International Experiences & Consulting

United States Information Agency Activities in Africa
France & Germany
Consulting Activities - Africa
Consulting Activities - Canada

United States Information Agency Activities in Africa

Presented lectures and workshops for librarians and library school students.
Sites included: Algeria, Tunisia, Liberia, Gabon, Benin, Senegal, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone and the Cameroon. Topics included:

  • the role of libraries in national development
  • the use of audio-visual media
  • library education
  • library networking and cooperation in the United States
  • public libraries in the U.S.
  • trends in African library development
  • the role of library professional associations
  • comparative analysis of colonial library policies in Anglophone and in Francophone Africa
  • 21 lectures in French, 17 in English (1983, 1985, 1988
Prepared a videotape on American library development for the USIA Satellite Communication program. This was shown at the American Cultural Center in Dakar and was followed by a live telephone conference. (June 1987)
France & Germany

Lecture Tour -- Fulbright-Kommission, Federal Republic of Germany
Carried out a lecture tour of German library schools in Berlin, Cologne, Mainz and Stuttgart. Topics included:

  • public libraries
  • interlibrary cooperation
  • the history of American printing
  • American library education
  • four lectures in English (June 1983)

Ecole Nationals Supérieure des Bibliothèques - Villeurbanne, France
Special Invitation (not part Fulbright Lectureship responsibilities) Gave guest lectures on the following topics:

  • American public libraries
  • African library development
  • cooperative cataloging and the use of audio-visual media in American libraries
  • four lectures in French (October 1983)
  • Presented an all day workshop on American library literature for French librarians. Program jointly sponsored by the French government and USIS.
Consulting Activities - Africa

USAID Support to Primary Education/Cameroon 

  • Organized and presented a three day training workshop in Yaounde for project library staff; acquired materials for the project in France and Britain. (September 1988)
  • Developed lists of French language books for USAID project libraries by working with the CHOIX database, Services Documentaires Multimedia in Montreal. (July 1988)
  • Presented collection development workshops in the USAID project sites in the northern Cameroon and in Bamenda, acquired materials in France for workshop. (September 1987)
  • Visited all five USAID project sites; gave public presentations on the library component of the project, revised and updated library development plan and budget; met with ministry officials. (March-April 1986)
University of Minnesota, Office of International Programs  
Worked on a curriculum development project to prepare International Relations course entitled "Issues in Development: Culture, Knowledge and Information Transfer." I gathered materials and interviewed publishers in Senegal and Kenya.  I also purchased relevant books for the University of Minnesota library in those two countries. (August 1984 and March 1985)
Consulting Activities - Canada

Ecole de Bibliothéconomie et Sciences de l'Information, Universiré de Montréal (EBSI)  

  • Lectured on the future of public libraries and on information literacy l'Ecole de Bibliothéconomie et des sciences de l'information. (November 1993)
  • Invited by the University of Montreal to serve as an outside reviewer for a site visit to evaluate the Master's degree program. (March 1993)
  • Invited as an outside expert to consult with faculty and meet with a doctoral student preparing a dissertation proposal in one of my major areas of research.   (May 1988)
  • Invited by the Director of EBSI to preside at one of the joint sessions of international conference on library education hosted by the Montreal library school; also asked to do simultaneous translation for one session.   (May 1988)

FRENCH: Ranked at "level 4" (advanced) for speaking and reading
on the Foreign Service Institute examination;
have also written and published two articles in French.  

GERMAN: Read (lower intermediate)

LATIN: Read (introductory)

WOLOF: Limited speaking