstructs Horror, Calculated Attacks on Planes
Beating the Terrorists: Egypt Used Torture to Crack Network
Terror Links in Europe: MI5 Knew for Years of London Mosque's Role
Command Given Homeland Defense Mission
The War for Oil Subtext in Afghanistan
The True Cost of Oil
After Bombs Must Come Civil Rights
US Targets Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen
Mexico's War on Terror
Personal Faith and State Loyalty
Muslim Leadership Crisis
What Went Wrong in the Arab World? Ask Yourself
Learning From Israel and Its Mistakes
Vanished Victims of Israelis Return to Accuse Sharon
Journal Axes Gene Research on Jews and Palestinians
A Hard Look at Iraq Sanctions
Ashcroft to Face Tough Senate Grilling on Tribunals
("the wave of arrests did not materialize")
Anti-Terror Wiretap Rule Is Illegal
anti-terrorism bill had almost nothing to do with the September 11th attacks
(the main exception was the part about money laundering)
America's "Disappeared"
Pakistani comment on civil liberties in the United States
"anti-terrorism bill undermines human rights convention and rule of law"
All the Presidents' Words Hushed
US Frames New Rules for Visas to Saudis
post-9/11 life is tough on immigrants

Bloodbath Fears as Bombers Queue to Blitz Siege City
Silent Sensors Lie in Wait for Bin Laden
His Grasp of Spin Is Chilling ...
(Osama bin Laden's recruiting video)
US State Department slide show about the war
trying to make Islam into the new Communism
Aloof Terrorists Were Town's Elite
A Bosnian Blueprint for Afghanistan
US Efforts to Make Peace Summed Up By "Oil"
Master of the Afghani Lutes
Latest 9/11 Lesson: Government, Like Charity, Is Us
Scientists: Anthrax "Almost Certainly" From US Defense Lab
FBI Is Watching Case of Missing Biologist
a bad attitude
Rabid Journalists and Pundits Push Bush to Extremes
Apocalyptic Theology Revitalized by Attacks
Sleepers Suffer WTC Nightmares
jargon watch: rebut an accusation by mechanically asserting a double standard
(notice how he depends on the listener to be unaware of liberals' actual views)
Military Favors a Homeland Command
The Posse Comitatus Act: A Principle in Need of Renewal
Legal Powers Are Expanded in Bush Plan
("any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws")
Abandoning the Constitution to Military Tribunals
The WWII Tribunal That Bush Is Citing as a Precedent Was Model of Deception
Visitors to US Can Expect Probing Terrorism Questions
(including the questions themselves and the document that prescribes them)
New South Wales Internet Censorship Bill 2001
An Organization on the Lookout for Patriotic Incorrectness
(making clear how little evidence they needed to make grave accusations)
"The spirit of Islam is the spirit of the antichrist"
Breaking Law or Principles to Give Information to US
After September 11th, Echelon Attracts New Attention, New Questions
US Shuts Down Somalia Internet
Logan Airport to Reinstate Security Firm
Zimbabwe Correspondents Accused of "Terrorism"
(this is where we're headed if we let the word "terrorism" keep inflating)
Microsoft Makes Its Pitch on Security, Cyber Terror to House

The British Connection: Judge Says Cleric Is Vital Link
In Utah, a Government Hater Sells a Germ-Warfare Book
"the Justice Department isn't investigating violent militants on the right"
No TV, No Chess, No Kites: Taliban Penal Code, From A to Z
CIA-Backed Team Used Brutal Means to Break Up Terrorist Cell in Albania
radio story about the caves of Afghanistan
article about a videotape of the attack on the World Trade Center
interviews with the people of Parkesburg, Pennsylvania (population 3,500)
(i.e., the same number of people who were killed on September 11th)
criticism of tribunals
Waking Up in Another Country, Not Our Own
(criticism of unlimited detentions of foreigners)
Police Are Split on Questioning of Mideast Men
US Government Interagency Domestic Terrorism Concept of Operations Plan
Council of Europe's Convention on Cybercrime
Legal Controversy and the FBI's "Carnivore" Program
FBI Pushes Telcos to Ease Monitoring
(they've been doing that for several years)
High-Tech Airport Security Devices Displayed
conflicting views about chemical information on government Web sites
the original version of Lynne Cheney's list of alleged enemies of civilization
(try not to propagate these URL's -- download it yourself and post or forward)
American Council of Trustees and Alumni Defends University of New Mexico Prof
(when controversy erupted, they issued this)
Sketches for a New Blacklist
Lynne Cheney's Free Speech Blacklist
Up With Dissent

British Taliban Fighters "May Face Treason Charges"
Suicidal Ignorance by Edward Said
Pentagon Fires on Critical Scientist
Investigators Liken Anthrax in Leahy Letter to That Sent to Daschle
(with interesting details of the operation that found it)
German 911 links
good amateur pictures of the World Trade Center collapse
New York's Ground Zero of Grief

civil liberties and security

Bush White House Asserts Power Rivaling That of FDR
"alarm bells at the recent actions of the British and American governments"
MPs Savage Terror Bill
(maybe this will be the issue that finally splits Labour)
"rigged trials are no way to deal with suspected terrorists"
some liberals are caving in to conservative attacks on civil liberties
ACLU Calls on Fresno Airport to Stop Using Face ID System
Congress Hears National ID Opinions
In Immigration Cases, Information on Hearings and Court Records Is Restricted
"FBI developing a virus to obtain encryption keys"
(not completely clear what this means)
Iris Recognition
American Airlines: fatal accidents, legal problems, security problems, etc
Lynne Cheney demands ideological conformity on college campuses
(she has an ugly history of attacks)
"feds find weird art but not anthrax terrorists at the Art Car Museum"
Christian Leader Condemns Islam


Kabul Greets Its New Dawn
Savage Victory
Strange Stories of Suicides as "Bin Laden's Foreigners" Refuse to Surrender
The Rout of the Taliban
The Afghan Way of War
(detailed account of Mazar campaign)
Target Approval Delays Irk Air Force Officers
Secret CIA Units Playing a Central Combat Role
graphic images of a Taliban soldier caught and killed by Alliance
In a Rancid Jail the Deposed Lords of Kabul Await Death
Mujahideen Back to "Rob and Beat Us"
Slouching Towards Balkanization
Nuke Manual Looks Like Internet Hoax
Making a Molehill of the Moral High Ground
interesting war facts from the a column for military people
links between far-right extremists and Islamic radicals
(a global far-right alliance against the US, so conservatives blame the left)
Antrax Hoaxers Should Be Treated Like the Terrorists They Are
This Is Not a Test
("after attacks US implemented emergency plans envisioned only in nuclear war")
I Tried To Be Patriotic
(conspiracy theory doubts about the fall of the World Trade Center)
As Dig Goes On, Emotions Are Buried Deep
The Rarely Told Story of WWII
(American bombing in Germany)
another "terrorism" video game
(may not work under Explorer)

civil liberties and security

Despite Some Concerns, Civil Liberties Are Taking a Back Seat
(the hidden problem here is that the word "terrorist" covers a huge territory)
Bush Going Too Far Curtailing Our Rights
Historic High Court Ruling Is Troublesome Model for Modern Terror Trials
Extremist Groups: New Organizational Models Empowered by Networked Systems
Energy Firms Stand Guard Amid Threats
Urgent Efforts to Prevent Thefts of Trucks for Use as Bombs
Fallout Follows Logan Ouster of Security Firm
fighting gang violence with respect in Pasadena

news and information

long article on al-Jazeera
US More Tightlipped Since September 11th
(survey of the problems)
Are Americans Getting the Full Picture?

Rumsfeld: US Forces in Ground Combat
Taliban Withdrawal Was Strategy, Not Rout
Pakistan Boxed Into a Corner
War in the Dark
Is There a Good Terrorist?
article about network warfare
"advocates for women's freedoms under a post-Taliban government"
propaganda article trying to link anti-globalization protesters to terrorists
(study the full range of jargon techniques, e.g., just making things up)
Documents on Terrorism
Bosnia's Islamic Infusion
literary quotes related to September 11th
Oil Barons Court Taliban in Texas (December 1997)
("the Taliban ministers and their advisers stayed in a five-star hotel")

news coverage

portal for Afghan news, music, etc
A Yugoslav Journalist's Advice to US Media
Al-Jazeera Reporter Says He Was Beaten by Anti-Taliban Afghans

civil liberties

Seizing Dictatorial Power
White House Push on Civil Liberties Steps Bypasses Congress
USA: Presidential Order on Military Tribunals Threatens Principles of Justice
Ashcroft's Unlawful Rule
Bush's Jihad Against Civil Rights
column defending Bush's plan for military tribunals without due process
(the author has defended many right-wing legal outrages in the past)
The New Regulation on Attorney-Client Conversations Threatens Fourth Amendment
The Bill of Rights (as recently modified)
The Net Effect: How Not to Fight Terror
Some Lessons for the Attorney General From the 1919-20 Terrorist Attacks
criticism of Pat Leahy's role in the politics of the anti-terrorism bill
Security Panel to Call for National Identity Cards
the centralized police database you hear about is already real in China
UK: Creating a Shadow Criminal Justice System in the Name of Fighting Terrorism
"ill-conceived proposals to deal with religious incitement"
Amusement Parks Studying Surveillance Technology


None Jailed Appear Linked to Attacks
Bush Blinked in Confrontation on Airline Security
Chef Flew to O'Hare With Cleavers in Bags
Security Company Is Ousted at Logan
Pro-, Anti-US "Hacktivists" Battle in Cyberspace
(grow up)
Bioterrorism Articles
See This Goop? It Kills Anthrax
Guide for the Selection of Chemical and Biological Decontamination Equipment
Fraudulent Identification and Biography
documentation for a ludicrously complicated security patch from Microsoft
Microsoft's plan to suppress information about security vulnerabilities

"Southern Alliance" in the Offing?
Executions of POW's Cast Doubts on Alliance
interview with Osama bin Laden threatening to use nuclear weapons
Oil Diplomacy Muddled US Pursuit of Bin Laden, New Book Contends
Asia Times comment on right-wing calls for imperialism in the West
War on Terror: My Cow
Eleven Concerns About the Justice of the Afghan War
books and essays about the attack and war from University of Chicago Press
Limbaugh Whitewashes His Jennings Misquotes
(over and over, when he's caught doing something outrageous, he lies about it)
"why did the World Trade Center buildings fall down when they did?"
(temporary link)
Investigation of Bioterrorism-Related Anthrax
Corporate Patriotism by Ralph Nader
where do the lies on talk radio come from? here's a case study
Face Scanning at Airports: Ready for Prime Time?
Risks of National Identity Cards
In Sweeping Campus Canvasses, US Checks on Mideast Students
Federal Register notice about listening in on attorney-client communications


Bin Laden: Yes, I Did It
Rebels Mount Four-Legged Offensive
assorted links on the BLU-82 "Daisy Cutter"
The Humanitarian Front
Nuclear Threat Is Real, Experts Warn
Terrorism and Architecture, Los Angeles, 17 November 2001
(click on the promo banner)
New Bill Targets Disease Spread
Fearing Attack, Blue Plains Sewage Treatment Plant Ceases Toxic Chemical Use
The Battle for Hearts and Minds
British Take a Blunter Approach to War News
Lifting the Veil on How Israelis Got the A-Bomb

civil liberties

Provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act That Relate to Online Activities
conservative opposition to the anti-terrorism act
The National ID Card: If They Build It, Will It Work?
On Amending the Fourth: Another Grave Threat to Liberty
Somalis Protest US Raid, Store's Closure
Britain Placed Under State of Emergency
Privacy Lecture Series, Toronto


Ground War Strategies, Part 2: The Northern Alliance Offensive
Support Deepens for the Taliban, Refugees Report
Bin Laden's PR Blunder
survey of world opinion with links
A War We Cannot Win by John Le Carre
Bombing of Afghanistan is Illegal and Must Be Stopped
"the terrorism properly is categorized as a criminal act, not an act of war"
Militarization in the Age of Globalization
"a huge shift of intelligence power away from the Pentagon to the CIA"
read Bill Clinton's speech about the war
now see the Washington Times twist it
(while making room for one personal slight against him for every 140 words)
and watch the Washington Times' distortions ripple through a braindead press
(even Andrew Sullivan, having mindlessly propagated them, is mortified)
Uncle Sam Wants Napster!
(very odd)
Sources: Middle Eastern Terrorists Have South American Link
(no surprise: the same area housed the Nazis who ran our friends' regimes)
Manufacturing Dissent: Chomsky Dissembles on Afghan Hunger
(it's not just Rush Limbaugh who falsely declares the media to be silent)
a frightening trend: wholesale fabrications that find their way into print
(by now a whole generation has grown up surrounded by aggressive irrationality)

campaign against war profiteering
Official Blames Defeat on Flier That Wrongly Linked Her to Afghanistan


US Agents Were Told: Back Off Bin Ladens
("soon after George Bush became president")
Lessons from the Al Qaeda Cult Handbook

aviation security

Why DeLay, Armey and Bush are Dead Wrong on Airline Security: Part 1
(with many links)
legislators know from personal experience what a joke airport security is
The Leader in Airport Security, and in Lapses
(meet the company that House Republicans are going to the wall to defend)
local radio station's report on security at the Denver Airport

privacy and civil liberties

DOJ Field Guidance on New Authorities Enacted in the 2001 Anti-Terrorism Act
proposal for expanded law enforcement access to Social Security files
Congress Probes Death Data Security
FTC Chief Grilled on Privacy at First Congressional Hearing
Ashcroft Proposes to Eavesdrop on Attorney-Client Conversations
Council of Europe Adopts First Cybercrime Treaty
Europe Reruns Through Spy Bill
Irish cell phones are being used as tracking devices
Interrogating a Suspected Terrorist
Screening, Travel IDs Sought for Air Safety
(i.e., massive, detailed, centralized dossiers on most of the population)
Fed Cybersecurity Chief: ID Plan Unpopular
Go Slow on National Identification Cards
Online Index Documents Post-Sept. 11th Censorship, Free Speech Incidents
Maher Expects to Be Axed
(this would be a very dangerous precedent)

freedom of information

Eclipsing the Sunshine of E-Government
Bush Tries to Close the Vault of History
(listen as his people lie to cover up his father's crimes)
The Problems With Bush's Executive Order Burying Presidential Records
(John Dean has become a remarkably valuable commentator)
Bush Urged to Rescind Order on Presidential Materials
Bush Attempts to Have His State Papers Declared Federal Property
Amid War, GAO Puts Legal Fight With Cheney on Hold

millions of Afghans are starving in the desert
(and when they die this winter, the Muslim world will blame us)
It's About Oil
A Difficult War by Ahmed Rashid
Bin Laden Rails Against Crusaders and UN
"The Second Half of 48": The Sharon-Ya'alon Plan
Synthesis: Ground Zero, the Internet, and Networked Society
(with many links)
Wars of the Wide Area Networks
Crisis Response May Harm US Economy
article on Carlyle Group's hiring of former world potentates (May 2001)
Pat Robertson's partnership with Osama bin Laden's diamond dealer
Sites Claiming to Fight Bioterrorism Investigated
(an explosion of crackpot medical stuff is feeding the net's hypochondriacs)
American Folklife Center's September 11 Documentary Project
Afghanistan for Children
Enduring Freedom Picture Cards


The Week It All Went Wobbly for the West
Talk Grows of a Major US Troop Deployment
Big Ground Force Seen as Necessary to Defeat Taliban
(I don't like where this is going)
Thousands of Troops in Big Afghan Push "Within Weeks"
A Vigorous Debate on US War Tactics
Hawks Push Unfamiliar Allies Into a Belligerent Embrace
US Goals "Foggy" to Some Would-Be Allies
(that's because of the power struggle in Washington)
More and More, War Is Viewed as America's
The Coalition Is Broad, But Can It Hold?
Hunting Bin Laden: US Stymied by Slippery Target
Torture, Treachery and Spies: Covert War in Afghanistan
Voices from the Region: Interview with Commander Abdul Haq
(interview about two weeks before his death)
US Changing Color of Airdropped Food Packs
(not good)
Osama bin Laden might have some of Russia's missing nukes
Bin Laden May Have Miniature Nukes
Opponent's Escape Triggers Rebellion Threat Against Taliban Leader
US Mum Over Performance of Combat UAVs
"Great Game II" Has a Wealth of Players
General Gives Uzbek Leader Warm Words and Spotlight
extreme repression by our good friend Uzbekistan
With the Northern Alliance
Pacific Plan Seeks Clues to Al Qaeda Contacts
Somalia Draws Anti-Terrorist Focus
Rising Muslim Power in Africa Causes Unrest in Nigeria and Elsewhere
White Power and Al Qaeda Unite Against America
Musharraf Walking a Tight-Rope
Dissent Threatens Pakistani Leader
Pakistan Wary of Its New-Found Friend
(i.e., us)
The Risks to Pakistan's Nuclear Arsenal
Pakistan Panics Over Threat to Nuclear Arsenal

propaganda war

US Campaign on a Second Front: Public Opinion
Stop Bombing, and Start Thinking "Hearts and Minds"
Psychology is the Key to Victory
Rumsfeld Shows How Truth Is Our Most Potent Weapon
Brand of the Free
(inept US public relations campaign)

anthrax and biowar

States Urged to Update Antiquated Public Health Laws
A Muscular Lobby Tries to Shape Nation's Bioterror Plan
Anthrax Probe Is Assailed
Take the Bin Laden Halloween Mask Off the Anthrax Threat
US Hate Groups Have Some Ties to Germ Warfare
Fifteen Exposed to Dead Cows Treated for Anthrax
site that gathers absurd anthrax-hysteria stories
Pasco Man With a "Sore Loserman" Sticker Arrested in Anthrax Scare
The Threat Extends to Our Burgers
Food Industry Tightens Security
Panel to Propose National Vaccine Laboratory
bizarre US military anthrax vaccination propaganda site
(you may recall that the subject has been intensely controversial for years)
"why W. isn't talking about anthrax"
Flu Season and the Anthrax Scare
(directory of links, including many not mentioned here)
Analysis: Threat From Disease Weapons
Ventilation Systems Vulnerable, Officials Say
US Sets Up Plan to Fight Smallpox in Case of Attack
And Now, the Good News About Smallpox

civil liberties and security

Anti-Terrorism Law Likely to Bring Domestic Apparatus of Unprecedented Scope
Massive, Secret Detention Effort Aimed Mainly at Preventing More Terror
Terrorist Net Catches Some Who Aren't
Clock Ticks on Terrorism-Related Detentions: New Law May Force DOJ's Hand
Government Asks Court to Consider Case of Professor Accused in Secret Papers
Critics Say Illinois Gov. Ryan's Anti-Terrorism Plan Too Broad, Redundant
(a prime example of inflating the word "terrorism" to cover almost everything)
Privacy in an Age of Terror
New Law Contains ID-Card Proposal
(but then it's the Washington Times, which prints the lies that others won't)
Americans Mull National ID Cards
States Devising Plan for High-Tech National Identification Cards
national ID debate
left-right coalition politics of privacy
Will Face Recognition Keep Airports Safe?
ACLU: Face Recognition Systems Ineffective
(study the fascinating doubletalk in the "false sense of security" quote)
The Fourth Amendment Doesn't Say What Most Libertarians or Judges Think It Does
Judge Rules Against Anti-War Student
(hello? the US is worth defending because it protects "disruptive" speech)
Student, Principal Spar Over Anarchy Club, Clothing
"law would force high schools to give students' info to the military"
Senate Measure Seeks Airline Passenger Lists
Karl Marx Led to My Arrest as a Terrorist in Germany
("you can't travel with books like this, said the arresting officer")
military call for proposals on anti-terrorism technology
(this is the very odd document whose press release I sent out before)

Newly Appointed Cyberspace Security Czar Aims to Prevent "Digital Pearl Harbor"
(but I have yet to see much evidence that he knows what he's talking about)
threat of nuclear terrorism
Atomic Agency Warns of Nuclear Terror Risk
Are Nuclear Power Plants Secure?
European Nuclear Industry Hit by Terrorism Fallout
No Room for Mistakes: Rethinking Nuclear Technology
Ridge on the Ledge
Ashcroft Reveals Immigration Crackdown
The Return of "Fortress Europe"?
Visa Process to Allow More Time for Background Checks
Pentagon Crash Highlights a Radar Gap
(it's true: we don't know remotely enough about where the planes are)
martial arts training for flight attendants
Pilots Attack Security Measures
DeLay's Arm-Twisting Won Airport Security Fight for GOP
Bipartisan to All Partisan on Air Security
Stalemate in Congress Irks Security Experts
GOP Moderates See Dangers in Bush's Stance on Aviation Security
(votes on airport security and corporate tax rebates will be issues in 2002)
Almanac of American Politics 2002

the Republicans' amazing "stimulus" proposals

Operation Enduring Avarice
(in-your-face war profiteering by Republican campaign contributors)
Bush Proposal Is More Troubling in Key Respects Than the House "Stimulus" Bill
Stimulus for Whom?
they're using the cover of wartime to give money to Texas oil companies
meet the leader of this travesty, Ways and Means chair Bill Thomas
Wartime Tax Legislation and the Politics of Policymaking
Recession Expected to Spread Worldwide
For the First Time Since Ike, a Whiff of US Deflation
(deflation is dangerous: another reason why these "stimulus" plans are nuts)

Islam and the Muslim world

"We Will Replace the Bible with the Koran in Britain"
British Muslim Support for Terror
Britain Ignores the Angry Muslims Within at Its Peril
A Different Perspective: Muslim Websites in Britain
(the Muslim community in the UK is extremely different from that in the US)
Survey on Saudi Arabia
Saudi Job Famine That Feeds Terror
Saudi Royal Family Faces a Battle Against Bin Laden Followers
Yes, This Is About Islam by Salman Rushdie
The Anger of the Damned
column about anti-Semitism in the Muslim world
(no, it's not like Hitler, but it's still reprehensible)
The Role of Faith in Peacemaking: An Islamic Perspective
Mutual Misperceptions: The Historical Context of Muslim-Western Relations
Pakistani American news and information portal
Islamic Studies, Islam, Arabic, and Religion
Experts on Islam Pointing Fingers at One Another
The Making of Afghanistan
"The Taliban Are Well Liked"
(we have to ask ourselves why the Taliban haven't collapsed as promised)
Afghans Are Their Own Best Keepers
Muslim Leaders Attack Extremists' Claims
A Quiet Throng Hopes to Show "Correct Islam"


"Terrorism": The History of a Very Frightening Word
It's Only Going To Get Worse
"we should stop the bombing and intensify the international police hunt"
Mistake to Declare This a "War"
all in one place, a complete catalogue of the stereotypes of war opponents
(plus rebuttals, some valid, hopefully provoking better arguments in response)
The Real "Fifth Column"
(not liberal intellectuals but the far right)
Flight 93 Shot Down?
(I have no idea)
The Role of Pakistan's Military Intelligence Agency in the 9/11 Attacks
utterly pointless but super-well-produced fake propaganda site
The US Must Make the Transition From Informal to Formal Empire
Which America Will We Be Now? by Bill Moyers
How America Responds to the Unexpected
anti-war advertisement from South Africa
Wider War Watch: The War on Terrorism and the Impetus to Widen It
The War on Terrorism, the World Oil Market and the US Economy
America and the War
more blithering about war dissent from Norah Vincent
(this column is so stupid that it isn't even jargon)
Grover Norquist's Strange Alliance With Radical Islam
(it blows my mind that conservatives treat Grover Norquist as a leader)
How the Right-Wing Zealots Misuse the Word of God and of Our Founding Fathers
The Mini-Jihads of David Horowitz
leading "Christian" commentator pushing for nukes against Afghanistan
(and repeating the shameful propaganda about the bombing of Japan)
jargon watch: observe how the most extreme lies can be packaged as innuendoes
(I guess many conservatives enjoy this sort of weapons-grade nastiness)

news and information

journalists and locals exploiting one another in Central Asia
Media Still Wait to Be Called Up
In Wartime, Government Considers Media a Menace
Focus on Civilian Casualties Would Be "Perverse"
Bibliography on Terrorism, Bioterror, the Middle East, and 9-11 Related Issues


Revealed: The Bloody Pages of Al-Qaeda's Killing Manual
argument that Ayman al-Zawahiri is the real leader of Al Qaeda
In Overheard Calls, Terrorists Spoke of Major Attack, Officials Say
Hijackers' Meticulous Strategy of Brains, Muscle and Practice
Nuclear Plot Suspects Freed After Mix-Up
FBI Raids Trenton, NJ Apartment
19 Terrorists Obtained Social Security Cards


In Neckties or Fire Helmets, Victims Shared a Work Ethic
Service Brings Flight 11 Passenger Home
Secret CIA Site in New York Was Destroyed on September 11th
Toxic Chemicals Released From World Trade Center Wreckage
Twin Towers Are at Center of Brawl Over Payments and Rebuilding
House GOP Says McCain Will Pay for "Humor"
(gosh, I thought it was liberals who were humorless -- so hard to keep track)
Republicans believe in the free market, except when they don't
(most of their beliefs are like that -- the case at hand is insurance)


The Ex-Presidents' Club
(the Carlyle Group)


Confusion Over War's Next Phase as Ground Attack Stalls
Heat on Bush Team as Battle Strategy Comes Under Fire
A Puzzling War
America's "Elite" Troops
US Pilots Are Tested by Complex and Sometimes Perilous Missions
List of Incidents Where US Bombs Have Struck Non-Military Targets
Afghan Survivors Recount Bombings
Bus Wreckage Testament to Stray US Attack
Afghanistan: Accountability for Civilian Deaths
Taliban Claim US Using Chemical Weapons
Desperate Call From the Valley of Death: "Help Us..."
(capture and execution of Abdul Haq)
what Abdul Haq was trying to do
Bush Gives Green Light to CIA for Assassination of Named Terrorists
CIA Weighs "Targeted Killing" Missions
My Journey to the Taleban Stronghold
Warlords: For Sale or Rent
Afghanistan: The Pipeline War?
Pentagon Shuffles Command
(messing with Posse Comitatus)
The Situation in Afghanistan and Its Implications for International Peace and Security
Straw: War May Last Indefinitely
Why Can't They Find Where He's Hiding?
Survey Shows Doubts Stirring on Terror War
New Sense of Impatience Is Emerging
Many Americans Who Deplore Terrorist Acts of September 11th Question US Actions
For Afghans, No Hope, No Help, No Time Left
Aid Agencies Prepare for "Anarchy" in Afghanistan
On Way to Afghan Valley, Relief Travels a Perilous Road
US Lesson: How to Tell Cluster Bombs From Food
(why cluster bombs should be illegal)
Tehran Gripped by Worst Rioting Since Revolution
Above America, NATO Crew Keeps Its Radar Eyes Peeled
Colombia Investigating Miami Ties to Paramilitaries
Scenario Planners Trying to Predict the Unthinkable

propaganda war

Al-Qaida Is Winning War, Allies Warned
Get the Message Out
(propaganda war)
Beating Bin Laden in the West Bank
Lies, Damned Lies and War Propaganda
US Appears to Be Losing Public Relations War So Far
Bad Moves in the War of Words
We Need People, Not Propaganda, to Sell America to the World
Egypt's Elite Torn by Arab Roots and Western Ties
War Without Witnesses
(except that Al Jazeera has all the video of mangled bodies it can use)

home-grown nuts

US Fringe Groups Praising Terrorist Actions
Hate Groups Applaud Terror Attacks, Watch Reaction Warily
Anthrax Attacks "Work of Neo-Nazis"
FBI Probing Anthrax Threats to Abortion Clinics in 17 States
Terrorist Hoax Cases
One Reported Case on Sentencing for Bioterror Threats (US v. Leahy)
Anthrax Team Seeks US "Mad Scientist"
Anthrax Preparation Indicates Home-Grown Origin
A Study of Racist "Christian" Theologies

anthrax and biowar

The Odyssey of an Anthrax-Tainted Envelope and a Trail of Death and Illness
Anthrax Letter Imperiled Many En Route to Washington, DC
Little Red "Bites" Were the First Sign That I Was Victim
A Public Health Mystery Is Transformed Into a Criminal Investigation
Congressional Mail Still Untested Two Weeks After Daschle Anthrax Letter
New York Worker's Anthrax Deepens Mystery
New Jersey Anthrax Case Poses a Mystery
Postal Workers Union to Sue for Anthrax Tests
Germ Tests Point Away From Iraq
Sorting the Mail, Searching for "a Shadow Enemy"
Past Bioterrorism Arrests Have Relied Mostly on Luck
New Bioterror Sentence Guidelines Set
Efforts to Calm the Nation's Fears Spin Out of Control
Particles Are Tiny, but Damage Can Be Great
Learning Anthrax, Case by Case
Anthrax Prods a Rewriting of Medical Dogma, Quickly
Anthrax Cases Unleash Worries About Pets
(let's keep the paranoia under control)
Iran Says US Paying for Giving Anthrax to Iraq
Design of Newer Buildings Reduces Bioterrorism Risk
Today's Germ War, Yesterday's Weapons
A Closer Look at "Chem-Bio Detectors"
Funding the Impossible a Specialty for DARPA
Access to Microbes Is Easily Obtained
Authorities Discover How Little They Know
Developing Warning System for Biological Attack Proves Difficult
Feel Sick? Diagnosis Hysteria
You Can't Cure Fear of Terrorism With Antibiotics
another article about the 1957 anthrax outbreak in New Hampshire
US Starts High-Speed Smallpox Vaccine Programme
Rapid Spread of West Nile Virus Has Health Officials Scrambling
How New York's Mosquito-Spray Campaign Spawned a Deadly Neurotoxin
AOL President: Anthrax Attacks Will Boost Internet Traffic


The Making of the World's Most Wanted Man
Victory Could Hinge on Islamabad's Spy Agency
Pakistani Intelligence Had Links to Al Qaeda, US Officials Say
Italian Tapes Portray Young Arabs Operating on the Edges of Islamic Terror
Probe Targets Cleric in London
A Glimpse Behind the Plot Against the American Embassy in Paris
15 Hijackers Obtained Visas in Saudi Arabia
Hijackers Were From Wealthy Saudi Families
Bin Laden's Sister Implicates Arab Royals
All Suicide Bombers Are Not Alike
MI5 Turns to Newsgroups to Find Bin Laden Supporters
PBS Frontline: Trail of a Terrorist
Partners in "Jihad": Bin Laden Ties to Taliban
Veiled Messages of Terrorists May Lurk in Cyberspace
(I have no idea if this is credible)
Balkan Zealots Planned Suicide Attacks
Jubilant Calls on September 11th Led to FBI Arrests

civil liberties and security

the anti-terrorism act that is now law
Liberties Lost: Unintended Consequences of the Anti-Terror Law
overly broad definition of "terrorism" in the anti-terrorism bill
New Search Law Likely to Provoke Fourth Amendment Challenge
Ralph Nader's speech about civil liberties
Why The Terrorism Bill Doesn't Go Far Enough
anti-terrorism politics in Germany
FBI Gaining Net Rights
Stu Baker: Fox News Goes Overboard on Internet Wiretap Story
Governor Gilmore Gives Recommendations on Cyber Terrorism
We Don't Need a Secret New "Cyber Court" for Hackers
electromagnetic bombs could throw civilization back 200 years -- for $400
Treasury Department Unit Notes Rise in ID Theft, Hacking
NIST Computer Security Resource Center
Detentions After Attacks Pass 1,000, US Says
("the secret detention of 800 is frighteningly close to 'disappearing'")
Secrecy on Arrests Fuels Rights Debate
FOIA request for information on people secretly detained since September 11th
Groups Decry Secrecy, Demand List of Prisoners
With Powers Like These, Can Repression Be Far Behind?
Anti-Terror Tools Include High-Tech
article about digital license plate readers
Oakland Airport to Get Facial Recognition Technology
Green Airport (Rhode Island) to Install Face-Recognition Technology
Airport Security Crackdown Ordered
(I will believe it when I see it)
FAA Looking at Ways to Prescreen Frequent Flyers
Focus Shifts for Hearings on LAX Expansion Plan
(local politics of airport security)
Taking Care of Business
(shocking politics of airport security and handouts to big business)
Republican Zealotry
(on airport security)
Most Airport Limo, Bus Drivers Aren't Screened
Arming Pilots Isn't Realistic
FAA Culture of Bureaucracy Stymies Security Reform Efforts, Critics Say
The Big One
(preventing nuclear terrorism)
Rethinking Security at the San Onofre Nuclear Plant
A Chance to Avoid Nuclear Disaster
Private Flights Are Halted Near Nuclear Installations
(about time)
Pentagon Seeks Ideas on Combating Terrorism
The Many Fronts of Homeland Defense
They'd Kill for Their Receivables
("the credit card lobby works the Hill -- and endangers lives")
Postings to Aid Security Leave Gaps in West
Bush Seeks to Tighten Immigration
With Security Tight, Border Officials Focus on Fake ID's
Refugees at America's Door Find It Closed After Attacks
Asylum Seekers to Be Given ID Cards
Companies Move Away From Centralized Offices
Some Companies Find Opportunity for Profit in War on Terror
Spy Agencies Facing Questions of Tactics
Olympian Security as a Town Prepares for Games

freedom of speech, press, and information

Terrorism Law Could Restrict Speech
"journalist is taken into custody by police and forced to destroy photos"
Robert "Fightin' Bob" LaFollette Defends Free Speech in Wartime (1917)
article on Bush administration secrecy
CNN Discussion Bans "Indym3d14", Covers Up Censorship
Secrecy Moves in Tallahassee Are Perilous Affront to Public
Information Lockdown
Government Clamps Down on Agency Web Sites
Security Concerns Prompt Army to Review Web Sites, Access
Cursor Launches the Internet's Most Complete Al-Jazeera Resource
Afghan Media Monitor
(translating articles from the Pashto press in Peshawar)


How to Lose a War
10 Reasons to Stop Bombing Afghanistan
"the House's stimulus package is so bad it's downright unpatriotic"
Forgoing More Tax Cuts Is the Price of War
campaign against the House's retroactive repeal of the Alternative Minimum Tax
Bill Moyers speech about wartime opportunists corrupting democracy
Can Democrats Still Play the Game?
Liberal Activists Finding Themselves Caught Between a Flag and a Hard Place
argument that US has an advantage in winter warfare in Afghanistan
September 11th Tragedy Marks Another Historical Turning Point
A Sad State of Affairs
(libertarian analysis by Ron Paul (R-TX))
US Bows to Turkey
weird conspiracy site
Hidden Agenda Behind War on Terror
The New War Against Terror by Noam Chomsky
America's Terrorist Training Camp
"on Sept. 11 we learned all the things about Saudi Arabia that we didn't know"
Pressure on the Saudi Safety Valve
on the theory that the war is really about access to Caspian region oil
War Is Peace -- Now We Know
Working-Class Heroes
US Ineptness Invites More Terrorism
Past Provides Lessons for Afghanistan's Future
No More Jury Trials for Terrorists
(filled with ugly rhetoric)
jargon watch: calling people "traitors" whether it makes sense or not
Tom DeLay tells Pat Robertson he wants a religious ceremony in the Capitol
(recall that Robertson thinks that God attacked the World Trade Center)
Forcing God's Hand: Why Millions Pray for the Destruction of Earth

Islam and the Muslim world

In Arab World, Stifled Dissent Seen at Extremism's Root
Muslims Love Bin Laden
(the guy's a right-winger, but one does wish the denunciations were louder)
support for bin Laden among Muslims in France
Egyptian Islamist "Set Up Internet Sites for Bin Laden Network"
Peace and Conflict Resolution in Islam: Precept and Practice
Palestinian Denounces September 11th Culprits but Justifies Some Violence
American Muslim Organizations Call for End to Bombing
Moderates Start Speaking Out Against Islamic Intolerance
Rep. Issa Says His Arab Name Kept Him Off Flight
How Islam Won, and Lost, the Lead in Science


"Can't Cry Hard Enough": A Tribute to the Victims of September 11, 2001
article about a guy who evacuated people from the World Trade Center
Passenger on Ill-Fated Flight 93 a Hero by Any Label
Towers of Missing Paperwork
Red Tape at Red Cross: Groups Now in a Tangle
Terrorism Attacks Spur House Plans for Sharp Hikes in Defense Funds
On Campus and Off, Antiwar Movements See New Vigor
Bin Laden Family Strives to Reestablish Its Reputation
Terror's Damage: Calculating the Devastation
Lloyd's Group Sees Terror Profit
Power, Imagination and New York's Future


FBI Wary of Investigating Extremist Muslim Leaders
speculation about anti-Taliban military activity back in June
Afghanistan by Friedrich Engels (1958)
(includes a concise history of the English defeat)
Hydrocarbons and a New Strategic Region: The Caspian Sea and Central Asia
The Lawless Frontier Between Afghanistan and Pakistan (2000)
Islam Through Western Eyes (1980)

Online, Conspiracy Searchers Find Plots Virtually Everywhere


The War of the Night
US Special Forces Beat Retreat as Enemy "Fought Back Like Maniacs"
Taliban Fires on Bazaar; Two Sellers Die
Tenacious Taliban Cling to Power
Taliban Battle Will Be Tough, US Concedes
US Forces Set to Battle "Myth" of Cave Fighters
Taliban Forces Halt Alliance Advance
US Bombing Tactics Ineffective, Says Opposition
Cluster Bombs Stoke Humanitarian Crisis Fears as Civilian Toll Mounts
counting the casualties
UN Says US Bombs Struck Mosque, Village as Civilian Casualties Mount
War Descends Like a Scythe on Innocent Afghan Village
US Planes Bomb a Red Cross Site for Second Time
High-Tech US Bombs Are Precise but Not Perfect
Kandahar: A Once Grand City Reduced to Ruins
We Won't Stop for Ramadan: US
Experts Challenge Military, Political Tacks in Central Asia
US Wakes Up to Osama's Nuke Dreams
Muslim Allies Getting Restive About the War in Afghanistan
US DOD "Background Briefing" on Enemy Denial and Deception
Naming of Hijackers as Saudis May Further Erode Ties to US
Bush Thanks Saudis for Anti-Terrorism Aid
(he's lying)
Israeli Raid Turned Village Into War Zone
West Bank Villagers Describe Raid as "Like a Horror Movie"
Vigilantes Blamed for Attack on Palestinians
Debate Emerges Over Sharon's Motives
Definitions of Terrorism Dog US Officials
(terrorism has long been a political word)
Witnesses Say Soldiers Kill 200 in Nigeria
"Conflict Index" Warns When a Nation Faces Civil War
E-Mail Capability Changes Lives of Sailors Far Away

propaganda war

War Needs Good Public Relations
Pentagon Hires Image Firm to Explain Airstrikes to World
(the government's cluelessness on the propaganda front is truly worrying)
Ad Group May Help Sell US to Muslim, Arab Countries
US Broadcasts "Not Being Heard"
Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's Interview with Al Jezeera
A Harvest of Anger at the US

anthrax and biowar

FBI and CIA Suspect Domestic Extremists
Anthrax Probe Shifts to Homegrown Hate Groups
Additive Made Spores Deadlier
(more evidence for a domestic source)
Salmonella Vials Sent to Former President Clinton's Office
argument that the anthrax attacks are far-right domestic terrorism
anthrax and the militia movement
Agents Start Digging Up Old Files on Anthrax Hoaxes
background on anthrax threats at clinics
1998 criminal complaint against domestic would-be bioterrorists
Rush Limbaugh's rant likening Tom Daschle to Satan
Few Agree on Who Wrote Anthrax Letters
Origin of Anthrax Letters Elusive
Evidence Reveals Few Clues to Powder's Source
Osama Bought Anthrax for 10G
(I have no independent confirmation of this)
Years Ago, the Military Sprayed Germs on US Cities
US Admits Secret Bio Tests on Unwary Sailors in 1960s
Attack: Anthrax Bacteria Likely to Be US Military Strain
US Says Anthrax Germ in Mail Is "Ames" Strain
Contradicting Some US Officials, Scientists Call Anthrax Powder High-Grade
New Case, New Fears in a Complex Mystery
Anthrax Checks Widen as Officials Admit Error
Stung by Criticism, Officials Meet to Coordinate Efforts on Anthrax
How to Botch a Crisis
"almost as scary as anthrax was the incompetence in Washington"
(but I'm sympathetic: nobody ever had to face this before)
Postal Workers Critical of Government Response
Postal Workers' Illness Set Off No Alarms
Cipro, but No Testing for Postal Workers
(nearly incomprehensible story from the Times' chief character assassin)
Through Rain, Snow ... and Anthrax?
Accuracy of Test at White House Mail Site Questioned
disturbing political spin on the fallout of Afghanistan versus Washington
French Anthrax Scare Spreads to Drinking Water
Pranksters, Panicked Americans Perpetrate Hoaxes
Mother Mails Son's Ashes, Triggering Anthrax Scare
What To Do If You Receive an Anthrax Threat
Past Studies of Anthrax Have Limited Use in Current Outbreak
Shining Light on Biowar Dark Winter
Research Could Offer New Defenses Against Anthrax
Anthrax: Pre-Publication and Special Issue
Congress Trying to Guard Food Supply
The Nixon Administration's Decision to End US Biological Warfare Programs
Saddam Connection: West Nile Virus the First Bioweapon?
(but, as usual with newsmax, the evidence is basically nonexistent)
New Scientist's Bioterrorism Page
Some 10,000 People Take Anthrax Drug
Ciprofloxacin: The Dispute Over Compulsory Licenses
Cipro Frenzy Bodes Ill for Online Drug Sales, Regulators Say
Anthrax Vaccine: Changes to the Manufacturing Process
skepticism on anthrax vaccine
Biopesticide and Bioweapons
Add This to the Bioterror Menu: Designer Disease
Amid Fears, Junk Mail Is Dropping Its Disguises
Could "Smart Mail" Ease Postal Fears?
Could This Be the End of Snail Mail?

civil liberties and security

Bush Signs Into Law New Enforcement Era
Antiterrorism Bill Passes; US Gets Expanded Powers
New Anti-Terror Laws for US
Terror Bill's Effects to Be Immediate
Tough Anti-Terror Campaign Pledged
Legislation Gutting Privacy Standards Passes; Several Provisions Survive Sunset
Memo to Ashcroft: Read "Marbury"
Law Could Open Doors for Net Surveillance
("Ashcroft will direct prosecutors and FBI to monitor Internet traffic")
FBI Seeking to Wiretap Internet
House bill provides oversight of Carnivore
Surveillance: Businesses to Hold E-Mail Records for 12 Months
German Carriers Told to Install Cyber-Snooping Tech
Internet Could Reveal Sensitive Information to Enemies
Pakistani Hackers Deface US Site With Ultimatum
Information Warfare
"cyber-liberties swept away by tidal wave of security concerns"
"today's curbs on freedom are nothing compared with earlier wars"
(the Wall Street Journal is leading the assault on civil liberties)
extreme assault on civil liberties in Florida
Airlines Aggressively Profile Fliers
Amsterdam airport using iris scanning
Logan Will Test Face-Data Security
face recognition systems at "several Logan airport checkpoints"
Army Kicks Off New Secure Smart ID Card Era
ID System for Port Workers Considered
Two in France Sentenced for Supplying Fake IDs to Extremists
National ID Card System Failing to Attract Supporters
(despite what you hear from Oracle's hype machine and the San Jose Mercury)
Pentagon Makes Rush Order for Anti-Terror Surveillance Technology
("against faraway enemies, as well as American airports and shopping malls")
Risks, Costs Weighed in Terror Response
panel discussion on wartime civil liberties issues
Convention Against Torture
US Ratification of the Convention Against Torture
(search on "United States")
International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
US Map of Human Rights Groups
Airline Safety and Politics
Airport Security Companies Talk of Lawsuits If US Takes Over Their Duties
House Zealots Block Anti-Terror Efforts
Safety Panel Nudges Agency on Revising Pilot Rest Rules
Air Security May Require IT Overhaul
(if so then it will take years and be a nightmare)
F-16s Force Down Small Plane
Man Boards Plane With Pistol
(they fired the employee who let him through -- that'll fix it!)
conservative opposition to airport safety and money laundering regulations
Crime, Illicit Markets, and Money Laundering
Anti-Money Laundering: Efforts in the Securities Industry
Agents to Track Money
Agencies Seek Better Ways to Spot Terrorist Funds
Bin Laden's Nuclear Threat
Terrorism and Nuclear Power
Nuclear Plants' Vulnerability Raised Attack Concerns
IOC Official: US War on Terrorism Puts Salt Lake City Games in Doubt
For This Homeland Defender, Terror Is a Local Matter
Error and Attack Tolerance of Complex Networks (2000)
Brittle Power: Energy Strategy for National Security (1982)

arguments that it's all about oil

"Afghanistan as a corridor to the untapped fuel reserves in central Asia"
"a pro-western Kabul regime should give the US an Afghan route for Caspian oil"
Route to Riches
The Geopolitics of War
A Essay on the Events of September 11 2001 to the Anti-Globalisation Movement
US Seeks Export Route for Turkmen Gas, Bypassing Iran


sources of the problem in Saudi Wahhabism
Arab Intellectual: We, Not the US, Are the Lawful Parents of Bin Laden
(you might have to scroll down a bit)
"Now Is the Time for Islamic Introspection"
September 11 Attacks Impossible Without Help of US Groups
Rogue State: A Guide to the World's Only Superpower
It's Time Americans Asked, "Why Us?"
What Powerful States Call Terrorism May Be an Inevitable Response to Injustice
("inevitable" is a weasel word, but "terrorism" is too often used selectively)
A True Patriot Can Pose Hard Questions
Anti-Terrorism Questions for Bush
Unintended Consequences
(of US policy in Iran)
Holy War: America Keeps Its Faith in the B-2 Bomber
At the Pace of the Offensive, the Taliban Will Survive the Winter
Bush's Mideast Charade
"Brutality Smeared in Peanut Butter"
("why America must stop the war now")
Unilateralism Dead? That's a Myth Perception
Heritage Foundation Hawks
A New Agenda to Counter Terrorism
crumbling public sector makes US vulnerable
Poor Services Aid Terrorists
the CPUSA argues that the Soviet Union was Afghanistan's best friend
(some interesting history, though)
Islamic Militancy in Central Asia: What Is to Be Done?
Taliban Should Be Overthrown by the Uprising of Afghan Nation
"we have privatized our national security in many dangerous ways"
Don't Scare the Public With Vague Warnings
Reassurance Through Illusion, Rhetoric, and Fear-Mongering
ACLU, Unlike Taliban, Fights for Rights of All Americans
Why Al Gore Would Be a Better Wartime President
Sealing Off the Capitol Would Wound Democracy
Take a Guess: Who's Going to Pay for the Terror Economy?

the shameful House "stimulus" bill

Lawmakers' Votes on Economic Legislation Will Test Talk of Bipartisanship
Ripple Effect From Attack: Suppliers Have No Demand
(this is why the House "stimulus" bill is a lie: without demand, why invest?)
return to ideology in the House
abject evil of the House "stimulus package"
House Consideration of Republican "Stimulus" Bill
argument for economic stimulus in the normal sense of the word
(recessions are caused by a lack of demand, not a lack of investment)

news, information, and freedom of expression

Squelching the News in Democracy's Name
Chilling Effects of Anti-Terrorism
The Media, the Military, and Striking the Right Balance
Media Are Out of Step With Democracy: Acting as a Branch of Government
New War Takes an Unclear Approach to Giving Out Information
Suppression Stifles Some Sites
Taliban Reports Arrest of Japanese Journalist
Jerry Falwell Tries to Cash In on Controversy
text of Sunera Thobani's speech
(the one that set off the National Post)
Online Agitators Breaching Barriers in Mideast
Guerra Contra el Terrorismo
(animated information graphics on the war)
US Terrorist Attacks: Global Terrorism Resources
Where to Find Military Information


The Story of Ziad Samir Jarrah
(alleged terror pilot on flight 93)
Business-Class Suspect Caught in Container
Tracking Bin Laden's Disciples: Wiretaps Unravel Networks
Germany Admits Failure to Detect Terrorist Plot
Attackers Did Not Know They Were to Die
Egypt Terrorism Case Shows Limits to Allies' Cooperation
Friends of Terror Suspect Say Allegations Make No Sense


story about a Muslim family in New Jersey
Hate Crimes Against Muslims Nationwide Abate
Muslim Population Inflated, Studies Find
In a Shift, Muslim Groups Cast Themselves as Loyal Critics
Tug of Faith Unsettles British Muslims


Unearthing an Elusive Death Count
notes on the robots used in the WTC search
New York Attack Site Emits Toxins, Data Show
Competing Plans Hope to Shape a Trade Center Memorial
Manhattan Neighbors Plan to "Rely on the Local Folks"
town in Canada that put up huge numbers of stranded passengers on Sept. 11th
Dems Propose Creating E-Congress
The Transformation of Defense and Proliferation Policies After September 11th
Bin Laden Family to End Ties to Carlyle
The Case for Catastrophe Bonds
evidence that Republicans are behind the recall attempt against Barbara Lee
(you may recall that they secretly backed a Green in Washington State)
A Year Later, Bigger Government Suddenly Gets a Better Reception


Cuban intelligence file on Orlando Bosch, terrorist who Bush Sr. pardoned


US to Launch More "Fierce and Bloody" Afghan Raids
The Ground War: Into the Fray
Under the Devastating Fire of the Spectres
CIA Told to Do "Whatever Necessary" to Kill Bin Laden
("Cheney says war against terrorism 'may never end'")
Taliban Placing Hopes on Age-Old Hit-and-Hide Strategy
despite predictions, a few days of bombing hasn't caused the Taliban to crumble
Alliance May Get US Nod to Take Kabul
Today the Soldiers Hurl Taunts; Tomorrow It Will Be Rockets
Help for Rebels as Bush Takes Gloves Off
article about one of our nastiest "allies" in Northern Afghanistan
Straw Calls for Quick Response to Taliban Collapse
Meeting in Orange County, Afghans Talk of Rebuilding Nation
At Pentagon, Worries Over War's Costs, Consequences
("you've probably created hundreds of new terrorists")
Bush Works to Define a War Without Clear Lines
US Said to Pledge Not to Expand War
Afghanistan "Small Piece" of War, Top US Brass Says
full-text scripts of radio the US is broadcasting into Afghanistan
"I know where bin Laden is"
Pakistan's Wild West
Propaganda War May Miss Targets
Allies' Support Steady, but Concern Is Growing
US Still Unilateralist: French Foreign Minister
How the US and Britain Reward Countries Offering Support in War Against Taliban
US Looks to Drones for Edge on Battlefield
For Toughest US Troops, Highest-Tech Combat Gear
Fernandes Warns of "Specific Action" Against Pak Proxy War
(danger of escalation in Kashmir)
Vietnam Calls Orange County Group Terrorists, Demands Halt
Prominent Lawyer Killed in Mexico
(this is terrorism)

the problem of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Wall of Denial Foils Investigators
Secrets of the Saudis
The High, Hidden Cost of Saudi Arabian Oil
US Must Press Tainted Kingdom
Feeling Sensitive, Saudi Sheiks Ask US Press to Lay Off
Few Checks on Saudis Coming to US
Saudi Arabia Warns Citizens to Avoid Militants
Oil Omissions: Bush Sr, Cheney Have Big Stakes in Saudi Status Quo
Tracking Bin Laden's Money Flow Leads Back to Midland, Texas

Muslim world

Israel Intensifies Assault on Palestinians
In Arab World, Palestinian Plight Eclipses Afghanistan
Java's Angry Young Muslims
Why Peshawar's Youth Are Tinder for Islamic Extremism
How Restive Are Europe's Muslims?
Milan Mosque Denies Link as Terror Incubator
Police May Swoop on Baker Street Mullah
The View From the Mosque
"violent eruptions in Nigeria may have more to do with politics than religion"
Some Muslims Want to Kill Bin Laden Because He's Soft
Interpreting Islamic Law for American Muslims
Moderate Muslims Fear Their Message Is Being Ignored
Bombing Carves a Rift Among Muslims in US
New York Cleric's Departure From Mosque Leaves Mystery
Muslim Makes Bin Laden a Laughing Matter
Osama Bert Laden
The Crusaders' Giant Footprints
Seeing Jesus From a Centuries-Old Muslim Perspective Is Fascinating
Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding
Islam Has Become Its Own Enemy


Arrests Have Yielded Little So Far, Investigators Say
Al Qaeda's Tracks Deepen in Europe
In Paris, a Frightening Look at Terror's Inconspicuous Face
FBI Inquiry Finds No Evidence of Al-Qaida Cells in Britain
FBI Considers Torture as Suspects Stay Silent
(just this once, they figure -- we can stop whenever we want)
Some Got Warning: Don't Go Downtown on September 11th
No Insider Trading Before New York Attacks, Says FSA
Egyptian Raised Terror Funds in US in 1990's
Money Trail Leads to Gulf Accounts
Focus of FBI Is Seen Shifting to Terrorism
(amazing if true)

anthrax and biowar

On Many Fronts, Experts Plan for the Unthinkable: Biowarfare
Prompt Response for Politicians, a Slower One for Postal Workers
Anthrax Concerns Mount in Postal Service
Washington Post Office: Being Left in Gloom of Night Over Threat
In Anthrax Puzzle, Some See Evidence Pointing Within US
Anthrax Attacks Now Being Linked to US Right-Wing Cranks
Domestic Extremists Ready to Take Advantage of Anthrax Scares
Emboldened Abortion Foes Use Anthrax Threat to Spread Fear
Anthrax Threats Common at Clinics
Soviets' Silent Hysteria
(the anthrax outbreak that they covered up)
US Agrees to Clean Up Anthrax Site in Uzbekistan
Q&A series on the anthrax attacks from the Palm Beach Post
(a real newspaper)
Fears of Global Anthrax Threat Grow
Anthrax: An Old Scare
Bush tries to use the anthrax attacks to erode Congress' spending authority
Antibiotic May Not Be the "Protection" You Envision
"instant screening for anthrax is now possible"
Scientists Hunt Genetic Print of Anthrax Spores
Germ Banks Stock Dishes of Anthrax
Staging Battle Against Anthrax in Mail Rooms
Ironing Your Mail Not Such a Hot Idea
Secret US Germ Tests Threat to Treaty (9/5/01)
Emergency Plans Made to Head Off Smallpox
UN's Smallpox Terror Alert
Vets Warn of Terrorist Food Threat
skepticism about the danger of chemical etc terror
Keeping Panic at Bay
Coded Images Show Plans for Massive Germ Attack on US, Killing Millions
(if this is a parody then it's a work of genius; if not then ...)

civil liberties and security

Terror Probe Raises Concerns About Civil Rights
"Who Is This Kafka That People Keep Mentioning?"
(an innocent Saudi who was been swept up in the recent police raids)
Civic Center Security Called Too Restrictive
(people are being required to show ID to attend public meetings)
History Speaks Ill of Power to Snoop
Chretien Not Keen on Sunset Clause in Terror Bill
(opposition to a sunset clause has no rational justification)
Hijacking Justice in the Name of National Security
Democracy and Justice Are Casualties
latest key escrow proposal is abandoned
Sneak and Peek Search Warrants on Anti-Terrorism Legislation
Bad Oracle: ID Cards Pick Up Steam
Digital IDs Can Help Prevent Terrorism by Larry Ellison
(or at least they can help sell databases)
Citibank Attacks Money-Laundering Regulations
"badly needed money-laundering legislation may be killed by special interests"
Egypt Renews Call to Put Nuclear Installations in ME Under IAEA Supervision
Sellafield Attack "Could Be Worse Than Chernobyl"
Democrats Push for Airline Security Bill
Feds: Airport Security Firm to Admit Violation
DeLay Forges Ahead With GOP Plan for Airport Safety
(embracing the private security companies despite their endless violations)
Airports Deactivate Thousands of Defunct Security Badges
Lax Security Still Plagues Many Airports
("Every airport had its own security. They were little empires.")
For Flight Crews, Security Is New Focus
Terrorism and Technology in the New Millennium
(very strange but sort of instructive)
architectural consequences of the terrorist attacks
Blacklisted Groups Visible on Web

news and freedom of expression

right-wing Canadian newspaper's campaign against a war dissident
(search for "Thobani" at the National Post site)
defenses of Thobani
what Thobani actually said
The Right's Fights for Free(ish) Speech
the demand for lock-step wartime uniformity is not the American way
AAUP Statement Decries Attempts to "Demonize" Scholars Critical of War
Bush's War at Home: Government Censorship, Secrecy, and Lies
A New Crop of War Reporters
hazards of reporting on the war
criticism of British reporter who tried to sneak into Afghanistan
Thirty Journalists Reported to Be Held Hostage by Afghans
Arab TV-News Station Is Playing It Fair
Mideast News Network Has Fans Here
The CNN of the Arab World Deserves Our Respect
Military Is Putting Heavier Limits on Reporters' Access
another site with links to world newspapers


Bush Is Giving Bin Laden the War He Wants
The Wrong Battle Plan
America's Ill-Conceived War on Terror
Why This War Will Not Work
We Can't Win This Way
"Unclear Objectives"
This Is the Third World War and the Stakes Are High
A Half-Baked Plan to Oust Saddam
"Nuke 'em" Not a Valid Tactic
The So-Called Evidence Is a Farce
Don't Blame It on Bill Clinton
Quarterly Forecast: Emerging from the Wreckage
The Dollar Could Be Headed for Hard Times If OPEC Switches to the Euro
Evil Evildoers of Evil
("how to feel patriotic and yet not reassured by Bush and company")
There's More to This War Than "Goodness vs. Evil"
comment from an international mediator at a Mennonite university
If the CIA Had Butted Out of Iran
(our opposition to democracy in the Middle East is come back to bite us)
Egyptian report on the US antiwar movement
jargon watch: stop abusing moral language to pretend that others have no morals
(Americans should stand up to this kind of toxic sophistry)
jargon watch: "let's take back our schools, churches and charities"
(a fabulous museum of jargon techniques honed down to the flick of a wrist)


Who the Afghans Are and What Motivates Them: A Reading List
Taliban May Have Origin in Ancient Tribe of Israel
University Helped US Reach Out to Taliban
Did China Buy US Cruise Missiles From Bin Laden?
links from the Study of Islam Section at the American Academy of Religion
Bin Laden's Oxford Days
article on Halliburton's dealings with Iraq during Dick Cheney's time as CEO
Oil Development, Conflict and Displacement in Western Upper Nile, Sudan
links relating to Caspian region oil
Journal of Counterterrorism and Security International
CIA Internship Program


Sifting Mountains of Debris for Slivers of Solace
New York State of Minds Now Emotionally Fragile
nobody is having a good day
after the attacks, Republican smears have stopped working in Virginia
Afghans Report Beginning of Backlash
Muslim Students Find Montana Town Friendly
Once-Insular Americans Studying Up on the World


More Than 100 GI's Participate in Helicopter Assaults
Special Forces Operate Ground Campaign
Special Troops Ready to Search and Destroy
US Arms Unmanned Aircraft
Why Bombing Can Go Wrong
Military Plans Informed by Polls
All Options Stink
War on Many Fronts
Pace of US Campaign Stirs Unease
(among people who want the maximum possible violence)
Lacking a Center, Terrorist Networks Are Hard to Find, Let Alone Fight
Fighting a Spreading Anti-US Fire
US Embassy in Bosnia Closes for Security
Conflict Profile: Uzbekistan
Indonesia at the Crossroads: US Weapons Sales and Military Training
In Tajikistan, Calls for a Jihad Fall on Weary Ears
Republican loon supports using nuclear weapons in Afghanistan
Bounty Hunter Bill Introduced by Paul
We Won't Clean Up the Mess, Says UN
Gun Control Leader Bucked the Tide
(and was assassinated -- this is terrorism)

anthrax and biowar

At Anthrax Ground Zero
("this is no time for panic, they kept saying in Florida")
Government's Anthrax Muddle: Many Voices, Few Facts
("it's not clear who is in charge")
Two Tested for Anthrax; Letter to Clinic Stirs Alarm
(a positive test at a clinic would have serious implications)
US Abortion Clinics in Anthrax Scare
Anthrax Anxiety at Top UN Environmental Agency
anthrax threats against Americans are nothing new
(but they're threats against liberals, so we don't much care)
Arrest on Germ Warfare Charge Start of a Legend? (February 1998)
US Militia, Not Osama Behind Anthrax Scare: Expert
(this is hardly proven, and the attacks may have several sources)
Who Made the Anthrax?
Iraq's Chemists Bought Anthrax From America
"there is no evidence to suggest Iraq is behind the anthrax attack"
Anxious About Anthrax
Panic Carries Its Own Threat of Contagion
(but for the jargon-minded, "hysteria" means any opposition to conservatism)
Cure May Be Health Hazard
(overuse of antibiotics may lead to drug-resistant anthrax)
Germ Expert Says Panicky People Can Iron Mail
FBI-based graphic on how to spot suspicious mail
Labs Asked To Verify List Of Hazardous Materials
Anthrax for Export (April 1998)
Obtaining Anthrax Not Very Difficult
American Type Culture Collection
(order bacteria and viruses online)
Center for Nonproliferation Studies
Considerations for Investing Resources in Chemical and Biological Preparedness
Biological Warfare Canaries
(biodetector chips)
Anthrax and Bioterrorism Webliography
(including many medical and public health resources not listed here)
Public Health Emergency Response
CDC Calls Public Health IT a "Pony Express" System
Lack of Anthrax Database Cited
Appropriate Responses to Bioterrorist Threats
(British Medical Journal)
Psychological Implications of Chemical and Biological Weapons
US Fear of Bioterrorism Spreads as Anthrax Cases Increase
Anthrax: What Every Clinician Should Know
(webcast from the CDC)
Center for the Study of Bioterrorism and Emerging Infections
bioterrorism and anthrax directory sites
How Do You Test for Anthrax?
Why Vaccines Are Our Best Shot
Medscape Resource Center -- Bioterrorism
Expert Picks Apart Government's Handling of Anthrax Investigations
The Real Nature of Bioterrorism
The International Anthrax Scare
Anthrax Scares Mount Across UK
Russians Are Unfazed by Anthrax, a Common Rural Problem
(and not just in Russia)
proposed constitutional amendment to address mass death of Congress members


Incident Report at Airport Cited Two Hijacking Suspects
Whether Grounding Jets Prevented Hijackings Is Still Unclear
Point Man in a Painful Hunt
Atta Skillfully Evaded Authorities in the US
Probe Unraveling Saudis' Role
The Mind of a Terrorist
More Than a Deputy, This Man Could Be Bin Laden's Inspiration
(Ayman al-Zawahiri)
Terrorist Network of 19 Hijackers
radio story about social network analysis of terrorist networks
(the same techniques could be used against legitimate groups or consumers)

ID card controversies

Sun and Oracle's campaign for a national ID card
lengthy report on the Virginia DMV where the hijackers got their false ID's
(including lots of high-quality PR doubletalk from the DMV spokesperson)
Public Relations Machinery Gears Up Behind Ellison's National ID Card Proposal
the "smart ID card" industry is using the terror attacks to promote its wares
The Case for a National ID Card

civil liberties and security

Why Free Speech and Other Rights Are Not as Safe as You Might Think
The Military Mind and Civil Defense
(the militarization of society as a threat to democracy)
"how the eavesdropping legislation vastly alters the existing legal terrain"
Who Will Watch the Watchmen?
New Face of Security Troubling to Advocates of Privacy
Oakland to Be First US Airport to Use Face-Recognition ID System
Between Theory and Practice: The Surveillance Camera Players
Rush to Round Up Suspects Raises Fears Over Civil Rights
ACLU Asks Ashcroft for Details on Widespread Detention
How Conservatives Became the ACLU's Best Friends
(the title is an exaggeration, but civil liberties are a left-right issue)
"a man was kept off a recent flight because of a book he was carrying"
Canada Pushes Broad Antiterror Measure; Some Fear Erosion of Rights
Executive Order Establishing the Office of Homeland Security
Measures to Keep Weapons From Terrorists Found to Be Weak
Report: FBI Probe Targeted Drugs, Not Terrorism
"long-ignored US-Canada crossing getting beefed-up security in wake of attacks"
Postal Security Is Hardly First Class
Terrorist Awareness
About Covert Activities Against Activist Groups
(I don't know this guy, but on a quick skim it's consistent with my knowledge)
No to "Total Security"

nuclear security

Nuclear Weapons Complex Vulnerable to Terrorist Attack
Terrorists Eye Nuclear Plants, Expert Says
National Guard Troops Deployed to Nuclear Plants

aviation security

the airport security companies are crawling out from under their rock
(and they've bought the Republicans)
Airlines Foiled Police Logan Probe
(now they're getting a bailout -- preposterous)
Aviation Security Firms Transformed
Screeners at Dulles Fail Test
jargon watch: create selective associations to smear government workers
(why don't they ever refer to the police or military as "government"?)
FAA to Tighten Checks on Airport Workers
(a little)
Questions About Airport Security
article on plans for tamper-proof transponders
Luggage Loophole for US Skies Stirs Fears
Nonmetallic Knives Defy Heightened Air Security
Security Is Prime Topic at Airport Architecture Fair
Airbus Leaps Ahead on Cockpit Doors

money laundering

Officials Fault Past Efforts on Terrorist Assets
US Seeking a Stronger Role for Banks on Terrorists' Cash
political opposition to scrutiny of offshore bank accounts
Narco News Editorial on Citigroup and White Collar Terrorism

cyber security

Terror Attack Highlights Problem in Telecom Sector's Monopoly Legacy
("nation's networks may be too concentrated" -- duh)
Net Security: An Oxymoron
New Malicious Computer Worm Preys on Anthrax Scare
How We Lost The High-Tech War of 2007
(a conservative nightmare from 1996)
Recording Industry Exploits WTC Tragedy to Hack You
Bush Forms Cyberterrorism Panel
Bush Backs Changes in Hacking Disclosure
Lawmakers Push IT Equivalent of National Guard
America's War on Terrorism: Information Security
"the National Cryptologic Museum has been closed until further notice"


A Memo to American Muslims
("how can Islam inspire thousands of youth to killing others?")
Where Are the Arab World's Moderate Voices?
The Coming Arab Crash
We're Losing the Psychological Battle
Words That Move the West Offend in Muslim Lands
Hearts and Minds: Avoiding a New Cold War
Is Musharraf as Powerful as He Seems?
extensive liberal comment
America's Dirty War
(recruitment of criminals for anti-terrorist intelligence)
America Is Awakening to a World It Does Not Understand
Kabul's Poorest Have No Escape from US Bombs
US Attacks, a Pre-Planned Plot
(from Iranian government news service)
Arrogance Spills Over in the White House
The What-If's of September 11th
Crime, Drug Prohibition, and Terrorism: An Inevitable Convergence
"to link the war on terror to the Palestinian issue is now unavoidable"
A Shameful Propagandistic Use of the Term "Terrorism"
Antiterrorism as a Cover for Terrorism
a wildly silly liberal attack on Noam Chomsky
at least David Horowitz's incredibly twisted follow-up had grains of truth
A Better Society in a Time of War
Defining a Just War
How Will It Play Out? Two Scenarios for the Next 12 Months
A New Kind of War: "We're Making It Up as We Go Along"
a police action, not a war
political motives for a slow Afghan war
An Open-Ended War
US Has Put Itself Out on a Long Limb
How to Be Tough on Terrorism by Robert B. Reich
Why Not a Real War on Terrorism?
"Why do they hate us?" by Pat Buchanan
Hoist by Our Own Petard
International Law and the Use of Force in Response to the Attacks
Legal Issues Arising from the War in Afghanistan and Related Anti-Terrorism
Central America Reminded of Its Own Era of Conflict
nasty Hindu anti-Islam site
Sunshine Patriots
"far right reacts with anti-Semitic hatred, threats and conspiracy theories"
Trent Lott has long been involved with the Council of Conservative Citizens
Lynne Cheney is back
(conservatism is the philosophy of unknowing: about Islam, for example)
Pat Robertson Draws Criticism for Remarks on Islam
(why do we treat him as a clown and not as a major voice of conservatism?)
Conservative Hero Ann Coulter Goes Even Farther Off the Deep End
jargon watch: you really must read the third of these letters to the editor
(e.g., the trick that likens opponents to the bombers without quite saying so)
jargon watch: Norah Vincent never makes the slightest sense
(it's astounding that this person's work appears in print)
ACLU Are Terrorists Like the Taliban
(bizarre, demented, twisted, hateful -- and not at all unusual)

news and information

E-Mail Goes to War
Wartime Secrecy Presents Hazards to US Freedom
Andrew Sullivan's Jihad
Religion as a Fit Subject for Comedy
(comment against the UK's dangerous "incitement to religious hatred" bill)
Ari Fleischer's actual comments about Bill Maher
(he claimed he was quoted out of context, so here's the context)
The Onion's parody of Fleischer's comments
prosecution of seditious libel in the early United States (October 2000)
argument in favor of broadcasting Osama bin Laden's videotapes
Private Censorship
Stopping Signals From Satellite TV Proves Difficult
Bin Laden's Voice Out of Nowhere
Rumsfeld OKs Principles for Media Access to Troops
(or lack thereof)
Media Finds Access to War Denied
US Wields $ Not Law to Censor Satellites
Ashcroft Urges Caution With FOIA Requests
(notice the jargon: "caution" instead of "restricting information")
New Attorney General FOIA Memorandum Issued
Government Adopts New Standard for Openness (October 1993)
Florida Lawmakers Might Place Limits on Public Records
The Post-September 11 Environment: Access to Government Information
Propaganda, Inc.: Behind the Curtain at the USIA
White House Enlists Hollywood for War Effort
Israeli Media Shifts to the Right
Legislation Related to the Attack of September 11, 2001
Ha'aretz (liberal Israeli newspaper)
Middle East International Magazine


US energy companies' courtship of the Taliban
transcript of yesterday's sentencing hearing of terrorists in New York
Embassy Bomb Plot Terrorists Sentenced to Life Imprisonment
Kashmir and the "War on Terrorism"
There Are No Shades of Grey in a World Divided Into Believers and Infidels
(and the Taliban's worldview is pretty extreme too)
Bush Sr., Cheney Have Big Stakes in Saudi Status Quo
Anti-Western and Extremist Views Pervade Saudi Schools
Saudis Seek US Muslims for Their Sect
In Pakistan, a Softer Side of Islam
Islamic Extremists and the Threat to America (1993)
Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Networks and Netwars: The Future of Terror, Crime, and Militancy


a tale of serious lameness from Karl Rove
Muppets at War: Sesame Street's Bert at Pro-Bin Laden Rally
(I don't have any independent verification of this claim)
Popular Cleric's Role Shocks Kuwait
Influential American Muslims Temper Their Tone
Post-Attack Incident to Draw Hate Charge
Tough but Hopeful Weeks for the Muslims of Laramie
Bush Opposes More Aid Now for New York
The "New" New York City Skyline, CUNY Graduate Center, October 29th
World Cup in Chaos as Insurers Pull Out
"survivors are stumbling across sometimes shocking information"
A Fireball, a Prayer to Die, Then a Hard Battle to Live


Cave Complexes Smashed by Bombs, Pentagon Says
US Planes Dump Bunker-Busters on Underground Targets
Taliban Troops Prepare for Underground Fight
US to Use Helicopters, Covert Raids
New Secret Satellite Could Help In Strikes On Afghanistan
Strikes on Second City May Decide Ground Action
Allies Are Cautious on "Bush Doctrine"
Tenth Mountain Takes Storied History With Them Into Central Asia
Are Russian Troops Fighting in Afghanistan?
Taliban Atrocities
"Taliban fighters secretly loathe their leaders and bin Laden"
UN Demands Pause in Bombing to Let Aid Reach Starving Afghans
US Raid Kills Unknown Number in an Afghan Village
meet the civilian casualities in Afghanistan
Life Inside Afghanistan: Chaos, Fear, and Refugees
Puzzled Afghans Left to Chew on Peanut Butter
Afghanistan Humanitarian Crisis
Why the US Is Losing the Propaganda War
Bush and Blair Have Already Lost the Talking War Across the Middle East
Taliban Alarms US and UK With Television Propaganda Move
Afghan Alternatives
The War on Terrorism Is Being Run by Lawyers
(and a good thing, too)
Some Right-Wing Pentagon Officials and Advisers Seek to Oust Iraq's Leader
Anti-US Protests Worldwide
Hundreds in South-East Asia Sign Up for Jihad Against American Global Hegemony
Saudi Aid to War on Terror Is Criticized
US Conducted Covert Alliance With Uzbekistan
200 May Be Dead in Nigeria Riots
War Looms in Black Sea Enclave
Paramilitary Attack Kills 24 in Colombia
(this is terrorism)
Amazon Populist's Killing Exposes Bitter Conflicts
American Gun Control Advocate Is Shot, Killed at His Home

anthrax and biowar

Fear Hits Newsroom in a Cloud of Powder
Anthrax Easy to Grow, Distribute
(though others disagree)
Determining the Presence of Anthrax Can Be Difficult
CDC Team Tackles Anthrax
CDC on Bio Threat
How to Handle Anthrax and Other Biological Agent Threats
Experts Offer Advice on Handling Potentially Dangerous Mail
(paper mail, that is)
fascinating description of the National Pharmaceutical Stockpile (March 2000)
secret Cold War trials for an anthrax attack on London
Nashua, New Hampshire's Anthrax Epidemic of 1957
abortion clinics nationwide get threatening letters with "powdery substances"
(toward the end of this summary of anthrax news)
Anthrax Suspect Was Convicted in Plague Case
speculation (and nothing more) that the anthrax letters were home-grown
Lax Security Eases Access to Lethal Strains
Supermarket Tabloids Are in Role Reversal
Problems in Bioterror Response
Smallpox as a Biological Weapon
Anti-Terror Campaign Turns to Doctors
Iraqi involvement: pro and con
Experienced Israel Shrugs Off Anthrax Letter Fears
Direct Marketers Face Hit From Anthrax Scare
Anthrax (the heavy metal band band) on the fact that their name sucks

attack and investigation

Airlines Watched and Worked in Horror as Hijackings Unfolded
"We Have Some Planes", Hijacker Told Controller
Hijackers Reportedly Made Trial Air Trips
Probers Say Bin Laden Group Had Cell in Hub
INS Stumped on How Some Hijackers Entered the US
Terrorist Hunt a Massive Endeavor
Cyanide Threat: Tapes Reveal Poison Plan
Bin Laden's Nuclear Plot
Der Terrorpilot von Flug 011
(aftermath at Atta's Hamburg-Harburg Technical University)
Mystery of Terror "Insider Dealers"
Fresh Evidence of Massive Dealing in Airline Shares Before Attack
Investigators Say Some Terror Cells Broken Up in US
A European Dragnet Captures New Clues to Bin Laden's Network
Inside the Mind of a Fanatic
The Trial of Osama Bin Laden

Islam and the Muslim world

Myths Over Attacks on US Swirl Inside Islamic World
Fear and Mistrust in Mideast Nations
Why Do They Hate Us?
The Despair Beneath the Arab World's Growing Rage
Saudi Clerics Issue Edicts Against Helping "Infidels"
Muslim Scholars Back Fight Against Terrorists
The Fatwa Against the Royal Family
No Brother of Mine (Abdullah bin Laden)
Bin Laden's Son Defiant
Egypt Sees Wanted Terrorists Extradited
Inside Wahhabi Islam
In Suburban Squalor Near Paris, Echoes of Jihad
Why Egypt Produces Extremists
Diplomats Worry About Indonesian Tolerance of Islamic Radicals
Pakistan's Militant Clerics: Mullahs Spread the Gospel of Hate
Jewish Lobby Behind WTC Attacks: JUI
interview with a "secularist Muslim intellectual" with a critique of Islam
Institute for the Secularization of Islamic Society
American Muslims Sense a New Political Opportunity
Why US Can't Lean on Saudi Arabia
Saudi Royals and Reality
Inside the Taliban
Afghanistan: Heart of Darkness (August 1999)
Jihad Harks Back to Caliphate that Ended in 1924
Two Views: Can the Koran Condone Terror?
The Deep Intellectual Roots of Islamic Terror
Many Palestinians Turn Their Frustration Inward
June 2001 Palestinian Attitudes Poll
"are Muslims and the West doomed to perpetual confrontation?" (August 1994)
The Clash of Civilisations
W.'s Unreliable Advisor on Islam
column criticizing cultural stereotypes about war
parallels of standard interpretation of jihad and western concept of moral war
Why Muslim and Christian Scholars Come Together
The Bishop and the Imam (December 1990)
Arab-American Community TV Program
Trans-Arab Research Institute
Fiqh Council of North America
English Words of Arabic Origin: Still a Vast Unknown World
The Odyssey of the Arabic Language and Its Script

civil liberties and security

Senate Passes Bill Boosting Electronic Surveillance
Congress Moves Quickly to Pass Criminal Justice Legislation
the anti-terrorism bill, HR 3108, as it passed the House on Friday
The Antiterror Pill That House Republicans Refuse to Swallow
(their maneuvering on this issue has been ugly even by their standards)
US House Approves Antiterror Legislation With Protections for Student Privacy
Rogue-Nation Students Banned From Chemistry Courses by Canada
In Federal Law Enforcement, "All the Walls Are Down"
spurious argument in favor of national ID cards
(when anyone says "national ID card", think "internal passport")
argument against national ID cards
Group Classification on National ID Cards as a Factor in Human Rights Violations
Many Held in Terror Probe Report Rights Being Abused
Why Middle Eastern Immigrants Are Worried
National Immigration Law Center
Security for Activists: Overcoming Repression
articles on terrorism legislation in Canada
Can't Say That? Muzzling the Modern Germans
Greed Meets Terror
(critical of companies pushing face recognition)
Most Wanted Terrorists
(which photographs are good enough for an automatic face recognition system?)
California Creates Identity Theft Law
protests by the Surveillance Camera Players
Memo Warns Against Use of Profiling as Defense
Air Safety Spins Out of Control
FAA: A Failure on Aviation Security
Source: FAA Chief Quits in Protest
FAA Officers Defend Chief of Security
Airport Screening Company That Hired Criminals Is Faulted Again
Airports Fail to Scan Baggage, Official Says
Flight Attendants' Group: Flight Security Isn't Better
Safety Steps Taken on Air Cargo, Mail
Salesman Who Encountered Lax Logan Security Is Disappointed
Homeland Security: Key Elements of a Risk Management Approach
Defense of the Homeland Comes With Hefty Price Tag
Explosive Material Used in Seismic Exploration Missing
(surely this happens all the time, but now it's suddenly newsworthy)
FBI Fears Truck Bombs Are Next Terror Weapon
Risks of Terrorism From Posting Offsite Consequence Analysis on the Internet
Industrial Chemicals and Terrorism: Analysis, Mitigation and Prevention
Worst-Case Chemical Plant Studies Languish
Alaskan Pipeline Poses Special Kind of Security Risk
Truckers Subjected to Growing Scrutiny
article on phone system vulnerabilities
Malicious Internet Activity Increases Following 11 September Attacks
GovNet Request for Information


Calling for a Wider but Smarter War
Pot Calling the Kettle Black: The USA and International Terrorism
(please note that the author of this article is a different person from me)
Blowback: The American Policy Debate
(I don't think I've ever heard Noam Chomsky's voice in the media before)
Rushdie's Rhetoric and Righteous Response
The Ordinariness of American Feelings
Quaker statements
military and political analysis of the war
anti-Americanism is bad, but anti-anti-Americanism is often worse
the "it's all about oil" party needs a better ratio of facts to rhetoric
(of course oil is part of it, but you need evidence to say more)
essay on the often-made analogy to World War II
environmental politics after September 11th
The Domino Effect: WTC Could Be Just the First Thing to Topple
Afghanistan and Pakistan at the Whim of a Self-Serving and Unreliable "Friend"
The Making of a Master Criminal by John le Carre
conversation with Studs Terkel
Both Parties Obliged to Reassess Washington's Role
"the most potent weapon in the West's arsenal is aid, not armaments"
Condemnation Without Absolutes
Liberals Stuck in Scold Mode
(but, as he well knows, the losers he mentions hardly represent all liberals)
A Fight Without Precedent
No Glory in Unjust War on the Weak
Pakistani magazine parodies George Bush's call to Pervez Musharraf
jargon watch: accepting personal responsibility is "relativism"
(the projection, name-calling and twisted logic here are unusually disgraceful)
jargon watch: these hateful calumnies against war dissenters repay close study
(e.g., the word tricks that deprive opponents of any principled motivation)

news and information

Experts Say Photos Are Misleading
articles about Al-Jazeera
FBI Debunks E-Mail From "Friend of a Friend"
Big News Media Give Up on Vote Audit
Different War, Same Pictures
How Much Can We Believe in the News Campaign?
Nuclear Regulatory Commission Goes Overboard by Shutting Down Entire Web Site
Journalism Groups Critique Security
Jerusalem Media and Communication Centre
The Indian Experience in a Connected World
National Security News Service
"the enduring legacies of the violent traumas of the 20th century"
Agencies Remove Info From Web Sites
The US Media in Torment After 11 September
The US Retaliates -- The World Responds
the most complete story on the Osama "Bert" posters in Bangladesh
Dutch Creator Pulls Plug on Bert-Bin Laden Site
(and the Sesame Street people make legal noises)
Al-Manar Television, Lebanon
(surprisingly good audio, fuzzy video)


Slowed by World Trade Center Site's Fragility, the Heavy Lifting Has Only Begun
Three Labs Sift DNA Evidence at Ground Zero
Cleanup Hazards at Ground Zero an Ongoing Worry
Salvaging Electronic Last Words
Haunted by Years of Missed Warnings
Failure to Heed Signs of Change in Terror Goals
A Rush to Complete Plans for Downtown
Trade Center Stairway Design Is Rethought
As Risks Soar, Insurers Seek Washington's Help
GOP Bypasses the Bipartisan Truce
Foreign Aid Bill Held Up by GOP to Promote Judicial Activism
Caught in the Middle, With Disdain for Bin Laden and Criticism for the US
The Future of New York


Analysis of the US Bombing of Terrorist Camps in Afghanistan (November 1998)
Guided Weapons: Predators with an Accurate Mind of their Own
India in Anti-Taliban Military Plan (June 2001)
The Political Economy of War and Peace in Afghanistan (June 1999)

war in Afghanistan

US Targets Terrorist Hub
Taliban Leaders Believed Killed in Raids
US photos showing the effects of the October 7-8 air attacks
US Military Strategy Will Shift Soon, Officials Say
After Clearing the Air, Now the Risky Bit
America's Military Strategy
Al Qaeda Promises More Attacks on US
Bin Laden, Taliban Are Seen as Inexorably Linked
Taliban Charges French Reporter With Espionage
Many US Pilots See Combat for First Time
Words and Image Dominate the Other War
(by failing to respect Islam, we are decisively losing the propaganda war)
Adversaries Maintaining Radio Contacts Across the Front Line
Secret Spy Planes Take Up the Fight
Lawyer Braves Bombs to See Aid Workers
Graphic: Refugee Movements From Afghanistan

world war

New War Fronts
Hawkish US Stance Threatens Fragile Coalition
US Envoy Delivers Clear Message to Iraq
All Quiet in the Muslim World
Pakistan's Riot History Gives the US Pause
Attack Altering Politics Across Southeast Asia
Asia-Pacific New Front in War on Terror
US Advisers May Aid Philippine Antiterror Effort
Indonesian Police to Charge Radical Muslim Leader
Megawati to Be Tested to the Limit
Blair, a Target, Soothes Arab Feelings and Maps Out Postwar Vision
Group Calls Blair Target for Muslims
Ex-Soviet Asian Republics Are Now Courted by the US
Turkey Expands Military Options
Colombian Lawmaker Assassinated in Bogota
Yemen, Once a Magnet, Now Expels Terrorists
Military Overhaul Considered


Piecing Together the Jigsaw
Suspect Sought Medicine for Red Hands
Hijackers "Ignorant of Suicide Mission"
Saudi Cooperation on Bin Laden Lags, US Aides Say
"US Had Specific Information on Laden"
how bin Laden moves his money
Trade in Honey Is Said to Provide Money and Cover for Bin Laden
"Other Terrorist" Still Commands Attention
Indian paper claims Pakistani intelligence moved money for the hijackers

anthrax and biowar

Possible Anthrax Match Found
Anthrax Was Genetically Modified
(for the real anthrax story, read the Palm Beach Post)
AMI Workers Shunned by Neighbors, Family
Hoaxes Cause Biowar Scares Around US
Bioterrorism: Anthrax and Smallpox
(about, e.g., DNA-tracking of anthrax)
more on the controversy about anthrax vaccine production
Anthrax Facts, Playing Scared, and Vaccination Politics
Clinical and Epidemiologic Principles of Anthrax
extracts and photos from a lecture on anthrax
Surviving Chemical and Biological Warfare
Bioterrorism: A Grim Reality
The Specter of Biological Weapons
Biological Warfare Agents
encyclopedia article on biological warfare

civil liberties and security

Bills Would Give Ashcroft Many Anti-Terrorism Tools
Surveillance Powers: Changes Being Considered by Congress
Anti-Terrorist Bills Stall on the Hill
Attempt to Quickly Pass Anti-Terrorism Bill Blocked
(Russ Feingold gets a lot of credit)
Anti-Terror Bill Action May Come Today
Patience and Antiterrorism
When Care Beats Haste
(anti-terrorism bills)
Hidden Web Codes Could Be Linked to Bin Laden
(or they could not)
Should the Government Get Its Own Net?
(no, it should shut down Microsoft)
Industry Insiders Remain Resistant to Carnivore
Eugene Spafford's Congressional Testimony on Computer Security Research
Real-Time Tactical Intelligence and Targeting Information
Weaknesses in Airport Security and Options for Screening Responsibilities
A Weak Spot: The Luggage Hold
Limp Liberals Fail to Protect Their Most Profound Values
German Reaction to Terrorism: Shut Down Nuclear Plants
(not to mention all those dumps full of nuclear waste with no place to go)
Banks Seek to Alter Money Laundering Bill
States Rush to Plug Their Security Holes

the oil angle

Missing the Oil Story
House Testimony by Unocal About Central Asian Oil Pipelines (February 1998)
US Companies to Invest in Pak Oil, Gas Sectors


Into Pakistan's Maelstrom
The War Bin Laden Has Already Won
Extremism Exists in Every Major Faith, and Sometimes Turns Violent
High Cost of Coalition
Council on American-Islamic Relations
(not generally considered to be the best face of Muslim Americans)
"post-traumatic stress disorder surely afflicts Congressional conservatives"
A Tear in the Country's Safety Net
Intolerant Liberalism
Protecting the Line Between Self-Defence and Wild Aggression
nasty Hindu extremist site
Fear Must Not Trump Wisdom in the New Cold War
Heeding the Lessons of the War Against Drugs
tedious left-wing anti-war site
Middle East Forum
(conservative opinion site)
"Islam is at the heart of this"
Not Even Islam's Disdain for Modernity Will Halt Progress
Era of Prolonged, Violent Conflicts

news and information

Shades of Truth in a Time of War
Bush Adviser Calls Networks Over Message From Bin Laden Spokesman
Limited Access to Conflict Leaves Media Frustrated
An Informed Public Is the Greatest Weapon of Democracy
Al-Jazeera Devoting Much Time to Vitriol: Powell
Bush Uses TV Show to Combat Terrorism
liberal criticism of September 11th-related news coverage
The Media as Propaganda Ministry
(comparison to the Gulf War)
subject-indexed guide to RRE links about the war
How the Internet Was Used by Millions After the Terror Attacks
who has been whispering in Osama's ear?
(the Dutch site sometimes returns a version with the strange bit cropped away)
the BBC's soap opera for the Afghan refugees
pop culture responses to the attack
Islamic News and Information Network
"only online weekly published inside Afghanistan"
web-searchable archive of Arabic-Info scholarly list
FlashNet -- Terrorism Pager Service
Institute for Afghan Studies
background links for a course at UCLA about the attacks
archive of TV materials relating to September 11th
Top 20 Words from Online Dictionaries in September 2001
Freedom of Information Center
National Freedom of Information Coalition


Afghans in US Thrust Into Spotlight
Islamic Scholars Say US Muslim Soldiers Must Fight for Country
British Muslims Fear Military Escalation
Pakistani pizza delivery guy gets investigated for, uh, no reason
Leaders Seek to Give Islam a Different, Quieter Voice
Poverty to Rise in Wake of Terrorist Attacks in US
Grand Architectural Plans on Hold After New York Attacks
Rescue Worker Boot Camp
Living On With a Bitter Fact: "Yes, Aidan, Daddy Is Dead"


Afghanistan's Harsh Paradise
Envoy Tells of Talks With Taliban Leader
A Classroom of Terror for 5,000 Young Men
Islamic Scholar With the President's Ear
Future Directions: Preparing for the 21st Century
Optical and Infrared Detection and Countermeasures
Terrorism, Peacekeeping, and Operations Other Than War
There Are No Moderates: Dealing with Fundamentalist Islam (1995)
"it's no accident that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction" (February 1998)
the terrorists that the US harbors in Miami (April 2000)
Clinton Wants Senate to Hurry With New Anti-Terrorism Laws (1996)

a neatly organized archive of RRE's attack- and war-related links
War Views: Finding Bin Laden Is Not the Priority
How the Plotters Slipped US Net
(NSA failed because of the sheer volume of data, not crypto or stego)
An Abandoned Afghanistan
Newspaper Columnist Fired After Writing That Bush Showed "Cowardice"
(just think if columnists were fired for writing worse things about Clinton)
Supreme Court precedent on ID cards


Strikes Target Taliban's Air Defenses
(good maps)
A Few Words Down the Line, Then Hell Breaks Loose
Civilians Die in Afghan Raids
UN Office Destroyed in Kabul, 81 Deaths Confirmed
Civilian Casualties in Afghanistan as US Continues Strikes
Bombed and Darkened, Kabul Is a City in Fear
Bin Laden Left Kandahar Three Days Before Strikes
DoD News Briefing - Secretary Rumsfeld and Gen. Myers
slides from today's DOD briefing
Official EU statement on initial strikes
Transcript of Tony Blair Interview on Al-Jazeera
CIA's Stealth War Centers on Eroding Taliban Loyalty and Aiding Opposition
In Afghanistan, Anti-Taliban Forces See US Airstrikes as Falling Short
Afghan Troops Are Next Target
American Action Is Held Likely in Asia
US to Use Leaflets, Radio to Get Its Message to Afghan People
Terror War Fallout Could Create Central Asia Fronts
Missile Strikes, Drought, Disease, and Hunger
The Quality of Mercy: Food Drops in Minefields
Immensity of the War Emerges
Bin Laden Suddenly a Secondary Concern
US Reserves Right to Attack State Sponsors Of Terrorists
America Helped Design, Build Tunnels Used by Bin Laden
US Hints Iraq in Its Sights
Kashmir Chief Calls for War
Arabs Warn Against Wider Attacks
Anti-US Demonstrations Sweep Indonesia
Anti-US Sentiments Reach Simmering Point Throughout the Arab World
Call for Holy War Renewed
Pakistan Committed to Uproot Terrorism: Shahida
Doctors Without Borders
International Rescue Committee
International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies


Probe Focuses on 220 Detained After Attacks
A Portrait of the Terrorist

civil liberties and security

Not So Fast, Senator Says, as Terror Bill Gains Ground
Oppose Extreme and Unnecessary Expansions of Government Authority!
Ashcroft Centralizing Control Over the Prosecution and Prevention of Terrorism
Bush Wants to Use Terrorism Panel in Criminal Probes
Databases and Security vs. Privacy
(argument against national ID cards)
Technology Helps Put Surveillance in Focus
A Taste of Big Brother in US
Terrorism and the Constitution
Dutch Government Wants to Regulate Strong Cryptography
Stopping the Next One
(whole issue on supposed prevention technologies)
How the Terror Trail Went Unseen
INS Culls Foreign Student Info
London "Haven" for Terrorist Money Laundering
In New Role, Ridge Tackles Security Gaps
US to Intensify Effort Against Threat of Computer Terrorism
(this article confuses terrorists' *use* of net with attacks *against* the net)
Feds Unveil Airline Security Plans
doctrinaire conservative resistance to federalizing airport security
Real Security, Not Eye-Wash
Journal of Homeland Security
Anthrax: Chapter from "Textbook of Military Medicine"
Bioterrorism: Public Health and Medical Preparedness
High-Tech Gadgets Sniff Out Threats
New Technology May Detect Biochemical Attacks
Graphic: Anthrax Causes and Symptoms


What Happened in America Is a Crime Rejected by Islaam
Say What You Want, But This War Is Illegal
This Man May Become Our Nemesis
("for the Muslim dispossessed, Bin Laden is the new Saladin")
article criticizing Pakistani intelligence links to the Taliban
Fundamentalism and Terrorism
The West Ignores Arab Resentment at Its Peril
Defeating Terrorism Through Dialogue, Not War
Attack in the USA: Lessons to Learn
The School for Violence
Georgia: War on Terrorism Brings Renewed Russian Pressure
Lost in the Rhetorical Fog of War
The Case for American Empire
(another conservative competing to revive the most hideous, backward ideas)
conspiracy site
standard-issue conspiracy theory

news and information

war reports based on radio monitoring
(highly recommended)
A Public Flooded With Images From Friend and Foe Alike
An Arab Station Offers Ground-Breaking Coverage
US Urges Curb on Arab TV Channel
CNN Softens Its Stance on Rights to Al Jazeera Footage
Top Spin Doctor Apologises Over Remarkably Cynical War Memo
public TV war resources
Hotline World Extra -- war resources
resource site for the global NGO community on issues including the war


Bechtel Engineer's Chronicle of Ground Zero Excavation
radio story about community organizing to help residents of Lower Manhattan
Support of Airstrikes a Shift for Muslims
Feds Want Terrorist Trials Held in US, but Others Favor a World Tribunal
anti-war group


Colombian Army Tied to Paramilitary, Yet Another Report Says
(both sides in Colombia are terrorists, and the paramilitaries are the worst)
"Muslims make up between 10,000 and 20,000 members of the American military"
(glad to hear it)
Taliban Terror Tactics Fuel Ethnic Hatred
The Evolution of Islamic Terrorism: An Overview
Afghanistan: Lessons from the Last War
In 80's, Afghan Militias Fought With US Rifles
(NRA fights restrictions on .50 caliber sniper rifles)
Zbigniew Brzezinski: How Jimmy Carter and I Started the Mujahideen
At Home With the Taliban


US Strikes Again at Afghan Targets; Americans Told to Be Alert to Attacks
More Than Twenty Reported Dead Following Raids
Kabul and Kandahar Hit in Attacks Through Night
Enduring Fury: The Opening Blitz
Graphic: Where the US/British Attacked
Kabul Rocked but Defiant
Dual Strategy of Assault, Reward
peanut butter and jelly dropped on Afghanistan
(they're holding off on the Krispy Kreme until the next batch)
Aid Agencies Reject "Risky", "Virtually Useless" US Air Drops
Next Phase to Include More Troops
Few Commando Units in Striking Distance
The Propaganda War
In War on Terrorism, Information Becomes a Prime Weapon
Search for Bin Laden Extends to Earth Orbit
Analysis: Piecing Together the Intelligence Jigsaw
where the Diego Garcia airbase came from (November 2000)
"I will see my mother again once I have settled my father's death"
Taliban Soldier, Ready for War, Contemplates September 11th
Taliban Threatens to Expel Zahir Shah, Burn Houses of Supporters
Mullah Omar Is Mentally Unfit: Doc
Get Out the Lamb and Sticky Rice, It's Rebel Party Time
America Turns Sights on Iraq
Sandinistas Have Ties to Iraq, Libya, Says Bush Administration
Uzbekistan Bets Role in Region, Internal Security on US Alliance
war on terror merges with the war on drugs
Orders Go Out to Pursue Leads to Try to Avert Any More Attacks
Europe Laws May Hinder Extradition
Donald Rumsfeld: The Hawk With His Finger on the Trigger

Osama bin Laden and his family

"Osama's Psychotic Hatred Amazed Me"
(well, okay, but the Telegraph's grip on reality is not so strong either)
"Ever Since I Can Recall, I Despised and Felt Hatred Towards Americans"
Osama Family Moves to Disinherit Sons Loyal to Him
text of Osama bin Laden's videotape
Bin Laden's Brother, in US, Reiterates Condemnation
(stop the conspiracy theories about the bin Laden family)
Inside Bin Laden's Academies of Terror
Kill Bin Laden or Risk Catastrophe, Says FBI

anthrax and biowar

FBI Probe Possible Terror Anthrax Link
Florida's Eerie Anthrax Scare
(requires subscription)
Florida Media Firm Where Anthrax Appeared Has Had Harsh Words for Bin Laden
New Technologies for the Next Medical Battle
Biochem Terror: A Reality Check

civil liberties and security

Hill Is Due to Take Up Anti-Terror Legislation
Ashcroft Seeks to Boost Power of Secret Court
Don't Make Privacy the Next Victim of Terror
Rush to Conform Endangers Liberty
As a Security Measure, ID Card Is a Phony
radio story about Internet service providers giving user info to authorities
Automatic Face Recognition in Public Shows Mixed Results
surveillance protest in front of this camera on October 11th at noon ET
Revamping the Statutory Tools to Combat Terrorism
UK Home Secretary Blunkett Attacks Judiciary in Fight Over Terrorism
Librarian Recalls Man Researching Canton Water-System Maps, Parasitic Diseases
(and so calls FBI)
Entire Nation on High Alert as Security Is Stepped Up
Extensive List of Terrorist Suspects Made Public
Five Young Israelis, Caught in Net of Suspicion
Hacker Cracks Islamist Mailing List
Extremist Web Sites Under Scrutiny
The Lesson of Air France Flight 8969
(earlier attempt to turn a hijacked plane into a guided missile)
Watts Breaks Security Rules at City Airport
How to Fly Without ID
(at least, before last month)


"Think Before You Bomb"
War Disturbs the Most Dangerous Political Tectonic Plate in the World
"to achieve peace, the US must do more than fight and feed Afghans"
America Told to Rely on Brains Over Brawn
it's in our interest to avoid belligerence
article attacking Colin Powell's emphasis on diplomacy
(and oblivious to the reasons for it)
The Long War: Bush's Crusade Has No End in Sight
Metaphors of Terror: The Power of Images
the $43m that Bush supposedly gave the Taliban
Our Friends Are Killers, Crooks and Torturers
We Need More Than Rate Cuts
Prayers Laud Palestinian Struggle
Retaliation Immoral: Let Law Rule
impact on the symbolism of anti-globalization protests
On the War
The Many Threats of Terror
US Strategy and Pak Concerns
FBI's Investigation of the WTC Tragedy Exposed
The Oil Behind Bush and Son's Campaigns
our coarsening culture: peace activists are "America-haters and moral cretins"
(this kind of viciousness is absolutely routine in those precincts)
they trash Bush's critics despite every evidence they'd do the same to Gore
(making absolutely no sense is no longer a liability in the pundit business)
radio interview with Harry Shearer about humor after the attack

Muslim world

Gulf Media Blame Taliban for Their Own Downfall but Iraq Condemns US
Arab and Muslim suspicion of US war aims
"Now, Jihad Has Begun"
Pakistan riots in wake of Afghanistan strikes
Pakistan Leader Purges Top Ranks of Military, Spy Service
Arab Street Contradicts the Silence of Its Leaders
Radical Muslim Groups Assail Indonesia's Ties With US
Explaining Arab Rage
Arab Regimes Breed Discontent and Anger at US, Analysts Say
Islam Preaches Love to Humanity Not Terrorism: Taliban Leader Omer
Muslim creationists blame the attacks on Darwin
Mohamed Jabri on Islam and democracy
Female Foes of Taliban Seeking Support Abroad
"we should make the Northern Alliance sign a contract on women's rights"
Exploring the Realities of "Muslim Feminism"
The Assassin Legends: Myths of the Isma'ilis
(in case you've heard that these Muslims were "the first terrorists")
Experts Say Bin Laden Is Distorting Islamic Law
In New Glare, Questions Dog Afghan Rebels
Your Best Source for Islam on the Internet


Under the Towers, Ruin and Resilience
a small town in Newfoundland takes in stranded travelers
Snapshots of September 11th: A Gathering of Witnesses
gnarly post-attack trade politics in the House
The Flip Side of Anti-Muslim Bias
domestic terrorists not as smart as bin Laden and company, but do admire them
(it's definitely time to profile white people)
UN Terrorism Talks Favor Cooperation Over Retaliation
campus debates about the war
estimate of the economic impact of the World Trade Center attack
Making Sure the Rich Stay Rich, Even in Crisis

news and information

Governors' Limits on Press Raise Concerns
White House Tackles Public Perceptions of War
(heads up: your perceptions are being tackled)
Disputing the Focus on Bin Laden
Cheney censored heck out of the Gulf War, but the press forgot (October 2000)
transcript of DOD meeting with media over war censorship rules
Flying Blind with a Lazy Press
pictures of newspaper front pages
Afghanistan on 50 Websites a Day
(includes several items not mentioned here)
Afghanistan Military Guide
(neat high-resolution satellite relief maps)
another good map of Afghanistan
UK Ministry of Defence
(Operation Veritas is the name of the UK military effort)
National Imagery and Mapping Agency
audio from Australian Broadcasting Corp.
Live TV Channels from the Middle East
(interesting even if you can't understand Arabic)

attack, investigation, and war

US Launches Attack on Afghanistan
First Wave of US Strike Against Taliban Begins
A New Kind of War Plan
(it's all about special forces now, so should we demobilize the big armies?)
Onslaught on Kabul Imminent
("satellites to play major role in directing allied forces")
Fall of Kabul Within Next 48 Hours
Taliban Cannot Withstand an Allied Assault
story speculating that US actions so far have all been psychological warfare
New Plan to Destroy Taliban: Diplomatic Moves to Unite Tribal Groupings
Taliban Warn Traitors of Dire Consequences
Taliban Reject Broad-Based Government
Race to Pinpoint Bin Laden Lair
Newly Released TV Footage Shows Osama Bin Laden Celebrating With Guerrillas
Hekmatyar Affirms US Troops Presence
the benefits of US caution are already being seen
(extremist conservatives have been discredited)
Hawkish Defense Aide Doesn't Bend
(Paul Wolfowitz is a nut -- we should be cautious and minimize violence)
Cloaked Spies on the Ground Watch Taliban's Men Dig in Round Kabul
Rights Group Cautions Against US Siding With Afghans Tied to Abuses
After Taliban, a Power Vacuum?
Bosnia Seen as Hospitable Base and Sanctuary for Terrorists
Egypt's Brutal Response to Militants
Bin Laden Aide Implicated
US Ties Hijackers' Money to Al Qaeda
Europe: Breaking a Web
The Proof They Did Not Reveal
Germans Fear Neo-Nazi Link With Islamists
(every country is projecting its own fears; little evidence is presented)

civil liberties and security

criticism of UK's anti-terrorism legislation
House Votes for More Spy Aid and to Pull in Reins on Inquiry
conservative support for the extreme provisions of the anti-terrorism bill
Sinjari: Iraqi Threat of Germ Warfare Should Be Taken Seriously
Police Hold Four Over Possible Threats to France-Algeria Football Clash
Source of Anthrax in Death Investigated
US Still Probing Chem-Bio Warfare
A High-Tech Home Front (including criticism of face recognition systems)
(may not work under Netscape, or Explorer either for that matter)
National ID Cards: One Size Fits All
New Slogan in Washington: Watch What You Say
("a suspension of freedom unlike anything since World War II")
Demonizing Dissent
Now We Really Need Rights


history of Arabs in the United States
Our Previous Wartime Profiling of Japanese-Americans Brought Us Enduring Shame
Two Afghan Mosques in Flushing Worry in Attack Aftermath
Virginia Muslim Enclave Seen as Threat -- or Threatened
Stereotyping Complaints Rise Over Airline Security
Christian men's group urging its members to reach out to Arab-Americans
Islamic art shows in New York


Fouad Ajami on Mohamed Atta
This Is a Religious War
(no it's not)
The Clash of Ignorance by Edward W. Said
War Against an Undefined Term
New Slogan in the US: Love It or Leave It!
A New, Nuanced Patriotism
Arming the Taliban's Opponents Will Only Deepen the Agony of a Ruined Nation
Jaish Bomb Blew Up in Pak Face Too
Omens of Terror
politics of surveillance satellites
Split Down the Middle
(analysis of internal Pakistani politics)
Pakistan: A Regime Living Amid Its Ghosts
Fighting Islam's Ku Klux Klan
Conservatives Sound Refrain: It's Clinton's Fault
(personal responsibility is for other people; so is wartime unity)
story about a repellent Ford commercial exploiting the attack to sell trucks
"This American Life" show about life during war


President Blair: America Rallies Behind "Forceful" Prime Minister
(such a deal: I'm sure the British would let us have him)
Former Enron Executive to Head Homeland Security
(my goodness, they have quite a talent pool there at Enron)
Nazi Taunt Sends Israel, US Relations to New Low
Taliban Leaders' Accounts Frozen
Pakistan's Economy Suffers Blow
Taliban's Drug War Risks Unraveling
In US Plans, Taxpayers Would Cover Terror Claims
(in other words, bailing out insurance companies too)
Show Offers New Yorkers a Platform for Their Pain
For Most Trauma Victims, Life Is More Meaningful
A Grim Stroll to Borough of Hades
Is Ground Zero Safe?
Rebuilding Would Be Chance to Redo Controversial Downtown New York Layout


"state-sanctioned anti-western fervour" in Cairo
Profile: Mullah Mohammed Omar
Bin Laden's Followers Adhere to Austere Form of Islam
In Hindsight, CIA Sees Flaws That Hindered Efforts on Terror


Real video from the BBC
Real video from the CBC
World TV Links
live video from C-SPAN

attack, investigation, and war

Stakes Never Higher in Combat That Must Come Before the Snow
Elite Army Division Soldiers Gear Up to Go the Distance
Emphasis on Small, Covert Operations
British Subs Will Fire Missiles
(the British press is full of leaks, but what's real and what's psych warfare?)
US Pressed on Nuclear Response
Hezbollah and Hamas Put on Back Burner
Ayman Al-Zawahiri: Attention Turns to the Other Prime Suspect
British Say Islamic Group Taught Combat Courses in US
("it ran the training in the US because of less restrictive gun laws there.")
British government's evidence in the attacks
Bush resistance to approaching the UN Security Council
Toppling of Arab Regimes Called Wider Goal of Terror
Over There: FBI's Limited Power on Foreign Soil

anti-terrorism bill

argument for a sunset clause in the anti-terrorism bill
Do New Anti-Terrorism Proposals Pass Constitutional Muster?
argument against Bush's proposals to restrict civil liberties
The Terrorism Bill Does Too Much and Not Enough
Leahy on "Protecting Constitutional Freedoms in the Face of Terrorism"
text of the Senate's anti-terrorism bill
Indefinite Detention Based Upon Suspicion Under the New Anti-Terrorism Act
Surveillance Warrants Keep Secret Court Busy
concerns about efforts to revise government controls on strong encryption
overly-broad definition of "terrorism" in the Administration's proposal
ACLU Calls New Senate Terrorism Bill Significantly Worse
"Sunset Clause" Could Trip Up Anti-Terror Bill
Judge Strikes Down Parts of 1996 Terrorism Law

security and civil liberties

Paul Wolfowitz wants to replace Posse Comitatus
(add up their proposals and you're well on the way to martial law)
Britain as a Cautionary Tale for a New Age of Surveillance
Florida's Continued Alert Status Criticized
recommendations to help secure computing infrastructure against attacks
hard-to-evaluate claim that the hijackers used steganography
The Supreme Court Returns to a Changed Legal Landscape
Censorship After 9/11: The Bill Maher "Coward" Comment
FBI testimony to the Senate about terrorist groups
Senator Rethinks Stance on Students
FAA, Airlines Stalled Major Security Plans
Watchdog Sites Shut Down in Interest of National Security
Security Breaches Vary Widely at US Airports
Tighter Airport Security Is Just a Flight of Fancy


the poor anthrax guy: maybe it was the industrial hog waste that got him
France Prepares for Bio Terror Attacks
"taking precautions against bioterrorism may not be as futile as you think"
Soviet Anthrax Lying Unguarded on Test Island

tolerance (or lack thereof)

sick argument from a conservative hero for mass deportation of immigrants
conservative hero Ann Coulter's amazing paper trail
Islamists Out, Says French Far-Right Leader
relevance of the Japanese-American internment to the current situation
"what are some examples of Islamophobia in the media?"
Sometimes-Hostile Scrutiny Difficult for San Diego's Muslim Community
For Muslims, Benevolence Prevails Over Backlash
Afghan Music's Awkward Pause
it's not even a good time to be an Afghan hound


Listen to the Damned
Muslims Abhor the Double Standard
The Spirit of Munich Is Alive in the Middle East
(some people are comfortable with the Manicheanism that makes it never end)
Terror and Liberalism
A War Economy ... But Without the Usual Wartime Stimulus?
Bad Business as Usual for Iran and Great Satan
Saddam's Shadow Haunts Quiet Americans
The Need for the US to Take a More Multilateral Approach to Terrorism
Word of Caution to US: Paki Knavery Afoot
(I have no idea)
Bio-Chem Hype Spreads Like a New Form of Infectious Disease
The Long View: What Is Attack's Place in History?
unbelievably vile attack on African-American leaders
(e.g., claiming on zero evidence that they have been disloyal)

media and information

first minutes of the media's response to the attacks
reflections on TV coverage of terror
criticism of excessive media focus on bin Laden versus the whole network
Bin Laden Taunts the West With His Video Show
Books on Terrorism and Islamic Fundamentalists
Media Gain Respect After Attacks
The September 11th Source Books
Mid-East Realities


Almost All Heroin Routes Lead Back to Afghanistan
US and Britain Accused of Creating Heroin Trail
aftereffects of the US attack on Sudan in 1998
US military wanted to kill Americans to provoke war with Cuba (January 2001)


Engineer Finds Clues in WTC Wreckage
Assessment of the Airline Industry's Estimated Losses
The Big Bank's Dirty Little Secret
Bush's Jobless Aid Plan Assailed
Gephardt Says He Will Fight Bush on Trade

attack, investigation, and war

US Commandos Establish Base in Afghanistan
Dust Storms in Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan
(it is *so* weird to care about dust storms in Turkmenistan)
Who's Got the Stingers?
Killer "Melting" Plague Hits Afghan Border
Aid Groups May Be Weapon in Terrorism Fight
The UK's Bin Laden Dossier in Full
Full Text of Tony Blair's Speech to Parliament
So What Is This Evidence Against Bin Laden?
diagram of connections among the hijackers
A Mundane Itinerary on the Eve of Terror
Arrested Italian Cell Sheds Light on Bin Laden's European Network
Florida Man Hospitalized With Anthrax
(now all sorts of things are taking on great significance)
France Blast Possible Terror Attack
radio calls from the September 11 collapse of the World Trade Center towers

civil liberties and security

White House, Senate Reach Agreement on Anti-Terrorism Bill
Terror Laws Near Votes in House and Senate
Ashcroft Pushes Stronger Antiterrorism Bill
Toward a Balanced Terrorism Bill
Proposed Legislation Significantly Affecting the Computer Profession
Consortium Responds to More Restrictive Access to Visas by Non-Immigrants
Report Warns of Rights Abuse Risk
Viisage Selected to Deploy the First Face-Recognition System in a US Airport
Nixed "Holy War" Web Site Offered PGP Encryption Key
Massive Search Reveals No Secret Code in Web Images
Twenty Most Critical Internet Security Vulnerabilities
Securing the Lines of a Wired Nation
Immigrants' Driver's License Bill a Victim of Terrible Timing
Muslim Leaders Condemn Thatcher Attack
"in America, history shows, war does not override the calculus of politics"
Bill to Boost Defendants' Rights in Italy Hinders Terrorism War
(Berlusconi and his cronies are changing criminal law to protect themselves)
Senate Favors Federal Airport Screeners


"it is not Islam or poverty that succours terrorism, but failure to be heard"
Beyond Bin Laden: The Temptations of a Wider War
Afghanistan's Invincibility: Piercing the Myths
Forbes attack on the generosity of Bush's economic stimulus plan
Networks, Netwars, and the Fight for the Future
Why People Hate America?
problems with the utterly incompetent FBI and CIA
("FBI argued in the 1990s that bin Laden was not a primary security threat")
One Country's Terrorists Are Another's Liberators
good thing Gore isn't president now, because the right would be slashing him!
(we've started treating conservative smears as an impersonal law of nature)
this obnoxious and arbitrary business of calling people anti-American
(oppose some policies, you're American; oppose others, you're anti-American)


Senate Panel Approves Money Laundering Legislation
conservatives upset with new government role
Attacks Through the Mind of a Child
New York Attack May Cost $105B
Overhaul Sought for Spy Agencies
Tourist-Centric Anaheim Finds Itself "Devastated" by Terror's Shock Waves
designing towers that last longer under that kind of attack


History, Memory, Trauma: Problems in Representing the Extreme (1999)
Elder Bush in Big GOP Cast Toiling for Top Equity Firm (March 2001)

news and information

video archive of C-SPAN shows about the attack etc
Browsing During Wartime
The Effects of September 11 on the Leading Search Engine
Arabic Programs in the US and Around the World
Arab Names
(e.g., what "bin" means)

attack, investigation, and war

Taliban Preparing Capital for War
Reports Swirl Out of Afghanistan of Panic and Taliban Defections
On Afghan Border, Uzbek Fear Runs Deep
Legal Warning on War Aims
War Education Tackles New Tactics
(life is war)
diary from a communications guy at ground zero
Agents Following Suspects' Lengthy Electronic Trail
Authorities Question Criteria for Access to Flight Simulators
"London has become one of the major money laundering capitals of the world"
Money-Laundering Fight Could Hit the Wrong Targets
FBI Finds No Link in Boy's Remarks, Attacks

civil liberties and security

House Panel Approves Bill Expanding Surveillance
the anti-terrorism bill
analysis of the bill
argument against racial profiling in the investigation
Senator Feinstein Urges Major Changes in US Student Visa Program
Democracy in Wartime
Can the New York Times Count -- or Quote -- Peace Activists?
A Battle-Ready Net?
What Went Wrong (with the CIA)
Unscreened Ground Crews Add to Flying Jitters


The Necessity of Skepticism: Backlash and Backtrack, by Edward Said
What Now for Federalism, Judges and Scandal?
liberal Jewish group's resources on the attack
Ten Things to Know About US Policy in the Middle East
NYC Independent Media Center half-hour video on the 911 attack
sleaze: they're even exploiting the terror attack to push their trade agenda
(they're like robots, remorseless and relentless)
National Review's explanation of its parting with Ann Coulter
(no wimps here: they proudly slam Islam, call for holy war, and back the Shah)
conservatives can be paid to scream insanely without presenting any evidence
(the jargoneers manufacture phantoms that they can scream at)
the "we're more nuts than you" piece was allegedly plagiarized from this

news, information, and background

Agencies Scrub Web Sites of Sensitive Chemical Data
(the chemical industry has been working furiously toward this for years)
A Post-September 11 Attack on Right-to-Know
Mapping Agency Blocks Access, Postpones Outsourcing Pact
Terrorism, Nonlinearity and Complex Adaptive Systems
(a collection of papers that's much broader than the title suggests)

attack, investigation, and war

Fighting Taliban Is an Inside Job, Afghans Warn US
"Saudi Arabia's reluctance to join the international terrorist search"
Afghanistan - Darunta Camp Complex
Inside Al-Qaeda
The International Coalition to Combat Terrorism (video)
Tony Blair's Speech
The Terrorists Next Door
people alleged to have helped terrorists get drivers' licenses
photos from the World Trade Center evacuation
911 Calls from WTC Reveal Diary of Terror
Rhetorical Contradictions Flourish in War on Terrorism

civil liberties and security

the followers of John Adams are bringing back the Alien and Sedition Acts
conservative dupes learn what they really voted for
Anti-Terrorism Bill Hits Snag on the Hill
Florida Task Force's Recommendation: Give State Police Added Power
USACM letter regarding encryption controls
pro-Carnivore column employing several jargon techniques
Net Freedom Fears "Hurt Terror Fight"
Detecting Steganographic Content on the Internet
Bill Introduced to Encourage Public-Private Information Sharing
documents relevant to Homeland Defense
Battling Bioterror
radio story and background article about new high-tech spy planes
(when they fly over Afghanistan, it's a war story; here, it's civil liberties)
Challenges for the Supreme Court in the Wake of Terrorism
Weapons of Mass Destruction: Part I, Chemical Agents
(Internet Journal of Rescue and Disaster Medicine)
Weapons of Mass Destruction: Part II, Biological Weapons


"will the terror attack permanently damage New York's economic position?"
Beating the Taliban with Military Tact and American Good Will
In New Fight, Shades of Cold War
(so we'll fund evil crazies to fight the Taliban, and then they'll attack us)
A Time to Listen to What the World Says About the US
jargon watch: stereotyping the generation that stood up to conservatism
(that's what jargon is: systematic stereotyping)
jargon watch: study Rush Limbaugh's PR-driven mechanical use of speculation
(disconnect the bad thing from Giuliani and, fact-free, stick it on Clinton)
we've finally found the depths to which the National Review won't go
(and they're pretty deep)


Sudan Offered Up Bin Laden in 1996
CIA Trained Pakistanis to Nab Terrorist
Pakistan's Two Schools of Thought
US Commission on National Security in the 21st Century
(this site is flaky)

news and information

The Taliban and the Media
"news and analysis on Israeli-Palestinian conflict from broad range of sources"
Media Assembles Fractured Picture of War
book recommendations from a political bookstore in Washington

attack, investigation, and war

US Backs Away From Talk of More Attacks
Hijackers' E-Mails Sifted for Clues
(no evidence that they were using cryptography)
"FBI agents weren't given approval to search terrorist suspect's hard drive"
"on the history, organisation and modus operandi of Al Qaeda"
Famished Afghan Children Fade Away
campaign for humanitarian aid for Afghanistan
interview with Donald Rumsfeld on "Meet the Press"
Quadrennial Defense Review
(released today, it's not up on the Defense Department's Web site yet)
Some Reflections on the Future of War

civil liberties, security, and tolerance

House Bill Would Expand Federal Detention Powers
Defining Terrorism Stirs Words of Dispute
Statement on Terrorism, Civil Liberties, and the Internet
Don't Blame the Internet
analysis of the anti-hacking provisions of the proposed anti-terrorism act
British ID Cards Backlash Begins
"Amazing" Lapse in Security Cited at Logan
Bioterrorism: Federal Research and Preparedness Activities
Will Other Voices Be Heard?
the very dangerous attacks on Bill Maher
Censorship and the War on Terrorism
We Must Dismantle Our Democracy in Order to Save It
Muslim Leaders Struggle With Mixed Messages
this is what cool young Arabs are listening to
interesting window on American Muslim culture


The Algebra of Infinite Justice
Roots of Anti-Americanism in Pakistan
Mohamed Atta: Just a Face in the Crowd
The Suicide of Fundamentalism
using the attacks for another evidence-free assault on straw-man relativism
Bash the Arabs and Clobber the Left
African National Congress comment on the attack and war
Conservatives Still Kicking Clinton Around
"we're more nuts than you" (humor)

other topics

World Trade Center in RISKS
Top Muslim Leaders Stress Aid, Not Violence
McGraw-Hill Trade Offers Free eBook on Coping with Post-Traumatic Stress
W3C Patent Plan Draws Protests
CNN on Its Use of the Word "Terrorist"
American Military Operation Name Generating Device


The Secret War
(long article with much new detail)
Unlikely Doves: Counter-Terrorism Experts
Hawks and Doves Fight for Control of Campaign
(hawks seem to have no problem with mobilizing a billion Muslims against us)
Bin Laden Follower Details Training in Poisons
US and Britain to Strike Terror Camps Within Days
Saudi Rules Out Foreign Attack on Muslims From Its Soil
Pakistani President Not Convinced of Bin Laden's Guilt
The Lessons of Blowback
Hard Lessons From Global Battlefields
column from the Middle East attacking US policy
Gallup International Poll on Terrorism in the US
("... with TV and radio still dominating and the internet almost nowhere")
Hike in US Defence Spending to Benefit Osama's Family
(Bush Sr.'s business ties to bin Laden's family are all over the regional papers)
Americans Learn It's a Strange World Out There

civil liberties and security

Can Facial Recognition Help?
("many skeptical of much ballyhooed technology")
"The List" a Focal Point of FBI's Manhunt
1984 + 17: Crisis Monitoring
"the White House has ruled out creating a national identity card system"
(but it's the Washington Times, so who knows)
Compulsory ID Cards to Access British Schools, Hospitals
Hill Puts Brakes on Expanding Police Powers
Commentary: Security vs. Civil Liberties
For Sale: New Jersey Driver's Licenses
The Secret Court That Wields the Wiretap
(they've denied only one wiretap or warrant request in twenty-plus years)
resources on wiretapping

news and background

Inside a Newsroom on High Alert
Middle East Newswire
The Israeli Response to the 1972 Munich Olympic Massacre
Address by George Bush on the Persian Gulf Crisis, September 11th, 1990

Issue Now: Does the US Have a Plan?
("we could do a lot more harm than good" -- duh)
Bush Backs Away From All-Out War
Military Strike Not Imminent, Officials Say
Strikes Seem Later Rather Than Sooner
US Says Military Strikes Are Just a Part of Big Plan
Massive Buildup Gives US Political, Military Options
Foreign Policy's "Pivotal Moment"
Softly, Softly Powell Calls All the Shots
Support for Using Force May Have Limits
With Targets Few and Elusive, the War Is Fodder for Diplomats
Talks on Military Action at Early Stage: Pakistan
Sentiment in Pakistani Town Is Ardently Pro-Taliban
US Has a Long Way to Go to Bring Around Egyptians
US Faces Atmosphere of Mistrust
US Allies Are Killers and Drug Dealers
(it's a one-time thing; it just happens a lot)
Taliban Foreign Minister Recalls US Support for Afghan Jihad
Tribesmen to Back Taliban
Russian Memo Lists Bin Laden Camps in Afghanistan
many links on the technical and military aspects of the attacks and war
EU Seeks Muslim Allies Against Terrorism
Attacks Are Labeled a Crime Against Humanity
Pakistan Warns US Against Helping Afghan Rebels
Tribal Hatred Drives Refugees Into Desert
Afghans Push to Be Admitted Into Pakistan
("we're losing contact with entire cities")
Terror Arrests Across Europe
German Officials Link Hijackers to Terror Network
Scotland Yard Says Hijackers May Have Trained in Britain
Raids Crush Terrorist Cells and Foil Plot to Kill Bush
More Suspects Are Detained in Search for Attack Answers
Three Men Held in San Diego as Material Witnesses
Al Qaeda May Have Crude Chemical, Germ Capabilities
Traffic Snarled by Police Searches for Hazardous Material
Bush Pursues Charities in Terror Money Chase
Bank Account the Vital Link to Bin Laden
Age-Old Way of Moving Cash Leaves Little Trail
US Could Use Cybertactics to Seize Bin Laden's Assets
Strategies to Combat Money Laundering
(lots of details)
California Forms Anti-Terrorism Information-Sharing Center
Terrorist Groups Already Here, Academic Warns
Surveillance Major Sticking Point in Anti-Terrorism Legislation
Ashcroft Relenting on Terrorism Bill
(but his proposals are still completely over the top)
Rights Caught in Dragnet
("hundreds detained by the US since Sept. 11th do not have legal protections")
Lawmaker: More Encryption Needed
Immigrant ID Card on the Fast Track
Blunkett Qualifies Likely Role of ID Cards
("citizen's entitlement card")
Florida takes driver's license data offline in response to investigations
smallpox as a bioterrorist threat
(includes grisly pictures)
The Specter of Biological Terror
Amid Fears, Anthrax Antibiotic Selling Fast
Airport Guard Tries to Check Officer's ID, Gets Arrested
Airport Ground Crews Escaping Tightened Security, Critics Say
Cockpit Security Plans Questioned
FAA Finds Logan Security Among Worst in US
LAX Plan to Shift Focus to Security Issues
Legislative Leaders Reluctant to Arm Pilots
Call to Ease LAX Security Is Rejected
Terrorists' Use of Hazardous Materials Seen
business response to the attack, e.g., at a hazmat shipping company
Forging a Third Way to Fight
(crossing law enforcement and war)
Cyber Attacks During the War on Terrorism: A Predictive Analysis
Key US Computer Systems Called Vulnerable to Attack
Obscure Team Scans Systems to See Where Enemy May Hit
wartime security caution at online sites for military families
Added Security for Dams, Reservoirs and Aqueducts
Nuclear Reactors Vulnerable to Attack
Life on the Home Front
Many Britons Smile on Spread of Candid Cameras
(British culture, unfortunately, has a long tradition of deference)
The Effect of Closed Circuit Television on Recorded Crime Rates (1999)
(i.e., not much)
ACLU Calls on Law Enforcement to Support Privacy for Video Surveillance (1999)
Int'l Trade in Surveillance Technology, Links to the Arms Industry (1995)
ACLU comment on proposal for public video surveillance (May 1997)
Face Recognition Technology and Video Surveillance (July 2001)
Privacy International resources on video surveillance
America's War, and India's Role
The Real Culprits of Disaster
(conspiracy theory: Mossad did it)
No Role for India
America's War Against Terrorism
Post-Taliban Afghanistan
doubts on the reality of a recent "message" from Osama bin Laden
Why a Strike Against Afghanistan Would Actually Help Bin Laden
Righteous Terrorism, American-Style
(does the "war" include our own terrorists?)
This Time, Fighting Should Not Be Left to Just a Few
argument that the CIA didn't create bin Laden
Eagle and the Tiger Hunt Together, for the Moment
liberal comment
After the Attacks: America's Changed Political and Legislative Landscape
when Clinton was at war with bin Laden, Republicans were at war with Clinton
Todd Gitlin looks at the ruins and watches the US search for words
This Umbrage Over Presumed US Rejection Doesn't Behove Us
argument against revenge from India
comment from the rebels in Chechnya
Depth of Hatred at US Hard to Fathom
"Why Do They Hate Us?"
pro-and-con columns on the war from Richard Perle and Howard Zinn
Happy New Year: It's 1984
(i.e., permanent war)
the holy war against pacificism rages in complete freedom from facts
Berlusconi: The West Must Conquer Islam
(yammerheads in the US also rant about "the superiority of our civilization")
Will Anyone Dare to Ask Why?
(the Nazi perspective)
humor returns with several rather funny jokes from The Onion
Vint Cerf warns against hate-motivated hacking
White House Taps Ohio Scholar's Writings on Radical Islam
No "Us" or "Them": An Iranian-American Tries to Explain
Dossier Lists 100 Hate Attacks on Muslim Targets
Urged by Their Fearful Parents, Some Arab Students Head Home
The Other War, Against Intolerance
Offer Muslims Hand of Friendship, Prescott Says
Expressions of Support Surprising to Muslims
(decent Americans are ashamed at the outbursts of the hate wackos)
they keep spinning, no matter what
("Americans ... need to watch what they say, watch what they do")
White House Drops Claim of Threat to Bush
War Means Never Having to Tell the Truth: The Return of Censorship
A Culture of Secrecy Only Feeds Our Fear of the Unknown
VOA Airs Report Over Objection of State Department
An Early Casualty of War Is Constructive Debate
A Web Site With the Inside Dope on the Middle East
(it's debka.com, which I haven't mentioned because its design is so awful)
Media Ballot Review Delayed
Russian Media Digest
Film, Videos, and DVD's from the Arab World and Middle East
Saudi Arabia's First English Language Daily
The IRA's Rich Friends in New York
Meeting with the Mujahideen
MP3's from the Soldiers of Allah
A Few Trusted Men Lead Bin Laden's Sprawling Network
Portrait of the Terrorist as a Young Man
Bin Laden Recruits With Graphic Video
Hate-Filled Words Behind a POW's Gentle Voice
history of the US war against terrorism
"Teach-In" on Terrorism Is an Echo of the '60s
(I heard it on the radio: it wasn't any kind of sixties stereotype)
Orwell's unpublished preface to Animal Farm
(it has an unnerving way of being relevant in every situation)
Measuring a Building's Fate With the Pulse of a Laser
Agile in a Crisis, Robots Show Their Mettle
Most Victims Male; Many Were Parents
Science's Search for Answers
Rites of Grief, Without a Body to Cry Over
New Yorkers Can't Shake Fears
New York Second Circuit Chief Judge Returns to Work, Reassures Staffers
Starbucks Charged Rescuers for Water
House Republican Leaders Balk at Any Help for Laid-Off Workers
(but corporations who let terrorists onto airplanes? hey, no problem)
Republicans are stalling the defense bill with special interest deals
Party Divisions Begin to Show Again
(good, because the Republicans have shown they're willing to exploit the war)
House Diverts Money for Terror Fight
Torricelli Wants Probe Into "Stunning" Intelligence Failure
Israel Furious at British Remarks "Justifying" Terror
(Straw didn't "justify" anything; he reported facts)
Cheap Heroin Set to Swamp the World
New, Costly Obstacles for Overseas Commerce?
pinheads selling hate gear on eBay
Architects Don't Foresee Skyscraper's Demise

War Will Begin Within Days
The Attack: Forces Are Ready But Target Is Missing
Some at UN Want US to Channel Its Response
Limited, Low Profile Strategy Called Key
"the diplomatic and military noose around the Taliban has tightened"
Pakistan Warns Against Support for Afghan Opposition
"Kabul Right Now Is Empty"
Taliban Corralling Men, Afghanistan Refugees Say
Afghan Landscape Is Dotted With Scattered Taliban Forces
"a trickier enemy is hard to imagine"
Commandos Left a Calling Card: Their Absence
("their job is to kill people we want killed")
Marines Eager for Afghan Posting
Moscow Eager to Tie Rebels in Chechnya to Bin Laden
Pakistan Warns US on Afghan Role
Egyptian Strategist: US Might Use Chemical Weapons against Taliban
Military Plans Must Ensure Oil Flow
Saudi Arabia Breaks Ties with Taliban, US Deals First Blow
Outback Spy Stations Key to Australian Role
Mercenaries Are Desperate to Join Up -- for Either Side
Role of Lawyers in War: From Drafting Wills to Planning War Strategy
The Mood in the White House Is One of "Hard-Favoured Rage"
Hawks Gang Up Against Powell
(hey guys: get bin Laden, but indiscriminate violence only recruits terrorists)
Pentagon Board Wants Hit on Iraq After Afghanistan
The Assassins and Drug Dealers Now Helping US
UNHCR bulletin number 6, dated September 24th
352 Held, 400 Sought in Dragnet, Ashcroft Says
Germany Mobilizes Hundreds to Pursue Terror Probe
Hijackings May Have Been an Inside Job
("airplane cleaners, caterers top FBI list")
Graphic: The Hijackers ... and How They Were Connected
The Banker Emerges as Crucial Link
Virginia Man Accused of Helping Hijacker Get ID
FBI Alerts Hazardous Material Haulers
Men Held for Questioning Sought Licenses for Hazardous Material
New Crop-Dusting Restrictions Weighed
Interpol Seeks Arrest of Bin Laden Aide
Indian Youth in Gulf Made to Serve Militants
India, US Differ on Terrorist Groups List
In Investigation, Internet Offers Clues and Static
Probe Links World Trade Center, Kandahar Hijacks
(I suppose we should include the Egypt Air flight crashed by a suicidal pilot)
A Quiet, Shy Lad, Says Bin Laden's Ex-Teacher
CNN Interview with Osama Bin Laden (1997)
Interview with bin Ladin (June 1999)
My Encounters with Osama bin Laden (August 1998)
Jihad Against Jews and Crusaders, by Osama bin Laden (February 1998)
The Real Bin Laden (January 2000)
The CEO of Terror Inc.
Letter from Bin Laden
documents relating to bin Laden from a Muslim student group
Bin Laden: Public Enemy Number One
(images of some documents relating to him)
Taliban Leader Says Attacks Were to Avenge US "Cruelty"
Bin Laden Experimenting with Cyanide and Nuke-Waste
Text of Bin Laden Statement Urging "Martyrs" to Join Jihad
Solicitor General: Proposals Will Not Violate Rights
(in the old days, they would have been called a huge government power grab)
Senators Question an Anti-Terrorism Proposal
Congress Urges Lawmakers to Think Before They Leap
Lawmakers Say Bill Raises Concerns for Civil Liberties
Administration Seeks Reasonable Tools and Troubling Provisions
Protecting Civilization from the Faces of Terror
(white paper from a leading vendor of face recognition systems)
The Many Faces of Viisage
(interesting comment on the major face recognition companies)
Alan Dershowitz endorses face recognition
(search down; it's about 2/3 of the way along)
Face Recognition Software Gets a Boost
more on the fallacy of national ID cards
In Times Like These, Security Trumps Privacy
(if there's a paperwork problem in approving wiretaps, fix the paperwork!)
Eternal Vigilance?
("among the biggest casualties may be civil liberties and privacy")
"legal experts debate increasing security versus protecting individual rights"
(if you never liked individual rights then you'll frame the question that way)
University of Pennsylvania wants students to wear identification badges
Justice Department Uses Arrest Powers Fully
New Homeland Defense Plans Emerge
Security of Nuclear Power Plants Under Review
Nuclear Plants Called Vulnerable to Terrorist Attack
(shut them down)
what a Russian suitcase nuke might look like, based on similar American weapons
Are Suitcase Nukes on the Loose? (November 1997)
Security Firms Support Federal Airport Screening
Bush May Agree to Federalize Air Security
Bush Plan for Airline Safety Near
("Federal takeover appears unlikely")
Pilots Ready to Defend the Skies
Man with Gun at Hartsfield Passes Detector
("instead of improving the system, FAA want to remove public discussion")
Undercover Skycops Suddenly Back in the Air
Reinforced Cabins, Armed Guards: The El Al Model
Airline Pilots Adopt Their Own Security Measures
One-Occupant Cars to Be Barred From Some Entrances to Manhattan
Countries Need To Plan Effectively for "Deliberate Infections"
Responding to the Deliberate Use of Biological Agents and Chemicals
Health Aspects of Biological and Chemical Weapons
When the FBI Guys Come Knocking, It's the Worst of Times
(unclear on the concept of a loyal Arab-American)
"at the college Arab Club, accusations and racial slurs make it hard to grieve"
Third of New Yorkers Support Internment Camps for Some
("individuals authorities identify as being sympathetic to terrorist causes")
"Lebanon is bracing for an influx of Arab students who are leaving the US"
"Bush's promise of an all-out 'war on terrorism' isn't one he can keep"
Bush Is on a Steep Learning Curve, Just Like the Rest of Us
charming article by a geek urging Americans to use the Web to study Islam
With Growing Jingoism, the US Is More at War With Itself
Let's Also Focus on the Good From America's Ill Wind
Killing Civilians: Behind the Reassuring Words
Fighting Terror ... With a Tax Cut to Big Business
The Wartime Opportunists
The Problem With the Blame Game With Respect to the September 11 Tragedy
The Need for Clarity in Assessing the Terrorist Acts
(crimes or war?)
How War Amplified Federal Power in the Twentieth Century
skepticism as to whether bin Laden did it
argues that the US is unable to look at the history behind the attacks
Beyond Taliban: Don't Leave the Afghan People to Fend for Themselves
analogy between the war on bin Laden and the war on Napster
(self-indulgent and in questionable taste, but with sort of a point)
There Is No Alternative to War
Welcome to the Desert of the Real, by Slavoj Zizek
"eradicating terrorism will be impossible"
a column by the editor of the 1990 Aviation Security and Terrorism report
Falwell Should Have Listened to the Feminists
Is God on Our Side? Or Is He on Theirs?
revving up the holy war against domestic dissent
David Horowitz's twisted, vituperative, evidence-free attack on Noam Chomsky
(it's built around the most evil innuendo: that he welcomed the attacks)
articles comparing Western and Muslim values
Al-Hewar Magazine
Universal Islamic Declaration of Human Rights
Islam's Flawed Spokesmen
News Organizations Mobilizing Too
FAIR Assessment: Deconstructing the Medium and the Message
September 11th Journalists' Resources
(including a great deal of material not mentioned here)
collation of today's Afghanistan news from several sources around the world
search Lehrer NewsHour by keyword, then watch video
Doordarshan Video News (India)
All India Radio Newscasts
live video from STAR News Channel (India)
Radio Pakistan
(several English language newscasts)
detailed map of Afghanistan
Al Qaeda's Web
US Warned in 1995 of Plot to Hijack Planes, Attack Buildings
Terror Exacts High Price at Low Cost
Aircraft Departures and Enplaned Passengers, Freight, and Mail (1999)
recent Afghani history, as seen by the Taliban (May 1997)
What Is the Future Face of Terrorism?
(includes discussion of "Terror 2000", a little-known 1994 Pentagon study)
Among Miami's Cuban Americans, Terrorism Is a Familiar Story
International Terrorism Resources from the UN Library
Amnesty International publications on Afghanistan
Trade Center Remnant May Become a Memorial
Moving the Weight of the World Trade Center
Fire, Not Extra Explosives, Doomed Buildings, Expert Says
"the sheer size of the World Trade Center towers was their undoing"
Restoring Identities to Victims
ID of Victims Thorny Issue for Observant Jews
Undocumented Immigrant Families Afraid to Talk About Missing Relatives
The Global Toll
(good map of casualties and missing by country)
New York fire fighters: "Why can't I die?"
how to use the image of the fire fighters raising the flag on the Trade Center
Senators Gramm and Nickles tried to prevent US aid for rebuilding New York
Campus Peace Page
Concerned Students for Justice Without War
Beware Scientologists Claiming To Be Mental Health Professionals
Crisis Management and Counter-Terrorism Programs in Action, Huntsville
(conference in progress)
Developing a Risk Management and Emergency Response Plan
(National Institute for Urban Search and Rescue)
Congress Gets Plea to Widen Economic Relief
("Greenspan and Rubin advised against cutting the capital gains tax")
"from Wall Street to Main Street, layoffs, losses, and little hope"
Clinton Looks to Define New Role
Delays in Spraying May Affect State Crops
Opium Crops No Longer "Un-Islamic"
an Afghan war video game
(symptomatic, or perhaps just stupid)

US Aims to Take Vital Afghan Airbase
Taliban Deploys Its Fighters to Borders
Terrorist Lashes Out as Strike Force Builds
Afghanistan: Offensive Needs to Start Before Winter
French Back US, But Fear War Trap
Saudis Reject US Plea to Use Bases
("US ally is also source of Bin Laden cash and recruits")
America Sets Up Its Asian Launch Pad in Uzbekistan
US May Be Refocusing on Iraq
"if the Taliban are monsters, wait until you meet the West's new friends"
"the Northern Alliance has its own grim history of violence and abuse of power"
Analysis: Afghanistan's Northern Alliance
background on the Northern Alliance
More Than 350 Held in Probe, Ashcroft Says
"investigators have not uncovered any accomplices or support network"
Hijack "Suspects" Alive and Well
Hijack Squads "Planned to Seize Eight Aircraft"
575mph into the Ground
Strikes May Have Been Planned Online
Executive Order Freezing Assets of Al Qaida, et al.
Life Inside Al Qaeda: A Destructive Devotion
Some Light Shed on Saudi Suspects
The Hunt: Hijacking Expert Hiding in Iran
Euro Civil Liberty Campaigners Urge Restraint
British civil liberties organization
Fingerprint ID Cards Possible in Two Years
Blunkett Giving "High Priority" to Compulsory ID Cards
ID Card Opposition Grows
A Case of Mistaken Identity Cards
EU Agrees New Powers of Arrest
Bush Administration Proposes Sweeping Antiterrorism Laws
(except that, as usual, many of them aren't really about antiterrorism)
Ashcroft Seeks Sweeping Powers
("the committee's Republican staff ordered camera crews to leave")
Ashcroft: Anti-Terrorism Package Wouldn't Stop Attacks
Proposed Anti-Terrorism Laws Draw Tough Questions
Push for Increased Surveillance Powers Worries Some
Lawmakers Tap Brakes on Bush's Hurtling Antiterrorism Measure
Bush Antiterrorist Proposals Raise Concerns About Students' Privacy Rights
Balancing Liberty With Security Measures
Liberties in a Time of Fear
Liberty Could Suffer with Search for Enemies
Disputes on Electronic Message Encryption Take on New Urgency
Bigger Brother in the Wireless World
Hackers Face Life Imprisonment Under "Anti-Terrorism" Act
Legislation Related to the Attack of September 11, 2001
biometric identification systems
International Relations and Security Network
radio story on Israeli airport security
New Criminal Checks for Airport Workers; Crop-Dusters Grounded 2nd Day
Safety in the Skies
Debate Over Federal Screeners Delaying Airport-Security Bill
Remote Control From Ground Leaves Pilots Unimpressed
Computer Security in Aviation: Vulnerabilities, Threats, and Risks (January 1997)
Amid Terrorism Crisis, Echoes of 1970s Chancellor's Style
French security policy instituted during the terror campaign of 1995
Our Vulnerable Telecom System
Practical Architectures for Survivable Systems and Networks (June 2000)
US Targets Banks in War Against Terrorism
editorial calling for stronger banking laws to prevent terrorism
The 2001 National Money Laundering Strategy
Past Efforts to Stop Money Flow Ineffective
Critical Infrastructures: Background and Implementation of PDD-63 (June 2001)
National Emergency Powers
British American Security Information Council
Jeb Bush declares a state of emergency in Florida
Poisoning a City Is Harder Than in Our Nightmares
Q&A: The Threat from Bio-Terrorism
Getting Ahead of Bioterror
A New View of High-Rise Firefighting
argues that the war won't work and favors security and addressing root causes
Muslim scholars' discussion of suicide bombings, jihad, and related topics
Italian language sources on the attack
Statement of Benjamin Netanyahu Before the Government Reform Committee
Walls of "Fortress America" Rising
How Can the US Bomb This Tragic People?
Fidel Castro's speech on the attack and war
it was working people who got killed, and public servants who become heroes
NY Times Magazine issue on the attack
Fear Over Makeup of US Coalition
How to Protect the Homeland
Bomb Them With Butter
(the Afghan people are not our enemies, nor the Pakistanis, Uzbeks, etc)
"why aren't we making anthrax and other vaccines available to the public?"
Why the Taliban Isn't So Tough
Kevin Kelly's comments on relations between bin Laden and the Taliban
A Clear Role for Canada as Bush Gets It Just Right
(from a source that I'm told rarely has anything good to say about the US)
How to Devastate the World in One Easy Lesson
criticism of airline bailouts
September 11: Opinions from College Newspapers
why are we hearing more of "God Bless America" than the national anthem?
blood-curdling call for a militia culture
worst enemy of "liberal media bias" suddenly discovers liberal media criticism
(and finds it to be anti-American)
Great Leaders Are Forged in War
(a nasty reactionary discourse on the evils of democracy and glories of war)
Afghan Americans Straddling Two Cultures Share Hopes, Fears
Racial Profiling Gains Support as Search Tactic
(but discrimination by the government only trashes our reputation in the world)
Attack on Indian Student at U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Leads to Brawl
Arab Students Leaving US Colleges
School Worker Challenges Kufi Ban
Sikhs Getting the Heat for "Attack on America"
Targeting of Sikhs and Other Americans in the Wake of the New York Tragedy
Sikhs Fear Turbans May Be Targets
Visitors Flock to Local Mosque to Learn More, Show Support
Complete Listing of All Afghan Restaurants in the US, Canada and Europe
Afghan Voice Restaurant Guide
Web pages for individual Afghan restaurants
Alexandria, VA: http://www.washingtonian.com/dining/Profiles/afghrest.html
Bloomington, MN: http://iyp.uswestdex.com/multiculturalfood/Page2.html
Cambridge, MA: http://cambridge.zami.com/business?BUSID=2345
Claremont, CA: http://www.digitalcity.com/losangeles/dining/venue.adp?vid=139299
Evanston, IL: http://metromix.com/top/1,1419,M-Metromix-DiningReviews-venue!ArticleDetail-5520,00.html
Falls Church, VA: http://www.555us.com/555va/220/22046/22046_panjshir_afghan_restaurant.htm
Herndon, VA: http://www.555us.com/555va/201/20170/20170_bamyan_afghan_restaurant.htm
London, UK: http://somewherenear.com/static4N.htm
New York, NY: http://www.searchnyc.com/restaurants/afghan.html
Northridge, CA: http://www.laweekly.com/ink/01/12/dining-huneven2.shtml
Nurburg, Germany: http://www.raytec.de/kandahar/pages/index.htm
Philadelphia, PA: http://www.phillyrestaurants.com/kabul/index.cfm
Portland, ME: http://www.maine.com/users/craig/afghan/Welcome.html
San Carlos, CA: http://www.digitalcity.com/sanfrancisco/dining/venue.adp?vid=12342
San Diego, CA: http://www.diningguide.net/san_diego/data/d100520.htm
San Francisco, CA: http://www.digitalcity.com/sanfrancisco/dining/venue.adp?vid=11572
Seattle, CA: http://seattle.citysearch.com/profile/10774425/?p=1
Sunnyvale, CA: http://www.metroactive.com/papers/metro/10.12.00/dining-0041.html
Sydney, AU: http://www.afghans.bit.com.au/~afg_oz.htm
Vancover, BC: http://www.restaurant.ca/van/restos/8rstvan/main_frm_en.shtml
Washington, DC: http://www.afghan-info.com/Yellowpage.htm#Restaurant

For Afghan Fighters, a Tangled Web of Loyalties
Cult of the Holy Warrior Flourishes
Extremists Put Own Twist on Faith
Who Is Who of Afghanistan
Amnesty International 2001 report on Afghanistan
interview with Ahmed Shah Massoud by an Italian photojournalist (2000)
photos from Afghanistan (2000)
Afghanistan: Surviving in the Mountains
celebrated article about the Taliban from May 2000
Jamal Ahmed Al-Fadl's testimony on the bin Laden organization (February 2001)
(the first mention of bin Laden is on page 67 of the pdf file)
how the CIA created the holy warriors in Afghanistan (May 1996)
Afghanistan: The Role of Pakistan, Russia, and Iran in Fueling the Civil War
Roots of Rage
Afghanistan: The Making of US Policy, 1973-1990
The Central Asian Chess Game
The Clash of Civilizations? (1993)
(dangerous nonsense about how we're at war with Islam)
US Commission on National Security/21st Century Website
Preparing for the 21st Century: An Appraisal of U.S. Intelligence (1996)
IC21: Intelligence Community in the 21st Century
Defense Trade: Information on US Weapons Deliveries to the Middle East
Interactive Central Asia Resource Project
Israeli-Palestinian Human Rights and Peace Groups
Terrorism, the Future and US Foreign Policy
Response to Terrorism: Legal Aspects of the Use of Force
Countering the Changing Threat of International Terrorism (June 2000)
Patterns of Global Terrorism: 2000
Terrorism: Near Eastern Groups and State Sponsors, 2001
President's Commission on Aviation Security and Terrorism (May 1990)
The Terrorism Directory
Terrorism/Counter-Terrorism: Web Links
more about the conservative smear campaign against Peter Jennings
Media Pundits Advocate Civilian Targets
Suppressing Dissent at Home, Fighting for Freedom Abroad?
something real finally happened, so maybe jerks are going out of style
The Media's Islamic Blind Spot
news site for the warplane industry
(including coverage of the war action)
Scalable Maps of NYC, the Pentagon, and Shanksville, PA
Years to Build and Moments to Destroy: How the Twin Towers Fell
Laser Maps Tower Rubble
Officials Report No Threat of Flooding From the Hudson
Partisanship Creeps Back in Congress
(fine: let's show 'em that we're a democratic country)
Campus Aftershocks
In History Class, a Flood of Urgent and Newly Relevant Questions
"after the attacks, how well did our communications networks perform?"
Warnings Issued About New "WTC" Virus
Grieving When the Lost Are Never Found
Now, Doctors Must Identify the Dead Among the Trade Center Rubble
College That Serves New York's Finest Faces Deaths in a "Wartime" Atmosphere
Asteroids to Be Named for Terrorist Victims
("an asteroid name must be 16 characters or less")
proposed memorial for victims of UA 93 crash

US Employing Calm, Multifaceted Response
Eerie Quiet as "Screaming Eagles" Await Battle Orders
Elite Military Forces to Get a Major Test
SAS "in Taliban Gun Battle"
Bush Waging a Bitter War of Words
("dehumanize Bin Laden to prepare Americans for war, but it carries risks")
Islamic Fighters Head to Afghanistan for Jihad
America Aims to Topple Taleban
US Debates Whether to Overthrow Taliban
(and replace them with what?)
Overthrow of Taliban?
Northern Alliance Looks Hopefully Towards Kabul
(but it's doubtful that they are a viable government for the whole country)
Groups Could Help Find Bin Laden and Assist American Attacks
Anti-Taliban Rebels Eager to Join US Retaliation
Likely Future Scenario in Afghanistan
Afghanistan Is Like Nothing You've Ever Seen, Soviet Vets Say
US Accused of Sabotaging Deal to Avert War: Taliban
Bush Seeks Wider Foreign-Aid Power
("waiver could entitle past terrorism sponsors to military assistance")
Former Afghan King Calls for Transitional Afghan Government
photos of Afghan refugees
Islamic Nations Isolate Taliban
Terrorism and the Laws of War: September 11 and Its Aftermath
Crackdown on British al-Qaeda Cell
Egyptian Doctor Believed to Be Bin Laden's No. 2
Bin Laden's Middle Class Killers
Crop-Dusters Thought to Interest Suspects
FBI Imposes New Restrictions on Crop Dusters
How Ten Hijackers Hid in Plain Sight
Investigation Has San Diego on Edge
New Jersey Towns Become Focus of FBI Probe
An Inside Job?
Box Cutters Found on Other September 11 Flights
US to Release Evidence Linking bin Laden to Attacks
Officials Say US Embassy in Paris Target for Attack
("raid is part of a global crackdown")
FBI Agents Ill-Equipped to Predict Terror Acts
editorial criticizing Ashcroft's laundry-list assault on civil liberties
Ashcroft Confers on Anti-Terror Laws (from Wednesday)
Analysis of the Proposed Anti-Terrorism Act of 2001
Facial Recognition System Considered for US Airports
article about EFF's criticism of new wiretap legislation
Alert: Surveillance Legislation Continues to Threaten Privacy
Changes Called Likely in Policy on Immigration
Tightening Immigration Raises Civil Liberties Flag
War on Terrorism Stirs Memory of Internment
Phil Zimmerman's clarification of the Washington Post article about him
Domestic Response to Terrorism Involving Weapons of Mass Destruction
(including a fairly strong if not very specific commitment to civil liberties)
McCarthyism Can Rise Again
Intelligence Called Key to Anti-Terror Campaign
Let Military Panels Punish Terrorists
(actual lawyers arguing against a fair trial for those accused of terrorism)
Suddenly, the Background-Check Business Is Booming
Democratic Leaders Say They Back a Government Takeover of Security
How Did US Airport Security Break Down?
Passengers Say Banned Items Have Eluded Airport Monitors
Barriers Rising to National Airport's Return (bummer)
Experts Say "Office of Homeland Security" Looks Good on Paper, but...
Draconian Curbs May Include ID Cards (very bad)
Blair to Rush Through New Laws Against Terrorists
Oracle Boss Urges National ID Cards, Offers Free Software
National Identification Cards
(background, arguments, facts, quotes)
National ID Cards Archive
(with links to legislation and reports relating to ID cards in the US)
Privacy International: National ID Cards
(with links to articles from earlier ID card controversies, esp. in Australia)
A National ID System: Big Brother's Solution to Illegal Immigration
Against Identity Cards
Human Identification in Information Systems
conservative groups opposed to national ID cards
Emotions Are High Enough Already
"indiscriminate bombing of Afghanistan would play into bin Laden's hands"
Ten Alternative Responses to Terrorism
Expert: US Must Address Root of Hate
Scholars: Bin Laden Goes Against Islam
time for Republicans to sign those treaties against chemical etc weapons
review of "In the Name of Identity: Violence and the Need to Belong"
About Dividing the World Into Two Camps: A New Vietnam Looming Ahead
report from the Pakistan Labour Party on the position of the fundamentalists
Whatever You Think About Afghanistan Is Probably Wrong
US Foreign Policy, Brought Back Home
Big and Small About US
(how they see us)
The Furies of Foreign Lands
In the Cruel Mountains
editorials on the war from southwest and southeast Asia
US Must Woo Pashtuns Deftly
extensive comment on the fall-out from Egypt
"Cairo is urging caution and restraint to a hotheaded Washington"
The Search for Vengeance
When Narratives Collide
astonishing column urging Bush to arrest Clinton for bombing Serbia
(denying "ethnic cleansing" was real and claiming Clinton supported bin Laden)
article about a jihad school in Pakistan (January 2001)
Anger in the Bazaars of Peshawar
("if there is civil war in Pakistan, it will start here")
The Roots of Resentment
("a growing reaction against American foreign policy")
Site of the Afghani Resistance
Face to Face With the Taliban
(by the assistant secretary of State for South Asian Affairs under Clinton)
inside a Pakistani jihad camp (February 2001)
Militant Islam, Oil and Fundamentalism in Central Asia (April 2000)
article on the tribal areas straddling the Pakistan-Afghanistan border
useful map of Pakistan showing relation to Afghanistan
map showing where the Kyber Pass is
Khyber Pass photos
Does US Intervention Overseas Breed Terrorism? (December 1998)
the current relevance of Auden's poem about Hitler's invasion of Poland
Islamic Finance: The Prophet and the Profits
excerpts from a Russian journalist's book about the Soviet war in Afghanistan
Misery Hangs Over Afghanistan After Years of War and Drought
Clinton Sent Hit Squad for Bin Laden
Tennessee Narrowly Dodged Bullet in Tense '72 Hijack Episode
("three men threatened to crash a passenger jet into a nuclear reactor")
Crisis Puts New Focus on "Stans" of Central Asia
Medical Management of Biological Casualties Handbook
The Pentagon and the Press, Again
Journalists Worry About Limits on Information, Access
Networks Move to Revive Foreign News
TV Networks Prepare for War on Many Fronts
Terror Experts Use Lenses of Their Specialties
Academics Sift Through Disasters, Searching for Lessons
more Afghanistan and Pakistan news sources
Afghanistan Online
New York Subway at Risk of Major Flood
From 5,000 Feet Up, Mapping Terrain for Ground Zero Workers
At the Scene of Random Devastation, a Most Orderly Mission
Towers' Basement Holds an Engineering Nightmare
graphic showing damage to all the buildings around the World Trade Center
In New Jersey Town, Everyone is Grieving
Life for the Survivors after September 11th
photos from Union Square in New York
Travelers Warm Up to Videoconferencing
Wall Street Ends Worst Week in 68 Years
"New Economy" Is a Thing of the Past
(except that it was never a thing of the present)
Practice Advice for Students
(Buddhist responses to the attack)

SAS Troops Clash With Taliban Unit Deep Inside Afghanistan
(the British papers are full of leaks from government and military sources)
The March to the Brink of Battle
Shock Troops Prepare for the Descent to Battle
Revealed: British Plan for Afghan Onslaught
Bin Laden Hiding in Central Afghanistan: Iran Radio
MI6 Spies Find Evil Bin Laden
Poised to Strike as Never Before
"fighting is likely to be mostly at night, at close quarters by elite forces"
Kabul Looted as Order Disintegrates
Emirates Give Taliban 24 Hours to Leave
First US Planes Land at Uzbek Air Base
CIA Gets Go-Ahead for a Return to Murderous Cold War Tactics
Gun Law in the War Bazaar
US Plans to Install Puppet Regime in Kabul
(we take for granted now that a paper in NW Pakistan will be online in English)
US Inches Towards Alliance With Northern Alliance
Pakistan Could Lose Control of Its Arsenal
Threat of US Strikes Passed to Taliban Weeks Before NY Attack
EU to Move Quickly on Terrorism Plan
Conclusions of the Extraordinary European Council
Waging War in Afghanistan Could Rattle Region
The Hunt for Bin Laden Gears Up on a Trail Gone Cold
Some Afghans Would Welcome Taliban's Demise
Borderless Network of Terror
Investigators Assemble Pieces to Jumbled Puzzle
Search for the Missing Pieces
Unpolished Secret Agents Were Able to Hide in Plain Sight
("the operation probably did not cost much more than $200,000")
FBI Knew Flight Schools Had Been Infiltrated
Investigators Identify 4 to 5 Groups Linked to Bin Laden Operating in US
Cases Arising from the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks
Spy Chiefs Agree Plan to Hit Bin Laden Cells
Linked and Dangerous: Terror Inc
Gallery of Terror: Profiles of the Hijackers Are Emerging
Warning on Boston Unfounded, FBI Says
A Top Boss in Europe, an Unseen Cell in Gaza and Decoys Everywhere
conservative criticism of Bush's anti-terrorism legislation
("much of the legislation turns out to have nothing to do with terrorism")
Congressional Response to Terrorist Attacks
("150 bills proposed from 12 to 20 September sorted into rough categories")
All the Laws but One: Civil Liberties in Wartime
Terrorism "Watch List" Was No Match for Hijackers
Across US, a Security Scramble
Expert: Hijackers Likely Skilled With Fake IDs
(*now* maybe we'll fix our totally broken identification systems)
Terrorists' Trade in Stolen Identities
"three in four Americans favour tough anti-encryption laws"
Stolen Jet Fuel and Bus in Northern California
Weapons Slipped Past Security at San Jose, San Francisco Airports
"anger directed at ground staff can erode airline security"
Despite Protection, Airlines Face Lawsuits for Millions in Damages
(criminal negligence charges against airline executives would be better)
US Assesses Biochemical Concerns
Defense May Be Inadequate for Germ or Toxic Attacks
"this is a war without end and a war that we can never be certain we have won"
"why have we Muslims turned a blind eye to the evil within our societies?"
US Bank Laws Fund Terrorists
Mobilising the Muslim World
"the future of Afghanistan itself should lie at the root of Western thinking"
UN Environment Chief: Fight Root Causes Of Terrorism
George Lakoff analyzes the metaphors of the attack
Pay Tribute to Reason and Think Long-Term: Reflections on the 9-11 Tragedy
Jon Stewart's monologue from the first post-attack episode of The Daily Show
Attack on America: An Islamic Perspective
dangers for India
What Happened to the Other News?
Noam Chomsky Interview on the Current Situation
Destined to Shadowbox With the Devil
Sustained Intelligence War a Must to Stamp Out Terrorism
history of the US "ban" on assassinations of foreign leaders
The Future of the City
("New York's vulnerability raises serious questions")
Pat Robertson's Gold
a version of my "notes on war" article without so many editing errors
guide to Islam
Islamic and Middle Eastern Law
Information about Jihad and the Mujahideen Everywhere
(interesting jihad site, has been going up and down)
My Life With the Mujaheddin
Why Do They Hate America?
support for bin Laden in Kashmir
No Laden Look-Alikes During Durga Puja, Warns Kolkata Police
FBI Tries to Ease Muslim Fears
(the cops have been tolerant as far as I've heard; this is progress too)
Collateral Damage in War on Terrorism
("suspect shouted: 'I stand for America all the way!'")
Once Appalled by Race Profiling, Many Find Themselves Doing It
(but "so many people have come in to the restaurant to offer some support")
Fears of Backlash Heighten Arab-Americans' Concern Over Immigration Reforms
Religious Literacy Pays Off
"most violence globally is home-grown, played out in little-noticed conflicts"
compendium of databases maintained by the UN High Comissisoner for Refugees
links on steganography
Donald Duck destroys the World Trade Center in a 1997 Swedish comic book
Welcome to the Peace Memorial Museum, Hiroshima
Sleepless Nights, Shattered Psyches
Trauma Takes Its Toll on America
Rescue Turns Into Brutal Excavation
Stars Hurled Abuse in Hotel as American Guests Tried to Phone Their Loved Ones
Anguish for Vast Toll of Children Left Behind
links to memorials and diaries
even more pictures of global memorials

Bush's war speech
Bush's Challenge: Defining an Achievable Military Goal
US Puts Afghan Strike Ahead of Full Plan
Ground Troops Join Move Toward Gulf
weather forecast for Kabul
"the weaponry the Taliban could turn on us may be our own"
US to Target Bin Laden First, Then Other Groups
Secret Memo Reveals US Plan to Overthrow Taliban Regime
Alliance Members "Will Send In Troops"
US and UK Ready for Joint Military Action
Blair Hints at Early Military Strike
Hate Unites an Enemy Without an Army
"at an emergency meeting, European leaders back a 'targeted' campaign"
(but is the US increasing its support for the Europeans' own anti-terrorism?)
NY Times reports that Bush views this as a Christian war
(which is a disaster from the point of view of Muslim opinion)
"foreigners living in Pakistan are leaving the country in large numbers"
Russian Troops and Armour Mass on Afghan Border
Jihad in Chechnya
Warring Afghans While Away the Time with Artillery Duel
German Commando Unit Reported to Be Lined Up for Rescue Mission
International Opinion Opposes US Military Strike: Poll
Rumsfeld quite alarmingly avoids repudiating the use of nuclear weapons
Rumors of New Attacks Leave Cities on Edge
Homeland Security Post to Be Comprehensive
Nun Who Worked for Human Rights in Colombia Is Killed
(this is terrorism)
Afghanistan Humanitarian Update
Afghans Flee as Internal War Precedes Terrorism War
Afghans Face Humanitarian Disaster
Aid Agencies Prepare for Afghan Tragedy
Humanitarian Implications of UN Security Council Sanctions in Afghanistan
Afghanistan has the world's largest refugee problem
Afghanistan: The Unending Refugee Crisis
"Afghanistan has some of the most alarming health indicators in the world"
UN Asking US to Weigh Impact of Raids on Afghans
Tape Reveals Wild Struggle on Flight 93
(including more details on the assassination of Ahmed Shah Massoud)
Lack of Warning Highlights Spy Agencies' Shortcomings
(from last week)
Attorney General Warns Menino, Swift of Possible Threat in Boston
criminal complaints against three Muslims arrested in Michigan
article arguing that bin Laden didn't do it
Were Clues Missed in Student's Case?
A Fanatic's Quiet Path from Egypt to Terror
Knives Hint at Thwarted Hijackings
FBI Chief Raises New Doubts Over Hijackers' Identities
thoughtful comment on Bush's speech from Muslim news editors
Another Chance to America or to Pakistan?
(why even moderate Pakistanis might well distrust the US)
why many Muslims think we hate them
In Europe, Some Say the Attacks Stemmed From American Failings
On Security and Terror
the legacy of Arab states' own crackdowns on Islamic extremists
The US Has a Problem: The Afghans Really Have Nothing to Lose
Musharraf's Manoeuvres
A War Without End: When the Enemy Is a Methodology Like Terrorism
(declaring war on an abstraction usually fails: cancer, drugs, poverty, etc)
The Appropriate Limits of Nonpartisanship in a Crisis
The Mistake of Treating This War as Christianity Versus Islam
Limits of the Military Metaphor
Unthinkable, Unstoppable
criticism of Saudi Arabia's relations with bin Laden
argument against Oklahoma City as a model for designing memorials
comment advocating a design approach to security problems
(and disputing the false "trade-off" between security and civil liberties)
comment falsely describing Americans as sheep waiting for orders from on high
It Isn't Just "Freedom" They Hate
("they may have had real grievances -- and we should discuss them")
Will US Be an Unwitting Tool in Bin Laden's Game?
"as television hypes the coming war, we've shut ourselves up"
"he didn't compare his war strategy to its real predecessor: The War on Drugs"
Japan Must Avoid Treading Gulf War Path
pinhead referring to the terrorist attack as a "faith-based initiative"
(will you *think* for one second?)
Wall Street Journal says Bush should use the war to push his domestic agenda
(one more reason why people say that conservatives like war)
Ann Coulter Advocates Profiling of Arab "Aliens", Deportation
(okay, her friend got killed, but hate only makes things worse)
left-wing links
Terrorism Act Threatens Our Rights
("proposal would unleash secret surveillance networks")
"law enforcement officials are taking advantage ... everything they ever wanted"
Proposed Wiretap Changes Under Review
The Land of the Free May Become Less So
European organization working against wartime limits on civil liberties
Terror Groups Hide Behind Web Encryption
Phil Zimmerman dealing with the possibility that the terrorists used PGP
Interest in Facial Scans Surges
(though we have to take the companies' word for it)
EarthLink Rejects FBI's Request to Install Carnivore
Activist Berrigan Confined Alone After Terrorist Attacks
Justice Drafts New Rules for Deportation
US Has Wide Leeway to Detain Material Witnesses
The Risks of Key Recovery, Key Escrow, and Trusted Third-Party Encryption
(i.e., the main technical proposals to regulate the use of cryptography)
Strong Country, Strong Crypto
Steganography: Truths and Fictions
Americans Under State of High Alert
okay, so we have a Homeland Security Agency -- what is it?
Biological Attack Concerns Spur Warning
("restoration of broken public health system is best preparation")
Mineta, Senators Clash Over Airport Security
(Bush doesn't want to federalize, and letting Democrat Mineta take the heat)
Israeli-Style Security May Have Helped
How Safe Can We Get?
("marginal improvements to airport security aren't enough")
A Big Hole at LAX
Many Pilots Take a Tougher Stance
Aviation Experts Say Passengers Should Adopt New Aggressive Stance
(now there's something that can be overdone)
Identifying and Reducing the Risks of Environmental Terrorism
Fear and Vigilance as Security Plans
Seized Weapons in Courthouses Show Need for Security Devices
The Warnings Were on Page 1
Some Passengers Singled Out for Exclusion by Flight Crew
For Middle Eastern Travelers, Security Already Increasing
("some security experts say need for profiling hasn't been proved")
Civil Rights Lawyers Sound Alarm
("for now, focus is on enlisting help for victims of hate")
For Muslims in US, Grief Over Attacks is Followed by Fear
At Mosques, Fear Mixes with Support for US
Arab-Americans Are Finding New Tolerance Amid the Turmoil
British Muslims Despair Over Extremists
Explaining Arab Anger
"Arabs will likely view an attack on terrorism as a war on Islam"
"Wahhabism is the most extreme form of Islamic fundamentalism"
(and the Saudis subsidize it)
King Fahd Reiterates the Kingdom's Categorical Rejection of Terrorism
Arafat Closes TV Station After Killing Report
bin Laden's unfortunately high reputation in parts of the Middle East
Afghanistan Short on Credible Leaders
full text of University of California Press books on the Middle East
The Beginnings of Islam as an Apocalyptic Movement
extensive links on the Middle East
Fatwa or Divine Decree Concerning the UK Terrorism Act 2000 (January 2001)
(this is not a happy document)
The Saudi Fatwah Against Suicide Terrorism (May 2001)
Understanding Islam and Muslims
Discover Islam
The Spiritual Significance of Jihad
The Concept of Martyrdom In Islam
Recent Terrorism Events: Background and Context
Will Truth Again Be First Casualty?
Annotated Bibliography of Nonviolent Action Training
Write to Congress and State Legislators
CSICOP Tracks Misinformation and Hoaxes in the Wake of the Terrorist Attacks
(CSICOP are fundamentalists in their own way, but this page looks sound)
the Washington Times again fabricates claims of "liberal bias" in the media
The September 11th Source Books, Volume I: Terrorism and U.S. Policy
Protecting the Homeland: The Best Defense is to Give No Offense (1998)
Terrorism: Theirs and Ours (October 1998)
Science, Technology and the CIA
article about the coroner in the county where flight 93 crashed
In Search of the Missing in America
Burst of Inspiration Proves Fruitless in Search for Corpses
Web Communities Respond to 9-11 (extensive links)
Sympathy from Relatives of Argentina's "Disappeared"
On Campus, Rumblings of Peace
(but with outdated tactics and imprecise rhetoric)
Action Campaign: Justice, not Terror
Dow Falls Again in Worst Week Since 1933
the largest banks and institutions were behind this week's stock sell-off
(and people who took the universal advice to stay in got hosed)
Alaska Refuge Drilling May Ride on Military Funding Bill
(apparently the temptation to pile other agendas onto the war is overwhelming)

Bush Advisers Split on Scope of Retaliation
Secret Plans for 10-Year War
Debate Over Targets Highlights Difficulty of War on Terrorism
Bold Move Could Be Quite Challenging
US Army Says Ready for Land Combat
(but then Rumsfeld, decrying all precedents, refuses even to call it "combat")
Taliban Tries to Sell a Lemon, US Won't Buy
US "Planned Attack on Taleban"
Weekend Alert as FBI Warns of New Attack
Analysis: Catching Bin Laden
Officials Told of "Major Assault" Plans
British Forces in Action "Within Days"
Osama Has Already Left Afghanistan
(Pakistan newspaper)
article on Muslim militancy in Southeast Asia
US Promises Indonesia Millions in Aid After Key Talks
list of organizations allegedly allied with Osama bin Laden, by country
Militant Islam Unsettles Indonesia and Its Region
Tajiks, Uzbeks Deny Deal for Airbases
Unfolding Catastrophe for Afghan Refugees
UN Bolsters Afghan Refugee Aid
UN's Top Refugee Official Urges Afghanistan's Neighbours to Keep Borders Open
Malaysia's Move to Curb Militants Now Seen as Prescient
Dangers Loom in the New Conflict
Taliban Will Unravel if Key Players Gone, Experts Say
"Infinite Justice" May Not Stand, Pentagon
(now they're going to call it Operation Holy War)
Bin Laden's Money Takes Hidden Paths to Agents of Terror
Following the Money Trail
Money Trail a Long and Winding Road
Apparent Role of Saudis Draws Scrutiny to Kingdom's Tensions
Texas Muslims Draw FBI Scrutiny
Terrorists Leave Paperless Trail
Mossad Warned CIA of Attacks: Report
Hijackers Exploited DMV Loophole
A Saddam Connection?
"Suicide Hijacker" Is an Airline Pilot Alive and Well in Jeddah
Some Hijackers' Identities Unclear
Saudis and Indians Cast Doubts on Identities of Accused
Takeoff Delay May Have Been Vital for Flight 93
Aboard Flight 11, a Chilling Voice
"Watch List" Didn't Get to Airline
Musharrafspeak: The General's Rabble-Rousing Is Best Ignored
Fatwa Question Details
Terrorism Can Be Fought Only Politically
True Patriotism Is the Opposite of Jingoism
Why a Crusade Will Lead to a Jihad
summaries of newspaper reactions to US foreign policy from around the world
Dave Letterman's 9/17 monologue on resuming his show after the attack
It's the US Foreign Policy, Stupid
Outlaws of the World Outside the Law's Reach
Victory May Prove as Elusive as Justice for an Angry US
Fighting Terrorism
First, Define the Battlefield
(you can't fight terror by becoming a terrorist)
World Press Review - Terrorist Attacks on United States
The Empathy Gap
Louis Farrakhan's Press Conference: "Attack on America"
The Electronic Intifada
("countering myth, distortion, and spin from the Israeli media war machine")
Freedom Flees in Terror from September 11 Disaster
The Free Market Tide Has Turned
Don't Let CIA Loose Again
Courage, Cowardice, And Terrorism: Choosing Our Goal Carefully
Terrorism, Liberty, and Community: We Need a Stronger Focus On the Common Good
(communitarians have some good ideas but they're going off the deep end)
Not War, Crimes
"to fight will be hard, but not to fight would be worse"
Revenge, Retaliation and Collective Guilt
comment advocating support for the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan
Why the Spooks Screwed Up
(they *always* screw up because they care about operations not intelligence)
Andrew Sullivan's "Fifth Column" Rhetoric
(demented accusations that opponents of the war are traitors)
Grieving Voice Pleads for Peace
Groups Fault Plan to Listen, Search, and Seize
Caution Is Urged on Terrorism Legislation
Concern Over Proposed Changes in Internet Surveillance
Databases May Be Used to Screen Air Travelers
The Press' Newsgathering Privilege Must Be Respected
The Civil Liberties We Need to Keep, and Those We Can Afford to Lose
Sunset Provision Can Put a Halt to Twilight of Liberty
(sunset provisions are a good step, but don't fix flawed proposals)
EU Tighten Anti-Terrorist Laws
(does anyone have analysis from European civil liberties organizations?)
University of Texas president denounces a professor for his war dissent
Hackers Strike Middle Eastern Sites
Holes in US Airport Security
Arduous Airport Searches Welcomed by TIA Travelers
Warplanes Tail Commercial Jet After Pilots Lose Radio Contact
Many Travelers on Airlines Appeal for Tighter Security
(but still the airlines resist)
Change Ahead for Troubled Boston Airport Agency
Metro Moves to Improve Bus, Rail Security
US Seeking Greater Role in Airport Security
Airlines Fought Security Changes
President Calls on Congress to Pass Airport Security Bill
Terror Up Close Gave Air Safety a Lift in Britain
(American air safety is definitely a joke compared to British)
Flight Security Still All but Overlooks Workers
A Weapon Unfathomed: Jet Fuel
'rethinking skycraper design and building evacuation procedures"
proposed technical fixes to prevent hijacking of aircraft
(all of which invite their own unintended consequences)
Financial Firms Are Scattering Operations
child shoots himself with a gun his father bought to protect against terrorists
("the gun was hanging on a window curtain rod above the child's bed")
Delta pilot orders a Pakistani passenger off the plane for no reason
Afghan Kebab House Disappears From New York
repulsive Congressman's non-apology for disparaging Arab-Americans
A Priestly Collar, a Mosque, a Friendship
Turbans Make Sikhs Innocent Targets
Suspicion and Silence Jolt Self-Image of the Tolerant
(Muslims aren't any more likely to be criminals than any other group)
Feeling Like the Enemy Within
Terrorist Acts Illustrate Severe Weaknesses in Aviation Security
Terrorist Acts Demand Urgent Need to Improve Security at the Nation's Airports
Commercial Aviation: A Framework for Considering Financial Assistance
Combating Terrorism: Selected Challenges and Related Recommendations
International Terrorism (from MI5 in UK)
Canadian Security Intelligence Service: Biological Weapons Proliferation
Chronological History of Biological Warfare and Terrorism
Analysts Rethink Image of Suicide Bombers
War, Peace and Security Guide, from Canadian Forces College
Homeland Defense: Defending America in the 21st Century
("homeland defense" is a very unfortunate phrase; recall "heimatschutz")
The Trial of German Major War Criminals
(explaining the original use of "heimatschutz")
Bull's-Eye Say Egyptians as They Celebrate Anti-US Attacks
("story was censored from this week's edition")
CU Veterinarian Aids Rescue Dogs at Site of World Trade Center
Students, Faculty Hold Teach-In to Try to Understand Roots of Terrorism
a particularly good global photo collection of attack memorials
New York at Risk of Flooding
What's Lurking in That Smoke?
(conflicting reports in the media about dangers from the smoke)
An Unimaginable Emergency Put Communications to the Test
Billions Will Be Spent on Replacing Technology
(with technology that is utterly and egregiously insecure)
US Weighs $180-Billion Economic Rescue Package
A Law Professor Discusses His Difficult Return to the Classroom
national support group for surviving family members of fire fighters
World in Crisis, Media in Conflict
New York Public Library: Dealing With Disaster
resources relating to the terrorist attacks
Resources for Dealing with Tragedy
Resources for Teachers on the September 11th Tragedy and the Response
another world newspaper site, now in a free trial period
fact sheet about oil and oil pipelines in Afghanistan (December 2000)
Blundering Into Afghanistan
Middle East Research and Information Project
Revisiting the Twelve Myths of Central Asia
"the leading authority on money laundering"
Saudi bin Ladin Group
(this is the bin Ladin family's company, not Osama's)
New Book on NSA Sheds Light on Secrets (April 2001)
To Some Pakistanis, Bin Laden "Like a God" but Moderates See Future in West
The Myth of Surgical Bombing in the Gulf War
The Massacre of Withdrawing Soldiers on "The Highway of Death"
How the US deliberately destroyed Iraq's water
Iraq Water Treatment Vulnerabilities
Iraq: A decade of sanctions

Show of Force Overture to Covert Campaign
How the US Will Fight
update on all related US military activities
(I have no idea how reliable this is)
curious exchange with Ari Fleischer about the limits of the terrorist war
(yes, there are spaces in that URL)
British Muscle and US Jets Arrive in Jittery Islamabad
don't forget that the Afghans still have those Stinger missiles
Pakistan's Leader Tries to Assure Country
Pakistan Backing US Under Pressure
UK Group Issues Fatwa Against Musharraf
Europeans know all about the war on terror, and that's why they're uneasy
how France dealt with Algerian terrorism
(what worked is protecting rights and supporting moderates)
Lessons from the United Kingdom on How to Fight Terror
Pentagon Recommends Use of Nuclear Weapons
(I have no idea)
Arafat the Winner in Ceasefire Battle
In the Gaza Strip, Anger at the US Still Smolders
US Stays Low-Key So Far in Central Asia
Ten People Die in Algeria Violence
(Afghanistan is not the worst place in the world -- Algeria is)
Defense Contractors' Shares Rise
Ashcroft Presents Anti-Terrorism Plan to Congress
Mobilization Against Terrorism Act
Leahy Opposes White House's Antiterrorism Plan and Proposes Alternative
alliance of civil liberties, conservative, Arab-American, etc groups
(this site is scheduled to go live in Thursday)
New US Law to Monitor Net Traffic Will Be Powerless to Disarm Terrorists
FBI Should Abandon "Guilt by Association" Strategy
ISP's Curb Terrorist Postings and an Anti-Islamic Backlash
Surge of New Technologies Erodes US Edge in Spying
we had endless, endless warnings of the abysmal security of our infrastructure
Business Jets Pose a Little-Regulated Attack Opportunity
Design Goal: Keeping Jets From Misuse as Missiles
Massport Urged Airlines to Speed Up Lines at Security Points
New Security Clogs US Borders
Bogus Firetruck Warning Puts Crews on Guard
America West Airline Pilot's Association Security Bulletin 2001-02
(you'll certainly want to read guideline number 5)
Tolerance in Islam
Every Time We Choose to "Explain", We Become Implicated
Society of Afghan Professionals
(US organization, mostly centered in the Bay Area)
compassionate conservative response to an arson attack on an Afghan restaurant
John Cooksey (R-LA) endorses profiling of anyone "wearing a diaper on his head"
Suspect Called Himself a "Patriot" After Killing Immigrant, Authorities Say
praise for media coverage of the attack
Forgetting Foreign Affairs: American Media Cut Overseas Reporting
PDF images of 300 newspaper front pages from the day after
Al-Ahram Weekly (Egypt)
(semi-official but fairly intellectual)
Turkish Daily News
official Uzbekistan government news agency
Uzbekistan Contacts
Tashkent Home Page
(unofficial page on the capital city of Uzbekistan)
more world newspaper gateways
CIA World Factbook
jargon watch: defending oneself by comparison to the opposite extreme
(study the Fox News spokesman's multiple distortions of the issue)
Noam Chomsky Interview on September 11th
argues that the Soviets were winning in Afghan until the Stingers arrived
It's All About Oil ... Again
The Cost of an Afghan "Victory" (February 1999)
A Measured Response to Immeasurable Violence
(what bin Laden fears most is a legal arrest and a fair trial)
liberal links relating to the attacks including many items I haven't mentioned
"we should try to rely more on law than war"
Muslim American Sociologist's Perspective on the Emerging US Nationalism
(small type, unfortunately)
"the next war is going to be all about intelligence"
photo essay of the conditions in Afganistan
Afghanistan: The Soviet Invasion and the Afghan Response, 1979-1982
(I'm told the whole book is online, though I can't get through this evening)
Center for Afghanistan Studies, University of Nebraska
History of the Khyber Pass
The Online Center for Afghan Studies
The Making of the Taliban (November 1996)
Afghanistan's Other War (December 1986)
Bin Laden's Balkan Connections
Balkan - Albania - Kosovo - Heroin - Jihad
Israeli counter-terrorism site
schematic of a "suitcase" nuclear weapon
well-reviewed history of European imperialism in Central Asia, 19C - early 20C
Ibn Khaldun Center for Development Studies
(liberal research and advocacy group in Cairo, now being repressed)
Terrorism and the Military's Role in Domestic Crisis Management (April 2001)
Sudan: Humanitarian Crisis, Peace Talks, Terrorism, and US Policy (June 2001)
The Shadowy World of Special Operations
Greetings America. My Name Is Bin Laden. Now That I Have Your Attention...
Divided We Stand: A Biography of New York City's World Trade Center
"other acts of terrorism were planned"
Three Are Held in Detroit After Airport Diagram Is Found
Atta, Now Seen as Conductor of the Attacks, Wore Many Masks
Roadblocks Cited in Efforts to Trace bin Laden's Money
New Task Forces Target Terrorist Funding
British Chancellor Gordon Brown Calls for Money Laundering Crackdown
Inside the Mind of Osama bin Laden
intense letters from an NYU student who spent a week volunteering
articles about the insurance law angle on the attack
Radio Gets Patriotic
(we need much better patriotic songs)
Poll: Americans Depressed, Sleepless

World Leaders List Conditions on Cooperation
(we're quietly moving back to the status quo ante: the US versus world opinion)
Lawmakers Resist a Rush to Vengeance
(that's why they voted an overnight blank check for military action)
Graphic of US Firepower in the Region of Afghanistan
(the only problem is there's nothing to shoot at)
Young Men Contemplate Going to War
Defense Experts Worldwide Offer Advice
Anti-Taleban Faction Sides With Bin Laden
(a reminder that bin Laden unfortunately has a wide following)
Second Open Letter From Saddam Hussein
UN Official: Opium Cuts May Hit Afghan Capability
graphic showing refugee points of exit in Afghanistan
Saudis Cast Doubt Over FBI List of Hijackers
Paramilitary Army Seeks Political Role in Colombia
(will we put them in the "freedom fighter" box or the "terrorist" box?)
Tense Tajikistan Braces for Instability
(every country in this mess has its own complex history and dynamics)
Bush Meeting With Indonesian to Focus on Islamic Militancy
(but the ultraviolence of Indonesian military and militias is *not* terrorism)
Cyber-Spy With Caution
(let's not restrict civil liberties as a symbolic response)
The Terrorists Are Winning the Cyber War
(everyone, good and bad, is winning from new technologies -- that's reality)
Exploring Technology to Protect Passengers With Fingerprint or Retina Scans
(main focus is on face recognition, despite no evidence that it would help)
US Widens Power to Detain Immigrants in Emergencies
(but the constitution wisely gives rights to everyone, not just to citizens)
Government Moving Quickly to Find More Secure Cockpit Doors
(but air travel is an inherently low-profit carriage industry, so they resist)
spend money now on rebuilding New York, not later on a capital gains tax cut
radio interview with religious leaders on forgiveness
(religious leaders should speak explicitly against those who worship vengeance)
Spare the Afghans by Seeking Justice, Not Revenge
libertarian comment
comment from Liberia
far-left editorial describing Marxist opposition to terrorism as a tactic
(terrorism was a tremendous topic of debate in late 19C-early 20C Russia)
jargon watch: they hate us because they envy us
(conservatives say this to all protests, moral or not, against abuse of power)
yes, maybe God was smiting evil America, but how heartless to say it now
(this is the voice of moderate conservatism)
pacifist resources
argument against turning planned S29 anti-globalization march into peace march
American Friends Service Committee
Mark Twain's "The War Prayer"
Tough Task Getting NYC Television Stations Back on Air
News Outlets Reduce the Use of First, Searing Crash Images
(I haven't watched one minute of TV during all this; I can only imagine)
NewsLib research queries following World Trade Center Attack
sites that gather largely US news sources on Afghanistan and Pakistan
current coverage from the Canadian Press wire service, similar to Reuters
another extensive directory of newspapers on the net
Qatar's Al-Jazeera TV: The Power of Free Speech
(an article about Al-Jazeera, the CNN of the Arabic world, from June 2000)
Investigators Believe Second Wave of Attacks Planned
Bin Laden's Vast Financial Network
(by all means increase global banking transparency; just protect due process)
Who Did It? Foreign Report Presents an Alternative View
Terrorists' Online Methods Elusive
The CIA's Failure of Imagination
Collection of DNA Samples From Relatives of Those Missing Due to WTC Attacks
More Than 50 Countries Lost Citizens in Trade Center Towers
(immigrants make our country interesting and strong; we're proud to have them)
Afghan-Americans condemn the attacks but oppose destructive retaliation
(decent Americans welcome Afghan immigrants, few of whom support the psychos)
Arab American Youths Endure Taunts at Schools
(throughout, Arab Americans have been models of forgiveness -- real Americans)
hate wackos are so stupid they kill people who aren't even the ones they hate
radio report on the rescue crews working underneath the World Trade Center site
(awful as it is, we need more pictures from beneath the pile)
detailed graphic on the failure of Washington's emergency response
The Government, Once Scorned, Becomes Savior
(government is the problem, except when it isn't)
A Homegrown Memorial Brings Strangers Together
(why aren't the conservatives sneering at these "victims" to "get over it"?)
Attacks Shift Balance of Power, Alliances Among Interest Groups
(politics doesn't stop during war; it just hides behind patriotism)
Behind the Show of Bipartisanship: Muted Dissent
(real patriots have the guts, and the right, to speak against bad policies)
Former CIA Director Richard Helms' Afghani Niece Leads Corps of Taliban Reps
Overview of the Foreign Assets Control Regulations Relating to Iran
Summary of Sanctions Against the Taliban
Summary of the Weapons of Mass Destruction Trade Control Regulations
Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons

When Evil Itself Becomes the Primary Foe
("eliminating evil" is a dangerous formula for a permanent, total, futile war)
"New War" to Be Fought With Unprecedented Secrecy
(secrecy is sometimes necessary, but it also corrodes democracy)
Analysts: Bin Laden Seeks Islamic Uprising
(and going around bombing is exactly what bin Laden wants Bush to do)
the logistical problems of attacking Afghanistan
Afghan Taliban Sees Holy War Against US
Clerics Put Off Meet on Osama
Pak Mufti Talks Jihad Ahead of US Strike
White House Apologizes for Using "Crusade" to Describe War on Terrorism
India Identifies Air Bases for US
Mubarak Calls for Counterterrorism Treaty
China Demands US Attack Evidence
"how far can the United States push Pakistan before it cracks up?"
Pakistan's Nuclear Wild Card
Nuclear Installations Are Safe, Says Dr. Qadeer
US Embassy, Interests in France Targeted by Terrorists: Officials
EU Calls Emergency Summit on Terrorism
Soviet Union's Afghan Lessons
Iraqi Terror Connection?
(is this disinformation or not? in a secret total war we can never know)
Fleeing Afghans Go From Frying Pan to Fire
UN Refugee Commission Readies for Afghan Crisis
Terrorist Cell Networks: Mapping the Invisible Enemy
before-and-after aerial photos (watch out: the "after" photo is gigantic)
World Trade Centre: Some Engineering Aspects
Trade Center Towers' Design Not at Fault in Collapse
The Pentagon's Weak Defenses
Building Giants Ponder Reconstruction
Powerful Symbols of America's Power Now Reflect Its Weaknesses
Building Debate: Should Twin Towers Go Up Again?
We Cannot Allow Fear to Dictate Commercial Architecture
The End of Tall Buildings
Rebuild or Not: Architects Respond
The Disaster and Its Urban Consequences
Good Guys and Bad Guys: Mr. Bush's Map of the World Is Redrawn
Crusader Bush Blunders Into His Own Holy War
Bush Is Walking Into a Trap
comments on terrorism and revenge from Nepal
No Sympathy From China's Cyber Elite
Terrorist Attack on US: Turning-Point in Post-Cold War Pattern
(Chinese government publication)
audio of Canadian radio interview program about the attacks on Thursday
Questions: Seeking Uncommon Ground
Khobar Towers: A Case of Futility
Media March to War
This New War Requires a Break With the Past
The Need for Dissent
No Blank Check on Economic Policy
(deficits are back: liberals and conservatives are greatly relieved)
The Bigger They Come the Harder They Fall
WWII Pilot Urges Caution in Response to Terrorists
a Lebanese-American's thoughts on citizenship and the war
Did We Handcuff the CIA? (No)
A Tinderbox in Palestine
Violence Breeds More Violence
(bin Laden wants Bush to provoke a global intifada -- will Bush go along?)
disturbing rhetoric at National Review Online
more craziness about guns on planes
(the first one sees and raises by advocating racial profiling as well)
jargon: "the West must stop apologizing for the greatness of our civilization"
(this statement is so aggressively twisted, it causes me real concern)
still the Bush hagiographers can do no better than "exceeds expectations"
(even as he proves himself to be a vulgar jerk)
incredibly bizarre conservative attack on "Satanic" America
(isn't this what "anti-American" is supposed to mean)
long background piece on the Taliban
("even Taliban officials are said to be fleeing the capital")
biography of Osama bin Laden
the strange story of Osama bin Laden's involvement in the gum arabic trade
(I have no idea)
Uzbekistan News
(an "Islamic Uzbekistan" site; no items on this page after March 2001)
Aiding the Investigators: What the RFPA Allows You To Do
(how financial privacy laws affect banks helping police investigations)
On Edge: Afghanistan's Neighbours
(Iran, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Isbekistan, and Turkmenistan)
photo essays on Afghani refugees
About the Ismaili Imamat and the Origin of Shiism
more background links on Afghanistan and the Taliban
lots of maps
Metaphor and War: The Metaphor System Used to Justify War in the Gulf (1991)
Senate amendment, passed Thursday, to expand wiretapping
New York Legislature Approves Sweeping Anti-Terrorism Package
Disposable Phones: A Security Risk?
Who's Protecting Our Infrastructure?
(better question: who's making them design it right in the first place?)
Gore Commission Demanded Airline Security, Airlines and Conservatives Said No
New Security Rules Leave Workers Idle
Potential Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks
Making Planes Safer by Making Fuels Safer
Anti-War Songs Banned by Commercial Radio Giant
(somehow they missed "Working for the Clampdown" and "Maggie's Farm")
Band's Web Site Bulletin Board Is Pulled
Pop Culture Takes a Serious Reality Check
(this page also has pointers to photo essays and other materials)
Anti-Muslim Violence Up, Officials Say
How Americans Used the Internet After the Terror Attack
Canadian news magazine special issue on the attack
Institute for War and Peace Reporting
(covers Central Asia, the Caucasus, and the Balkans in some depth)
Iranian-American magazine and online community
News Navigator
(directory of world newspapers etc)
Search the Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States
Sudan Globe
fairly reasoned petition against military retaliation for the attack
teachers who took care of the children affected by the New York attack
"schools respond with lessons in working together and trying to understand"
National Association of School Psychologists: Coping with a National Tragedy
Reflections on Humanity and Media after Tragedy
Disaster Response Information Portal
Disaster Relief for Taxpayers Affected by the September 11th Terrorist Attack
Giuliani Earning Praise for His Displays of Compassion
Red Cross National Headquarters Statement on Internet Fraud
Rep. Doggett Balks at Airline Bailout Plan
(whatever happened to personal responsibility?)
FBI Issues Call for Translators to Assist Probe
(this tells you how clueless the US has been about the rest of the world)
Congress Struggles to Stay Under Umbrella of Unity
(look, democracy doesn't exist without an opposition, even in wartime)
FAA Office of Civil Aviation Security: Criminal Acts Against Civil Aviation
The Global Portal for Airports
American Association of Airport Executives
(motto: "boy, did we screw up")
US Department of Transportation Office of Inspector General

Troops Mass on Afghan Border
(Sydney Morning Herald has had the world's best coverage, that I've seen)
Situation at Pak, Afghan Border Tense: Taliban Move Heavy Artillery to Torkham
Iranian Team Arrives in Panjshir to Review Situation with Northern Alliance
Did Bin Laden Kill Afghan Rebel?
13,000 Army Protects Osama
Afghanistan: A Nightmare Battlefield
Press Conference With Taliban Spokesman Wakil Ahmed Mutawakel
The World Isolates the Taliban
The Murky Deals That Fuelled International Terrorism
Afghanistan: The Massacre in Mazar-I Sharif (November 1998)
World's Indifference to the Afghan Tragedy (June 2001)
Fielding's Most Dangerous Places (e.g., Afghanistan)
brief outline of Afghan history
(despite what you may have heard, Afghanistan *has* been conquered)
Azadi Afghan Radio
Afghanistan Maps
Afghanistan News and Media
Anti-Terror Push Stirs Fears for Liberties
Ashcroft Wants Quick Action on Broader Wiretapping Plan
Technology Will Play Bigger Role in Security
Preserve Your Rights Online - Act Now
Investigators Explore Boundaries of Everything the Law Allows
New Powers Sought for Surveillance
Lawmakers Hear Ashcroft Outline Antiterror Plans
Terrorist Threat Shifts Priorities in Online Rights Debate
Alleged Hijackers May Have Trained at US Bases
(by all means let's get rid of those terrorist training bases)
Four People Flown to New York for Questioning in Connection With Attacks
Diary of the Terrorists
Hijackers May Have Accessed Computers at Public Libraries
Dozens of Arabs, Muslims Buried under New York Rubble
scams, hoaxes, conspiracy theories, etc about the attack
Where Once the Towers Stood
(very impressive satellite image)
animated "virtual flyover" of the World Trade Center site
(may crash Netscape)
"Bush aims to uproot perceived terrorist networks spanning 60 countries"
Special Forces Poised for Action
"the essence of this first war of the century is it's not against a nation"
Rumsfeld: War on Terrorism to Require Unconventional Methods
US Calculates a War With Little Room for Error
On the Streets, A Jittery Nation Is in War Mode
about the "national emergency" that Bush has declared
Police Guard Lone Dissenter in Congress on Use of Force
(may not work on Internet Explorer)
Europe Cautious Over US Response
Official Declaration of the EU (pdf)
America's New War Against Terrorism
SAS Geared Up for Attack on Bin Laden
British parliament debate on the attacks