David Kaser, Library Journal, 15 April 1983:
"This has long been a story waiting to be told, and now it is unfolded for us with perception, skill, and charm....This is history as it should be written--disinterested, insightful, rigorous, and thoroughly documented."
Norman Stevens, Wilson Library Bulletin, March 1983:
"marvelous presentation...highly recommended...It deserves our attention...a pleasure to read and provides some valuable insights into the state of library education."
Haynes McMullen, Journal of Academic Librarianship, July 1983:
"well organized...the author uses quotations skillfully...Richardson's study is a significant contribution to the history of American librarianship..."
J. Pieriam Danton, Journal of Library History, Summer 1983:
"He has winnowed these sources with obvious care and he has used and quoted them judiciously, without bias, and with admirable accuracy....a comprehensive, balanced, literate, and interesting account...an excellent index...good pictures...."
Thomas Harding, ARBA 1984:
"Richardson has written a superlative history of the Graduate Library School...this is a significant book in library education and an example of painstaking historical research."
Wayne Wiegand, Journal of Library History, Summer 1984:
"...the most significant work published in the past two years on the history of library education...soundly researched..."
F.M. Pollard, Illinois History Journal, Winter 1984:
"...a highly readable account...interesting biographical insights...Present-day librarians and library science students can read this book with pride."