Mary Niles Maack

University of California, Los Angeles
Graduate School of Education and Information Studies
300 Circle Drive North, Los Angeles, CA 90095 USA

Welcome to my website.

Since 1986 I have been a faculty member at UCLA where my teaching areas include international and comparative  librarianship, information and reference services, and historical  methodology. In addition I teach a doctoral seminar on information  institutions and professions and previously I taught our introductory  course on information in society. For three years I also taught an  undergraduate Women Studies' course on women in the professions.

My  research interests focus on gender issues and library history, often from an international or comparative perspective.

After taking my BA degree in with high honors in history from the  University of Illinois in Urbana, I earned my MLS and doctoral degrees  from Columbia University in New York.  My first book, Libraries in  Senegal (Chicago, American Library Association, 1981) was based on my  doctoral research in West Africa. Since then  I have had the opportunity to lecture and consult in fourteen countries in Africa.  I have also lectured in Canada, Germany and France. In 1982-83 I was named Fulbright lecturer at the  French National Graduate Library School (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Bibliothèques. Since then I  have continued my research in comparative studies and am now working on a history of American books in France from World War I through the end  of the Cold War.

I am also working on a comparative study of the first generation of  women librarians  in France, Britain and the United States. My work on  gender issues includes a monograph entitled  Aspirations and Mentoring  in an Academic Environment  which I co-authored with Joanne Passet.  I have also authored  numerous articles and biographical  studies on  women in librarianship.

I am a members of ALA, CLA, ALISE  and SHARP. At UCLA  I have  for many years chaired the departmental curriculum committee, and I serve as P. I. on the state grant  that supports the California  Center for the Book.

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