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Paris, Illinois

I can honestly claim to be a Parisian, since I was born in Paris-a town of 10,000 located in eastern  Illinois. I  grew up there,  and from the age of five, I was an avid user of the Paris Public Library (at left).


Urbana, Illinois

After graduating from Paris High School I attended the University of Illinois at Urbana (right) where I majored in history, minored in French and met my future husband,  Stephen Charles Maack. We were married in Champaign during winter break of our senior year.

New York

Steve  and I moved to New York City to enroll at  Columbia University as graduate students. Steve began work on his doctorate in anthropology and I did a year of graduate work in African history. 

The next year I did a summer internship at New York  Public Library and then enrolled in the School of  Library Service at  Columbia. After earning my  MLS I returned to New York  Public Library where I worked for the branch libraries and later as a reference librarian at the Schomburg collection.

Senegal, Africa

In 1973 Steve and I went to  Senegal to do research on our doctorates. We  lived in Dakar for 18 months, and  during that time I spent a great deal of time in the Archives Nationales du Senegal. Since then I have made  two  return trips to Senegal and have visited a number of other African countries


When we returned from Africa, I accepted a position on the faculty of the library school at the University of Minnesota where I taught courses on bibliography, library history, book history and developed a new course in Internatinal and comparaive librarianship.

Our son, Jonathan Niles Maack was born in 1978 - the same year both parents filed their dissertations at Columbia.


My first trip to France was  in 1973  to attend the  IFLA conference held in  Grenoble. Since then I have returned to France frequently, and in 1982-83 I held a Fulbright professorship at the French National Library School.

Los Angeles, California

I accepted a position as an Associate Professor at UCLA in 1986. My  work  at UCLA has  given me a deep appreciation of the contributions that Californians have made to the development of the library and information science field.  I have enjoyed being part of a vibrant community of professionals, students and faculty here at UCLA.  I have also had many opportunities to continue my international research.

(Powell Library, UCLA, right)

London & Paris

One of my continuing projects is a  comparative study of   the first women to work in the British Museum Library in  London (below)  and the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris (right). I received  support from the International Studies and Overseas Research at UCLA to do research in London at the British Museum and the British Library.



My husband, Dr. Stephen Charles Maack, is  an anthropologist who founded REAP Change Consultants in 2002 after spending 22 years conducting or directing applied research for higher education, public sector organizations, or nonprofits in New York, Minnesota, Chicago, and California.


My son Jonathan Niles Maack graduated from New York University with a major in art history and a minor in economics.  Jonathan spent four years working for the Social Development Department at the World Bank and am now a Senior Analyst at the Advisory Board Company, a best-practices research firm focusing on health care issues.


The other member of my household is a greyhound mix named Maximilian Otman (Max for short). 


Westwood Presbyterian Church
American Association of University Women
Feminist Majority Foundation
National Museum of Women in the Arts
LACMA - Los Angeles Country Museum of Art
The Huntington

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