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IS 245 Information Access / Winter 2006
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A Bibliography for Issues and Trends in Reference Services to Children
Kelly Behle

INTRODUCTION: The scope of this bibliography is issues and trends in reference services for children in both school and public libraries. The most pressing issues and trends facing librarians who provide reference services to children are qualitatively different than the ones facing young adult librarians...(read more)

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Annotated Bibliography: Storytelling
Melissa Elliott

INTRODUCTION: Storytelling has a rich heritage in every culture and every era. It is, or should be, a part of the training of children's librarians for both public and school libraries; this bibliography of resources, consisting of "how to find material" (which oftentimes includes some of the material itself), and also "how to do it" should prove useful for librarians, teachers, and possibly dedicated parents interested in expanding their ability to "tell me a story." (read more)

Annotated Bibliography: Reference Services to Children and Teens
Christina Young

INTRODUCTION: This annotated bibliography is focused upon reference services to children and young adults, defined here as school-age children from kindergarten to grade 12. Issues are mainly concerned with reference services and trends in reference service to young people as opposed to the broader scope of user services that may include topics such as programming and management of youth services within the library. (read more)

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Essay and Pathfinder on Adolescent Information Seeking Behavior
Melissa Elliott
Medical Information Seeking Behavior of the Elderly and Pathfinder
Monique Escamilla
An Annotated Pathfinder: Nutrition Information for Pregnant Women
Sarah Hoff

Information Seeking Behaviors of Women Diagnosed with or at Risk for Hereditary Breast Cancer
Christina Young