Bates' Bibliography of Works on
Information Seeking, Indexing, and Information
Retrieval System Design

Copyright 2000 by Marcia J. Bates

This is the bibliography I work from in doing research and teaching. It is very idiosyncratic. No claim is made for universal coverage of any subject matter, or even coverage of best articles, in any particular area. The one thing the bibliography has going for it is that it is a living reflection of one person's research interests. Also:

The classification categories used are first listed below, then the full bibliographic listings follow. Items are arranged by classification category, then author.

Bates' Bibliography-Classification

00 General Information Science, Information Systems, Cybernetics

01 Information-Definitions and Theory
02 Library and Information Science--Definitions, Theory, Research Issues
03 Documentary Forms, Hypertext--Design, Analysis
04 Information Systems--Theoretical
05 Information Systems--Evaluation; Relevance
07 User-Centered Design of Information Systems
08 Cybernetics
09 Biological Information Processing

10 Communication and General Information Transfer

11 Communication and General Information Transfer
12 Information Technologies and Media, Media Effects, CMC, Network use
14 Economics of Information, Publishing, Electronic Publishing
15 Information Policy, FOI, , etc.
16 Information Technology and Social Contexts
17 Scientific Communication (See also 79)
18 Scholarly Communication
19 Bibliometrics

20 Information Seeking Behavior
(For use of specific systems, services, see 40's.)

21 Information Seeking in General + Theory
22 Information Seeking--General Public, Children, Students
24 Information Seeking--Natural and Social Sciences
25 Information Seeking--Arts and Humanities
26 Information Seeking--Professions and Industry
28 Library and Information Service Use
29 Literacies

30 Organization of Information

31 Classification, Cataloging--Theory
32 Classification, Cataloging--Applied
33 Indexing, Thesauri, Abstracting
34 Metadata
35 Catalogs--Systems, Design, and Use; Library Portals
36 Non-textual Indexing, Access (Image, Audio, etc.)
37 Internet/Web/Digital Library Information Organization, including Hypertext
38 Collection Development & Management
39 Domain Analysis

40 Searching and Retrieval of Information

41 Reference and other Public Services; Reference Interviews
42 Search Strategy--Theory and Techniques
43 System Use and Search Evaluation
44 Bibliographic Instruction
45 Online Services and Databases + CDROM
46 Internet/Web Services, Databases, Digital Libraries

50 Systems and Organizations

51 Practical Info Systems and Services and Their Administration
52 Library Automation and Networks, Intranets
53 Communication Technologies as Technologies
54 Software Related to Information Transfer
55 Standards and Protocols
58 National and International Systems and Organizations

60 Miscellaneous

61 Professional Concerns and Library Education
62 History of Information Science, Libraries, and Librarianship
64 Research Methodology
69 Bibliographies and Reviews

70 Cognate Fields

71 Philosophy--including Philosophy of Mind
73 Linguistics--including Automated Language Processing, Semiotics
76 General Psychology and Cognitive Sciences
77 Social and Evolutionary Psychology
79 History, Philosophy and Sociology of Science (See also 17)

80 Humanities and other Social Sciences

81 Science News
83 Education and Educational Psychology
84 Sociology, Economics, Political Science, and Law
85 Anthropology, Archaeology, Mythology, and Religion
87 Literature
88 The Arts
89 Current Events and General Interest

90 Natural and Mathematical Sciences

91 Physics and Astronomy
92 Mathematics, Statistics, and Logic
93 Computer Science
94 Earth Sciences and Energy
95 Medicine
96 Biological Sciences
97 Ecology and Demography